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  1. Thanks! Check edit2 in the same post please =)
  2. Tried a new folder as well. Same thing =( Website is OK (tried logging out and back in again). Edit: Now it worked all of a sudden. Did nothing different, just restarted HyperSync (which I've done 5 times before..) Edit2: My hyperspin folder set is: I:\Arcade\HyperSpin download folder: I:Arcade\HyperSpin\Media Hypersync Cloud is in: I:\Arcade\HyperSpin\HyperSync Cloud When I run a full sync, it created (bad part in bold): I:\Arcade\HyperSpin\HyperSync Cloud\Arcade\HyperSpin\Media\Main Menu\Themes I:\Arcade\HyperSpin\HyperSync Cloud\Arcade\HyperSpin\Media\Sega 32X\Themes and started downloading everything Sega 32x into those folders instead of what I've specified. Should go to I:Arcade\HyperSpin\Media\Main Menu\Themes etc.. Would have downloaded everything I guess, had I not stopped it. "alternate videos folder" is Off C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\HyperSync\application.ini shows correctly: [FOLDERS] hyperspin_root=I:\Arcade\HyperSpin alternate_videos=False hyperspin_download=I:Arcade\HyperSpin\Media
  3. Yepp. Also, no need to Hypersync_launcher.exe any more?
  4. Can not authenticate me to HyperBase. Emumovies are OK. This normal? Been a while since I set up the old hypersync but its my normal forum username and password, right? Version is indeed
  5. Congratulations ! I'm a little cranky cause I am sick =) In all honesty though, WHDLoad games are updated quite frequently and my sets try to keep up with that with new "rom packs". Its not really "roms" since you can just as well run them on a real Amiga, but I do two separate packs. One for the amiga community and one for Hyperspin. If anyone is interested in the "other" pack for real Amigas / emulators, you can check here: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=68704
  6. Killer Gorillas set is also ancient =)
  7. While I do not have the "official" amiga database on my FTP, its a lot better and you get everything you need. Did you check my signature? =)
  8. Check out my signature for C64 and Amiga
  9. Speaking of which, does anyone have 10.2 somewhere? I bought it and installed on my test cab. Was going to install it on the real cab yesterday but I had only haved DTLiteInstaller.exe which now downloads 10.3 =( I need the DAEMON Tools Lite.exe it downloads to %TEMP%...
  10. You're welcome =) The reason I made the first script that shows pictures and stuff was because Hyperspin took a long time to start om my cab. I later found out that was because of Windows Defender. I disabled that and Hyperspin started fast again, so I'm actually not using this script myself anymore. I did cut it down to only copy a random intro video and then start hyperspin though. Here is that script so I suggest you try with this one if you only want random intro videos. Save the following to RandomVid.vbs or similar.. '---[ General Settings ]---' ' Path to your Hyperspin installation. HyperSpinPath = "I:\Arcade\Hyperspin" ' Name of Hyperspin.exe to start. Leaving this one empty will not autostart Hyperspin. HyperSpinExe = "HyperSpin.exe" ' Launch Anything else before Hyperspin? LaunchOther="" '---[ Random Section ]---' ' Select a random intro each time. TRUE/FALSE ' To use this, create the folder HyperSpin\Media\Frontend\Video\RandomIntros ' and put your intro files (in .flv or .mp4 format) in there. ' Do not put anything else in there as any file can be selected for copying. ' WARNING: Will overwrite your current HyperSpin\Media\Frontend\Video\Intro.flv or .mp4 file so copy your existing one into RandomIntros before running so you do not loose it. RandomIntro = "TRUE" '---[ Other Settings ]---' ' If you want to use an extra delay before HyperSpin is started, enter it here in milliseconds (30000 = 30 seconds). ForceDelay="" '--[ Script Start ]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ' Version 1.0 ' Set up script. Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Set objNetwork = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Network") ScriptPath = Replace(WScript.ScriptFullName, WScript.ScriptName, "") Set objDictionary = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary") WshShell.Run "CMD /C TASKKILL /IM HYPERSPIN.EXE /F" WScript.Sleep(200) ' Check if the Hyperspin exe exists. Toss upp an error message if it does not. If Not (fso.FileExists(HyperSpinPath & "\" & HyperSpinExe)) Then WScript.Echo "Error. Could not find hyperspin." WScript.Quit Else ' Copy a random intro if set. If RandomIntro = "TRUE" Then If Not (fso.FolderExists(HyperSpinPath & "\Media\Frontend\Video\RandomIntros")) Then WScript.Echo "Error. RandomIntro is TRUE but " & HyperSpinPath & "\Media\Frontend\Video\RandomIntros does not exist." WScript.Quit End If Set oFl = fso.GetFolder(HyperSpinPath & "\Media\Frontend\Video\RandomIntros") set Files = oFL.Files Filecount = 0 For Each File In Files Filecount = Filecount + 1 objDictionary.Add Filecount, File.Name Next Randomize For i=1 To objDictionary.Count objNbr = Int(objDictionary.Count * Rnd + 1) Next RandomFile = objDictionary.Item(objNbr) RandomFileExt = fso.getextensionname(RandomFile) fso.DeleteFile HyperSpinPath & "\Media\Frontend\Video\Intro.*" fso.CopyFile HyperSpinPath & "\Media\Frontend\Video\RandomIntros" & "\" & RandomFile, HyperSpinPath & "\Media\Frontend\Video\Intro." & RandomFileExt End If If ForceDelay <> "" Then WScript.Sleep(ForceDelay) End If If LaunchOther <> "" Then arrPath = Split(LaunchOther, "\") For i = 0 to Ubound(arrPath) - 1 strAppPath = strAppPath & arrPath(i) & "\" Next WshShell.CurrentDirectory = strAppPath WshShell.Run LaunchOther, 0, false End If ' Launch hyperspin. If HyperSpinExe <> "" Then WshShell.Run HyperSpinPath & "\" & HyperSpinExe, 0, false End If End If
  11. Old response to the "while Tur-Matcher renames the .zip files, it does not rename the files inside" question. I usually only rename a set once so I never built any "rename files inside .zip" function into Tur-Matcher. I simply just... Extract all zip files to a new folder Run the match with Tur-Matcher on the extracted files Select all renamed files Right click. Winrar / Add to Archive Select Archive Format: ZIP Files tab, check "Put each file into seperate archive" OK You now have the set renamed. .zip file is called the same as the rom file inside it.
  12. Got a thread going over at http://blissbox.freeforums.org/post2288.html#p2288. So far, for those interested, I have come up with this. The problem only appears on 1 of 3 Windows 10 x64 machines. The BlissBox does indeed send some signal every second. On the machines where it does NOT reset the idle timer, if I connect just a normal Logitech USB joystick, moving the joystick does NOT reset the idle timer. On the machine where it does reset the idle timer, connecting the same joystick there does indeed reset the idle timer when I move the joystick. So 1: The blissbox does send something every second. 2: Only one of three machines considers this (or any movement from another joystick) a movement and resets the idle timer. Why does the one machine do this? I have no idea yet. Edit: And now I think I do. The computer that resets on joystick movement does NOT have the big Windows 10 Version 1511 update. Apparently, if you do not have that update, joystick movement registers and resets the idle timer (so your screensaver never kicks in then playing with a Game Controller). With the 1511 update, the joystick is ignored and the screensaver will kick in even if you use a Game Controller.. Idiotic, but needed in this case since the BlissBox sends some kind of movement every second. So its a catch 22... Without the 1511 patch, the screensaver never kicks in while playing a game with a Game Controller, but the BlissBox makes it so the screensaver never kicks in either. With the 1511 patch, the BlissBox and other Game Controllers does not reset the idle timer and the screensaver does kick in, even when using the Game Controller...
  13. I need some help from someone with a blissbox... I noticed that Tur-Another Idle Volume Adjuster never goes idle when I have my BlissBox connected. I am wondering if its just me or if its something in the BlissBox that sends some signal that resets the windows idle timer. So I made a very small Autoit program that just displays the idle time. It should count up all the time if you do not touch anything. As soon as I connect the BlissBox (even with nothing connected to it), it just shows 0-20MS idle time before it resets.. Could someone please verify? =) http://grandis.nu:81/software/Tur-AnotherIdleVolumeAdjuster/Extras/Test_Idle_Time.zip Autoit code for those that do not trust an exe: #include <Timers.au3> HotKeySet("+{ESC}", "_Quit") While 1 SplashTextOn("Test of idle timer. Shift-Esc to quit.", "This timer should go up if you do not touch anything." & @CRLF & @CRLF & _Timer_GetIdleTime(),-1,100) Sleep(1000) WEnd Func _Quit() SplashOff() Exit EndFunc Appriciate it!
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