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  1. When i use rlauncher, games launch fine and close with the ESC key. Load a game in hyperspin or hyperlaunch, and this does not work. Anyone have a similar issue?
  2. reinstalling hypersync from the downloads page did the trick, in case anyone else is having this issue. I also changed my password, but that alone did not fix it.
  3. downloaded hyperbase live, and that is not logging into emumovies
  4. Hello, its been a while since i used this, just re-upped my sub to emumovies, and that logs in just fine. I am a platinum member, am i missing something?
  5. trying to setup mame with vert only games. have xml in hand and games are launching just fine, however i can't find anywhere to set it vertical in HyperHQ. Doing a search ai see there are themes supposedly on the ftp, but i can't find that info on the site. Even searching the forums and stickys, still can't locate it. can someone help me with this?
  6. actual xml. i figured someone may have this type of setup. I don't care about HDD space, having the whole romset, but the xml only showing art and launchable games that fit that bill. if there is a list that i could plug into rom lister and just export my own xml out if it is cool too, appreciate it.
  7. does anyone have an xml with only vertical games? I am trying to use the rom lister, but everything i found online says theres around 650 vertical games. When i use rom lister, 2 player alt only, vert only. taking out majhong and casino and other things (misc, fruit, clones) i come up with 1400 or so. Am i doing something wrong? Just really looking for the classics, although some clones would be fine i guess... any help would be much appreciated.
  8. hello, i am planning on building 2 fight sticks that are specific to mortal kombat. I planned on just using my computer, not building a cabinet, as i have an upright with hyperspin and about 30 systems. but then i got the idea to have a frontend like main cab, but be specific to MK, all the games videos and theme. my question is this - can you have a hyperspin setup with say every MK game from 1 to trilogy on ps1 in hyperspin with no other games or emulators? on my upright i only have dragon's lair in the daphne wheel, and it basically puts multiple of the that game to make the wheel. this makes me think that even if i made an MK wheel entry that was somehow launching each game with their respective emulators, that it would not look too good. is there any way to create this? like no main wheel, just one entry, and sub wheel have just 5 or so selections that don't repeat 20 times? or maybe each game should be on the main wheel and when chosen, launches that game...
  9. If i leave hyperspin running, after about 8hrs or so i get a white screen with a grey exclamation point. when i look in the log it shows nothing that indicates what happened. Does anyone have any experience with this issue? its in a bartop, no other processes running, windows 7 64bit. power settings are to never turn the hard disks off, i am pretty sure display turns off after 5 hours, but with this program running i don't know if its ever technically inactive. Any time i come home to the white screen the computer is not asleep so i do not think thats the cause. any help would be much appreciated
  10. i don't know what rocket launcher is but i am looking for hyperlaunchhq to audit games and such
  11. downloaded hyperspin from the d/l page and it seems to be missing the hyperlaunch folder, is this intended?
  12. are there any links to older versions? last post i did was about old hardware and it was suggested to try an older version but i can't find any links. found a few torrents but based on the file size doesn't look like a base install and i would rather start fresh.
  13. so vista is 32 bit on here, graphics def the bottleneck and have the res set to 800x600 16bit, optimizer in hyperHQ- i didn't turn everything off, but when i did things do load okay, i did read a section on hardware acceleration but can't find any setting to turn it off. in display properties it says "your current display driver does not allow changes to be made to hardware acceleration settings". although i do have an extra settings manager but no acceleration settings. direct x is version 10, not sure if that needs to be upgraded or acceleration needs to be tweeked within there
  14. built a hyperspin upright a while back and was looking to make something a bit smaller like a bartop. i have an old acer laptop that i planned on using. Specs: processor : intel core 2 duo T5250 @ 1.5 , 1.5 ram 2 GB gpu: mobile intel 965 express chipset has vista on it now with a small hdd. i have a spare hdd and might be able to get 32bit windows 7 or even downgrade to XP, did a test run of just hyperspin, no media emulators or roms and things are stuttering, played around in the optimizer and i can't seem to get it to run any smoother. should i waste my time trying to use hyperspin or try another more lightweight FE? I do have a sub for emumovies and hyperspin platinum so changing would be a waste.... btw- only looking to do : NES , SNES, Sega , maybe GBA and GBC one other option is i have a rasberry pi2 on its way so i can use just the lcd but AFAIK you can't get HS on pi.
  15. i paid 45 bucks, and forum says i'm a platinum member, and when i went to the donation page apparently there is no gold membership anymore.
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