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  1. viper360

    psx xml

    I might have a go at creating a detabase but the only thing then if im right it dosent give me the year it was made ect
  2. viper360

    psx xml

    No its not supported so I would still be snooked. Fort it would be working by now tho
  3. viper360

    psx xml

    So if I disable roms only and add wheel only put in just the wheel of what games I have would this still work on android?
  4. viper360

    psx xml

    Sound I use roms only filter as it would show all games in my database otherwise and I don't have all the games in database so i would still be snooked. I have most of them on pc but I prefer to have it on still, shame really but 70% still need renaming because I have an old rom set not sure if theirs an updated one yet I also only have a-j never finished downloading them all and the last time I checked on pc I was getting an error may have a look in a min to see if I can sort it.
  5. viper360

    psx xml

    I think it may not boot tho through retroarch as the game name does not state &amp that's if ur using retroarch
  6. viper360

    psx xml

    Let me know how you get on dude haven't really done much with my android setup for a while but I have the same problem with pc and android
  7. viper360

    psx xml

    I just change the ROM name and detabase name wheel name video name to and instead of &amp because I still have the wheel saying & so it doesn't really matter to me that's my way around this one lol it's about stupid having to have the amp after tho they should fix this
  8. viper360


  9. Cheers works great but I have a main menu when I'm in a system in the bottom centre any ideas
  10. sound just added loads of ps1 games bet they also need sorting and renaming to work with retroarch i also need to sort out my ini files so special art works too but thats a job for 2moz if i get round to it ill check back in tomorrow
  11. ds works better on tablet so i may delete it off my pc build as it requires a mouse for a majority of the games iv got a "free ds for android 6" emulator wish i could get it set up with hyperspin.
  12. lol v only been doing it a few hrs im no wizz aha i will have a crack at awt tho if i get a spear hour. had to delete game gear as i needed to edit the video it did not fit correctly
  13. Compatible themes for nvidia tablet android just drag and drop and replace ur old ones... not tested on nvidia tv by all means try but back up ur old ones just incase Nintendo DS.zip Nintendo 64.zip MAME.zip Nintendo Entertainment System.zip Sega Dreamcast.zip Sega Genesis.zip SNK Neo Geo.zip Sony PlayStation.zip Sony PSP.zip Super Nintendo Entertainment System.zip
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