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  1. legolas119

    I'm a Platinum member, i have a quick question

  2. legolas119

    I'm a Platinum member, i have a quick question

    ah thank you, your 3 videos are new and they focused on Rocketlaunch set up. I see that there is also another video related to Hyperspin
  3. legolas119

    I'm a Platinum member, i have a quick question

    i started years ago with hyperlaunch+Rocketlaunch. Really good, but it was not so user friendly...:(
  4. legolas119

    I'm a Platinum member, i have a quick question

    yes i have an emumovies lifetime subscription too and a Premium Launchbox/bigbox perpetual licence. So, let me know if i have correctly understood: 1) video: i can download them in HQ directly from LaunchBox, once i'm connected with my Emumovies username 2) snapshot, artwork, and so on: i can manually download them from this site and then i can place them into launchbox installation folder. Where can I find the available extra-files in this website? 3) Speaking about Hypersync, Is it necessary to download extra-files and movies from Hyperspin-fe and emumovies respectively? thanks!
  5. Hi guys, 3 year ago i became a PLATINUM SUBSCRIPTION. But i have't used it yet. Now, I'm dowloading the Launchbox frontend. How can I use my Platinum SUbscription to Hyperspin-fe in order to download the extra files? Can I download them directly from Launchbox? Or is it necessary to download the extra HQ files from this website? Can you help me please? thank you!
  6. legolas119


  7. legolas119

    Sharing my MAME .162 HLSL settings

    hi guys, i have MAMEUI 64 bit, 0.182 I want to activate HLSL filters. So I opened mame.ini file (it is saved in this path: MAME\ini\presets, is it correct?) and i set hlsl_enable = 1. Well, 2 other questions: 1) is it necessary to change Video option from auto to d3d? If so, why? 2) Have I change/configure something else in vector.ini and raster.ini file? thank you!
  8. legolas119

    Sharing my MAME .162 HLSL settings

    hi, can anyone help me? thanks
  9. legolas119

    Sharing my MAME .162 HLSL settings

    thanks guys 1) well, I have 2 files: mameUI.ini in the MAME folder root and mame.ini in the folder \ini. I have to set hlsl_enable =1 in mame.ini because in mameUI.ini this string isn't present. Am I right? 2) in raster.ini and vector.ini (both files are in \ini\preset folder) the string hlsl_enable isn't present. So i think i can enable it only in mame.ini, it it enough? 3) speaking about the link that you send me: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=36805 It is update for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 SP1 R2 SP1, but I have Windows 10 64 bit. So, is it correct to install the update for windos 7? thank you very much!
  10. legolas119

    Sharing my MAME .162 HLSL settings

    thanks! some questions, please: 1) currently I have my mameUI.ini file in the root of the MAME folder. I think that it is wrong, i have to put it in the ini folder, am I right? 2) then, in order to enable Jezze's default setting I have to open ONLY raster.ini (or mameUI.ini too?) and set "hlsl_enable 1". And then what i have to do in order to use Jezze's default settings? 3) I have Windows 10, 64 bit and I'm using MAMEUI 0.176 64 bit. Do you know if I need DirectX 9.0c and SDK kit? I have read that they are necessary, but if I try to install them with this tool https://www.microsoft.com/it-it/download/details.aspx?id=35&nowin10 it is impossible to install anything because at the end of the installation a pop up message says that " I already have a more recent version of Direct X installed on my pc and so it isn't necessary to install anything". So, what I can do? thanks!
  11. legolas119

    Sharing my MAME .162 HLSL settings

    hi guys, it is the first time i try HLSL and i have MAMEUI 0.176 64 bit which is the right set that i can try and that it is quite sure that it works on the new MAMEUI version? What do you suggest? I read that the setting posted in the 1st post are too old, am i right? thank you for your help!
  12. thank you! what about daemon tools lite in Windows 10? is it not free as in Windows 7???
  13. Hi, I would like to upgrade my pc from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Do you know if Hyperspin will continue to work correctly with the new O.S.? And do you know if there are emulators that don't work correctly in Windows 10? If I might have problems, I continue to use Windows 7... Thank you!
  14. legolas119

    HyperSpin version 1.4 released for all

    HI, currently I have Hyperspin and Hypelaunch and I would like to update them to Hyperspin 1.4 015 stable version and to RocketLauncher. Well, which is the better way to do it? Is it better that first of all I update Hyperspin following those instructions: "Extract the exe into your HyperSpin folder and overwrite (you may want to backup the original first) Open the settings.ini file located in C:\HyperSpin\Settings and change the path to HyperLaunch to Hyperlaunch_Path=C:\RocketLauncher\RocketLauncher.exe" and then I have to update HyperLaunch to RocketLauncher followinf this guide: http://www.rlauncher.com/wiki/index.php?title=Transition_From_HyperLaunch3 Is it the correct procedure? than you!