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  1. hi all, trying to incorporate arcade friendly wii games into my cab. i was able to find lists of wii and wii ware games that use the classic controller but am now trying find a list of wii games that can be played with the controller help sideways. anyone have any leads on a game list for me? thanks!
  2. gigapig, you are my hero! newest GL worked a charm, thank you!
  3. are there any modded exe’s to run at 1024 x 768? appreciate the feedback gigapig!
  4. hey guys struggling with TTX. is there any way to define the resolution that the games play at? thanks
  5. correct, arcade variant of mame.
  6. so after weeks of trying to figure out when exiting a game, hypermarquee was in focus as HS was frozen in screen, requiring a mouse click to make it active. seems the official mame builds from mamedev wee causing the issue. i changed my name to a different build, arcade mame i believe, it only plays arcade games but stays updated (i am in synch with mame 194). so it seems however official mame is compiled, it was causing focus issues with my HS, HM set up. hopefully this will help others.
  7. i’ve tried it all, still the same behavior., start HS, it launches fine, HS animation to system selection but i have to press mouse button to bring HS into focus. this is driving me nuts!
  8. ever find a fix? i’m running into the same thing.
  9. d8thstar


  10. Hi all, its rs been a while since I messed with my hyper install as I have everything just about where I like it. then I read about space lords being promoted to working. Well, I just love this game and couldn't wait to add it. i have downloaded mame 180 and the appropriate roms. Running within mame, I can see and launch it with no problems! issue is, I would like to add the wheel or even have the wheel just be generic text (if no wheel/game art has been created yet) and yet the game doesn't appear. I obviously am doing something wrong. can anyone point me to a how to on how to refresh a game list within HS? Thanks!
  11. That did it, thanks and sorry for the newbie question
  12. I thought I was platinum but am running into HyperSynv log in issues. It logs me in under emumovies just fine. The S site I can log in no problem, shows me as a platinum user. But the Sync app says "could not verify HyperSpion membership, check your credentials and try again" please help!
  13. i'm new to HS and would love a direct link to download your awesome work. i just gave my $50 and am platinum.
  14. Sorry for not getting back to ya sooner, I haven't been on this forum in ages. I was (and am still using) MESSUI v 0.135 hope that helps

  15. hi,

    i saw in a post of yours that you are using MESS to run atari jaguar. which version of mess are you running? every version i've tried starts with the red screen that says this emulator is not working.

    thanks for your help, tony

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