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  1. Hi blur, So I have started running PinballFX2 with LEDBlinky for lighting effects see here. And I am thinking that I shall also use it for FP, however that is an issue with the LEDwiz enabled tables. Now I know there are only a handfull at the moment, so they could have a subsection each in FPlaunch but how hard would it be to parse a list like fpexetables.txt?. I may be the only one who is interested in doing this so do not expect it added into the mainstream build, just wondering about your thoughts on this?.
  2. Damn shame if he is permanently off the grid. Was looking forward to seeing what was to come.
  3. Thats disapointing blur, so I guess what we need then is for BAM/FPloader to be able to run from the root FP dir but save its table configs to its own bam dir? I am not wanting Bam to choose differing FP exe`s though , I just want to be able to designate what tables are loaded with Bam and what ones are not. The reason for this is that I use fpexetables.text to launch some tables with an exe set with really dark lighting (Aliens for example).
  4. Hi thanks for the input. I know that I can run bam this way but I do not want to exclusivly run FP through bam as I am using more than one FP.exe and need to use fpexetables.txt to do this. I guess whats needed is an ahk command that just mirrors whatever command it receives on to a destination (just thinking out load). Will play a bit more with this later.
  5. Ok so I have had a bit of a play with this and using fpexetables.txt directly will not work as bam`s fploader wants to be in its own dir [bam]. So next I have been trying to pass commands to fploader with Ahk and compiling this to an Exe that is then called from fpexetables.txt. However I think its beyond my pay grade as either it just opens the Fp editor (via bam) or my script errors out, so my question is what is the commandline that fplaunch passes to FP?. I can confirm that both Bam and fpexetables.txt are working for me. I wish I could list what has been tried but all the varations are too many. Any ideas blur?.
  6. Of course! fptables.txt, I did think of that later - will try that today and thanks blur for creating the solution before the need had even arrised:D
  7. Open - have a look here..http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=23791&page=4 This option works if you want to always use bam, would be nice to have a way of choosing between bam and FP.
  8. Just want to say well done blur for reaching 100 page`s without actually saying RTFM, good effort!.
  9. Hi, so I thought that I would share a quick button mod that I`ve just finished. Having a couple spare contactors and a mame cab with pinball buttons it was decided that this should get the contactors connected directly to the buttons. I know that other ways to do this exist, but this seemed the easiest way to not have any delay between button press and flipper action. The micro leaf micro switches from GGG are much narrower than normal ones and I had some spare so just bonded two together with a small piece of plastic across the arm, then fitted them to a GGG electric ice. These particular buttons have screw fittings for the micro leaf so fitted perfectly once the other side was removed, anyway a picture speaks a thousand words...
  10. Thats a matter of taste I suppose, as i love my red display and would of paid more for red if that was the way pricing was.
  11. postman came!. Have not done any proper testing but can not see any slow down at all.
  12. I have a pinled on the way so can give some feedback, but it has to be better than my crappy lcd. Shame we dont really have a supply of vishay here in the uk although some were on ebay about a year ago.
  13. Not near cab , but what about setting use exit menu to false?.
  14. Would be good to have a hardware solution to reduce stutter. On a side note I have just watched this ben heck show inwhitch he talks of custom desighning boards, could clean things up inside the cab?. http://revision3.com/tbhs/pinballreturns
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