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  1. Agree with Connor and Damage on this also. Unless Gamex can launch a rocket or chill my beer. It's going need some next level shit for me to jump shop
  2. Great example of ecycling and looks quite modern. Well done sir
  3. Totally following u HyperSteve. Well done on ur initiative. Maybe we have a Angry Hyperspin Nerd reviewer in our midst.
  4. What it's all about mate. And nice Post too.. Good luck & remember that ur friends will be envious
  5. Ah ha, say you got a discount on gloss paint and green neon L.E.D's and green T-mould trim too remember every penny counts. May the force be with.., & more pics required please.
  6. Just because u can doesn't mean you should. Glad u liked it Giga. Keep helping those who can't i sayz
  7. This is true ericloroi, it reminds us to take pride in our own creations. For those who have not seen the inspiration of crapmame please see below. http://www.wickedretarded.com/~crapmame/
  8. I got Wood. Nice finish! This is one of the best I have seen. Bravo
  9. Crime scene. Looks Like the fun police a.k.a (Mrs Miamisurf) is out of town for the weekend.. Hehe. Can't believe how much I got done!
  10. Added New PC with red Led & new Amp with 2.1 stereo
  11. Luv the Chrome 5 moulding. I did the same and it just sings.. This is a nice build Monkeychunkuk
  12. Yes! A coin door great idea. This would tie in the black nice & also the metal kick plate.
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