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  1. groo


  2. Thank you for counting.
  3. Thank you for counting.
  4. I´ve heard BBB disappears for more 10 minutes each time an idiot shares platinum´s restrict content.
  5. Gentlemen. How to get rid of "Cannot find Launcher" message? Which is...? EDIT Nevermind... Found both answers. Thanks!
  6. I´m using this: http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php?topic=121412.0 Working like a charm.
  7. Thank you for the nice Christmas present BBB!!
  8. Tnx Dna Disturber! I'm a entusiast of KoF series. I'll try to read the stuff you pointed to me and, maybe, do something useful. Best Regards!
  9. Dudes, it's really "impossible" or just "too dificult" to hack neo geo games memory in order to save hiscores? Anyone interested on help (teach ) me on how to do it?
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