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  1. Hello, We have been too busy with our regular game business and have to end the bar portion of our business. Current orders have come in and will be mailed out next week. Once again, we will no longer be selling lock down bars. Thanks, Jack
  2. Yes, Please e-mail me at arcadesrfun@Hotmail.com. Thanks, jack
  3. Sorry Guys! We are in our busy season and I sometimes miss an e-mail. I have been getting e-mails from bar buyers and processing the orders. TRy me again please at arcadesrfun@hotmail.com. thanks, Jack
  4. If anybody needs a lock down bar please just e-mail me direct at arcadesrfun@hotmail.com. Thanks! Jack
  5. Hi Guys, Yes, I'm still taking orders for lock down bars. Been very busy with personal issues these last couple of Months but things are better now. Thanks, Jack
  6. Yep! Been kinda crazy lately as My Wife and I became Grand parents for the first time! To make it more interesting My Daughter and Husband and new baby live with us while they save for a house! I don't check the forum posts as much as I should though. I do check for PM"s every other Day. So a PM is probably best. You can always e-mail me at arcadesrfun@hotmail.com or contact through arcadesrfun.com Thanks, Jack
  7. We are making more bars in the next 2 weeks. Thanks, Jack
  8. Hi, PM me please regarding your shell. Thanks, Jack
  9. Thanks H4CK3R. I'm trying to keep everyone informed. On that note.....All lock down bars orders are done! I will have the bars in hand later today after I get home from work. Then everyone will have their bars by Thursday or Friday this week. Thanks for your support, Jack
  10. TOM1965, I guess you did not read my message to you in the Paypal refund I gave you. Here's what I said; "Subject: You have sent $91.96 USD to Tom **** with PayPal Note: Hi, I do not want to hold your money this long without you having anything to show for it. Your bar will be built/shipped in 2 weeks. I will advise if the bar maker changes this lead time. Once the bar is done and I will invoice you again. Thanks, Jack --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. Hi, Invoice was sent just before your PM. Thank you, Jack
  12. Actually, I love Canadians. Some of my dear friends are from my fishing camp in Quebec. And, I did lose my cool! But, after 9 years of taking care of 99.9% of all customers correctly I'm entitled to one bad day. I have placed an order for bars already this week and anyone who wants one I can add you to the order if you respond by this weekend. I'm certainly very glad that I did not list the "perfect storm" of things that has happened this past Month to make me take 4 weeks to respond to TOM1965 on his bar order. Otherwise it would have been copied / pasted into these forums for all to see! Jack
  13. HI, Sorry, but I have stopped selling the flat packs. Thanks, Jack
  14. A recent lock down bar customer had an issue with the standard depth of our bars ( 2"). He was using a Williams Receiver and the bar depth was inadequate to accept the receiver. I should have known better as I personally own 2 Williams pins. We have corrected this mistake and to be safe, all future lock down bars will be at 3" outside depth. I chose this depth as it's the same as my old Williams Gulfstream lock down bar which I prefer. You of course can have any depth and width you would like. Thanks, Jack
  15. Just a quick note; With the exception of our friends "Down Under", ALL lockdown bar orders have shipped out today via FedEx Overnight. Sorry for the week delay in getting these bars out. Once again my Day job has been a PIA! Thank you, Jack
  16. All Lock Down bars have been completed! I will have them in hand Tomorrow. They will ship out this Friday and Monday. Any new orders will have a 2-3 week lead-time now that the machinery is up and running again! Thanks, Jack
  17. Update On The Lock Down Bars! The flooded out machine used to make the lock down bars has been repaired! I expect all bars ordered by everyone to be in my hands no later than the Monday after next (9 days). Then we will ship out for Wednesday/Thursday delivery. Thanks, Jack
  18. Heads up everybody! Lockdown bars currently ordered have been delayed a minimum of 2-3 weeks! The metal fabricator who makes our lock down bars has experienced problems with his bending machine due to recent floods from Hurricaine Irene. His machine is out of action for at least 2 weeks while it gets overhauled. Then a week to catch up and the bars will be done. For those of you who have already paid for your bars a full refund is offered if you feel the wait is too long. Thanks, Jack
  19. Heads up to all. If you try to contact me I will not be able to respond for the next week as I will be on vacation from Tomorrow through Sunday, September 4th. I will have no access to the net or phone. Thanks, Jack
  20. Hello, Just wanted to let all the recent lockdown bar buyers (you know who you are) that the most recent shipment will finally ship out Tomorrow!! The Day job has been a real PIA but it has to come first as it pays the bills. Thanks for your patience, Jack
  21. Update On Recent Bar orders - I had mentioned a few days ago that our recent custom bar order had arrived. I will be packing them up and shipping out on Monday. Thanks, Jack
  22. I know from reading about Noah's lock down bars he uses epoxy to secure the mechanism to the bar. Our bars are made to fit fairly tightly over the side rails on the cab. The bar can't slide off of the glass due to the heavy duty Velcro we use. In fact the bars fit tightly enough that our cab customers say the velcro is not really needed. I would still advise you use it though if you go that route. BTW-We do not charge extra for making a bar for you with this hold down method. Jack
  23. Hi, No. There's no hardware with this bar. It's just a piece of bent stainless steel. We do not use the lock down bar mechs in our own pins we build, we have devised a method that keeps the bar firmly in place. VELCRO We cut an aprox. 1" wide piece of Velcro the full length of the bar and stick it underneath just inside the leading edge of the bar. Then we take another 1" strip and then stick that onto the front top of your playfield glass. Now if you were to use the bar like this the bar would rock front/back as the playfield sits 1/4" tall off of the wood where the bar rests. So, we cut a 5/8" deep piece of 1/4 " thick black plastic and epoxy it on the back underside of the bar. This makes for a perfectly flat and tight fit! You would need to let me know before I ship a bar to you which method you aare using ours or the lock down bar mech. Thanks, Jack
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