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  1. pucpuc


  2. Version 20081109


    GCE Vectrex - Game Wheel Pack
  3. Version 20090607


    GCE Vectrex - Main Menu (4:3)
  4. Version 20081109


    Cart Image Set for Hyperspin, 25 carts included. the set could need a professional cleanup. feel free to use, change and reupload this set as you like
  5. Version 20081109


    Box Images Set for Hyperspin, includes 27 boxes. the set could need a professional cleanup. feel free to use, change and reupload this set as you like
  6. Version 20090620


    Atari 7800 - Main Menu (4:3) Video Snap available from EmuMovies
  7. seen him too - got really paranoid. Did not think it had somethig to do with Hyperlaunch - I assumed malware or virus. So I've scanned my computer with different AV/Anti Malware scanners found the guy in a windows temp folder but deleted him, also this toasty sound file - next time I'll upload the pic
  8. which key would you use to exit? - ESC also could be configured to hols for 1 second. I'd also recommend Retroarch
  9. gauntlet is really a classic
  10. pucpuc

    Display Swap

    You could switch 1 sceen off if you don't need the other screen while in Hyperspin. its called dc64cmd dc64cmd.exe -monitor="\\.\DISPLAY1" -detach dc64cmd.exe -monitor="\\.\DISPLAY2" -attach
  11. this thread turned into an interesting Retroarch discussion - Thanks bartmarley Awakened and Gigapig for sharing your settings. I've switched to Retroarch for snes,nes,ms,genesis and will also try the other cores.
  12. impressing result. Could you please explain how to apply these settings, or post your cgp file? icing on the cake would be rounded edges of the screen border.
  13. I can understand that people like it different - I like the sharp graphics in wip3out. thanks for the billinear filtering hint - gonna try it. Not all games look better with filters. I've managed to get the sound running properly on pcsxr - so no need for epsxe now pcsxr with spuEternal.dll for sound and gpuPeopsOpenGL.dll is ginving me th e desired result now @fame-shadow: popstation does the same as psx2psp
  14. perhaps other emus especially retroarch will add this feature one day - I'd like to have one game folder for all psx emus. I've only converted 6 games so far and set epsxe only to search PBP files in Hyperlaunch. These games are loaded by epsxe via alternate Emulators. All other Games (1679 Games) I lauch via Retroarch. I'd need a converter script for the missing 1671 Games. not shure what you mean - I kept the original bin/cue files
  15. psx2psp is a program that can convert ps1 isos to PBP. Its done pretty easy, but requires a few steps: 1.) If you have PS1 isos this step is not needed - if you have bin/cue sets with multiple bin files you have to genereate a single image file (iso, img or bin) - I use Isobuster for this step 2.) load your PS1 file with psx2psp and export to a PBP file. 3.)load your PBP file like any other iso with epsxe - also working in Hyperlaunch PBP files are compressed - bigger size than 7zip, but compressed
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