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  1. Thanks for the confirmation there Chris!! :0) Lizard, I have the CREEs already so will give them a go. They will be partially submerged under the glass so hope they won't be too bright - good job I'm not epileptic! :0/
  2. Hello Chris, am just wiring up my cabinet strobe array using your method, and I was hoping you could check out my wiring as there is something slighly different on my opto-coupler... Basically, the A1 and A2 terminals are the other way round. So I just wanted to check that A1+ is for the supply (which also goes to 13+), and A2- connects to the LEDWiz output? Cheers for your help mate!
  3. Thanks for the helpful responses gentlemen!! I read the schematic in PB101 as the grey line needs to be closest to the + terminal. Just out of curiosity, is there an ideal spot in the cabinet to place the shaker? I was going to put mine towards the back, probably under where the castle would be on MM. Cheers!
  4. Hello all, just to clarify something... I'm using a Wolfsoft Dual H bridge for my shaker. Do I still need to solder a diode between the + and - terminals, if so will an IN4007 suffice? Hope so as it's all I have. Thanks :0)
  5. Hello Chris, glad to see you're still adding to this project. I'm still marvelling at all the little upgrade ideas you have! The collage photo in the previous page is awesome... My project on the other hand is moving at a snail's pace due to other commitments taking priority... I'm currently wiring up the lightshow, solenoids and shaker and am aiming to get them in place before Christmas. I'm using an LEDWiz configuration close to 'chris2' on Pixelmagics webtool, not sure if this is you? Anyway I was wondering if you could give me a quick hand on your fuse setup. I'm going for the 500ma fuses on the individual LEDWiz outputs, then a 5A between my PSU and the LEDWiz. I was just wondering how you've fused up your shaker and knocker, individually with a 10A fuse? Also, have you connected all of of your power inlets on the LEDWiz? Cheers dude
  6. Thanks for the reminder maxxsinner I wouldn't mind wiring up the white on the CREEs to use as a 'blibnder' with the knocker as in the guide. Just to check I understand - all the white LED connections, after the resistor, are connected together, then to the relay as on page 24 of the guide? Cheers again.
  7. THANK YOU for the info and diagram Chris!!!!! also cool that no resistors required :)
  8. Sounds like a nice little tweak, just thought the separation would be more localised. I've got some spare speakers somewhere, might give this a go... Chris, back to your T6 strobe array... Would you mind posting a link to the power board and fast switching opto-relay you mentioned? I would really like to install a similar setup of maybe 3 LEDs at the top of my playfield - but probably not as bright as yours!! Cheers. p.s. any more videos yet?
  9. Thanks you very much for your replies gentlemen, I'm am understanding more and more about the 'black art' This really does help me. I think I'll stick to 450 mA for the CREEs as I value my epidermis Now I need to tackle soldering the daisy chain neutrals on the CREEs (gulp...).
  10. edit: checked VPF and found the same suggestion by 007, might be worth posting here if you think it's a good idea to at least bring it to the dev's attention: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=13549&st=0&gopid=135612entry135612
  11. Chris, have you had a chance to test your new PF surround sound yet? I had a thought... How cool would it be to separate the Pinmame emulation from the VP effects. You could then run a separate sound card for each output, emitting the VP effects from speakers under the PF, and Pinmame effects solely from the backbox. There is a program called Indievolume which allows you to separate sounds from different exe's and output them to a specific installed soundcard. But I tested it and unfortunately it doesn't recognise Pinmame as a separate program, probably because it is a dll
  12. Hello chaps. Thanks for posting the 'modular' installation pics, am going down that road to simplify things... most of the bits can then be assembled outside of the cab minimising pin-down time I would like some further advice on installing LEDs though from someone with electrical nounce. Hopefully someone can help with this idea... I'm installing 5 CREE MC-Es on top of my backbox. I would also like to install 2 CREE T6s at the top of the playfield to act as a strobe. One other possibility is to install a separate strobe, and instead run some weaker RGB LEDs in parrallel at the top of the PF. If I were to install the T6s, could I simply wire them in parrallel and power them with a coupler relay? Also how do I wire weaker LEDs in parallel with the CREEs? The LEDwiz has a 500ma limit. If I were to install 2 LEDs, do I need to install a resistor before each LED to keep the total amps < 500 ? Thanks for any offered help
  13. That video is pincab porn!! Stupid me forgot about the 500ma limit, doh!
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