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  1. Done.... http://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/14657-validation-email-issue/
  2. This question pops up now and again on forums, my answer is check out arcade reports on Jamma+ for UK related stuff...... http://www.jammaplus.co.uk/forum/forum_topics.asp?FID=22&SID=779997a36zd1ba6fbbc617c1ea786504398148&title=arcade-reports
  3. Cool thanks for that djvj, in regards to the other method for gameex I agree its a bit of a pain but as Gameex do not use xmls, it just scans a folder that contains an ahk named correctly for each table owned - renaming each is all that is required with any changes to the menu layout. It could defo still be simpler though yes.
  4. Sorry just spotted this, the video posted earlier is actually an old one of mine. Sircheddar has posted info for running this in the fplaunch thread over at vpforums and I believe he links to it in blurs thread too. The reason I made that vid was to demo using Ledblinky for some lighting effects. Its now not relevant with djvj`s work but I still have that fplaunch file somewhere. I have though now moved away from hyperpin for pinballx (sorry) that can in itself already load individual tables from the main wheel, with additional support added for Pinball arcade, mame and others. If its of interest info on loading separate tables from a stand-alone set of individual AHK`s can be found Here that I made for a different front end.
  5. Hi blur, So I have started running PinballFX2 with LEDBlinky for lighting effects see here. And I am thinking that I shall also use it for FP, however that is an issue with the LEDwiz enabled tables. Now I know there are only a handfull at the moment, so they could have a subsection each in FPlaunch but how hard would it be to parse a list like fpexetables.txt?. I may be the only one who is interested in doing this so do not expect it added into the mainstream build, just wondering about your thoughts on this?.
  6. Yes I know, and I do apologise shakenbake - sorry:D. The other thread about this has another cool vid by dozer316 with his own hacks. Anyway I will shut up about this now, you can go to the earlier link for the LEDBlinky stuff. On a totaly different note I love wolverines ability to still play pin with his talons out!
  7. Ok so I have this working in hyperpin, probably much better ways of doing it but it works. http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=24435&page=5#entry232564
  8. Ok thanks for the info, Think I will mess some more with LEDBlinky then, heres how the first test looks. PS sorry for the hijack.
  9. I notice your backboard LED`s are working, is that through PinballFX2 or from the sound output then going through LEDBlinky?. I only ask as I have just been playing with the former solution (and it works) but if its going into the patch then I will stop. People certainly seem to be enjoying the cabs!.
  10. Sorry, just spotted this, PinballX has a loader for pinballFX2 that starts individual tables by auto navigating the menu whilst hiding it - if that makes sense.
  11. Thank you for this!. Can I request a generic system intro video to use until we can start individual tables from the hyperpin wheel, maybe a pinballfx splash screen?.
  12. Yes the clearer the better please, have to admit that I only had a quick glance at wolf sketch.
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