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  1. On 6/27/2020 at 5:44 PM, Acet said:

    Thanks, all working now. Also had issues with day of the Tentacle sound crackling, so just used the Mac sound file and all good now. 

    I've spent so long fixing my Hyperspin I've not played any games. Time for a break from set ups. Will be back shortly to work on my next emulator. Any suggestions for tricky ones to look at, I like the challenge...

    I did PM you warning you about the sound in some Lucasarts games, glad to hear you're done with ScummVM.

    My advice would be not to fall in the trap of trying to have so many wheels. You'll see guys bragging they have 300+ wheels BUT I guarantee most of them are a mess and not complete or just "garbage games" that nobody would actually want to play. Personally I focus on systems/games I enjoy or my family and friends adore, I do them and I do them well. I do love ScummVM so if you see my YT video showcase, all the games have their own theme and I used boxart for the wheel to make it look a little different. For me quality is better than quantity but each to their own.

    MS-DOS I wouldn't say is tricky, just a P.I.A and time consuming much like the Amiga was before the PUAE core made life easier on us all. I'd rather be playing games than setting up wheels for Hyperspin, as silly as that sounds from a guy who took on sorting out the Amiga and it's media with 3000+ games!

    All the best with it, enjoy your break

  2. I can only get the alpha test core to work, expect crashes etc. as after all it is a test core but overall it works quite well. The Daphne core from the online updater doesn't work. I've tried manually installing the Daphne core for armeabi (https://buildbot.libretro.com/nightly/android/latest/armeabi/), that works but there is no audio. It was worth a shot as the Atari 800 core from there works for those who want to play the Atari 5200 with RA32.

    I'm sure the official core will work one day, I'm not holding my breath though as it's not worked for a very long time!

  3. 8 minutes ago, Moebius01 said:

    And it's not until I finally give up searching and post the question, that I see the typo in the INI file.  Gotta love the way that works.

    Yes the parameters line is wrong. If you scroll up in this thread you'll see the link to the modified Hyperspin.apk I've done. It solely uses RetroArch_ra32 so you won't need to "patch" RA32 when you want to use an updated build. You will need to edit the ini files in the settings_android folder but I explain how to do them all in one go in that thread. 

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  4. Just now, diskmach said:


    Some details are explained there. In addition I can say that the naming will be revised later on, probably when the logo set is complete. We are two guys reworking the logos to get them, in our eyes, more accurate and higher quality than they were previously available.

    I love the work you do and have no doubt the logos you've created will be better than what I've done for the missing titles.

    Obviously it's a pain with the names changing with WHDLoad, I'm trying to cater to Android and PC. RetroArch is the best emulator option for Android now BUT we do need to name the games with tags (e.g "(AGA)" "(Fast)") to help it auto configure itself.

    I know you're excluding the demos HOWEVER the Amiga is a little different in that demos often were "bonus levels", often themed for the season like Christmas and not part of the retail release. I'll probably get around to doing a dedicated database for them and try to source the magazine covers for box art.

    All the best with it guys...
    P.S Thanks again for doing the Psygnosis Owl for me that I use in my Amiga theme!

  5. Just now, Acet said:

    Honosuseri, once again thank you!

    I was literally thinking (whilst munching on my sandwich at lunch, strange how this little project is taking over my free time!) about what I did on the Daphne emulator (using your video guide), where I had to put the actual path for the drive, rather than "path=H:\hyperspin\emulators\". Once I've got access to my device, I'll make the tweak. 

    We ignore the path line on Android just double check your rom path. Easy mistake to make, I don't feel I need to state the obvious as you sussed out getting this to work over your NAS. I have tested ScummVM with RA_32 and my modded Hyperspin.apk. The games do play fine, all the best with it.

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  6. ahk files are for Rocketlauncher which is the backbone of Hyperspin on PC. You've posted in the right part of the forum but sometimes forum members don't notice it's an Android related topic. The ScummVM android app didn't support launch intent for Frontend support, I doubt that's changed.

    We use the "folder trick" for this system, each game has it's own folder with it's game files and a scummvm file inside. I can see that's been used from your scummVM.xml file (e.g comi/comi). The knock on effect is that all media (including theme zips) have to be in a named folder for each category (e.g wheel & video) for it to be found. There's free software called "Files 2 Folder" that can easily do this for you, taking multiple files, naming folders after them and then moving each file into it's own folder.

    Your rom path looks wrong to me from what you stated in the first post and what's in your comi example. Remember we have "roms_only=false" in the ini file when using the folder trick, so the games show even if the rom path is incorrect.

    [exe info]

    That's my .ini file. In the ScummVM folder there is a comi folder with the game files and the scummvm file (comi is written on first line)

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  7. 7 hours ago, Acet said:

    Does anyone have a complete Database.xml file for the Amiga that they could share please? I'm using Honosuseri's pack he kindly posted, but the database file seems to be split into favourites. Just wondered if anyone had this?


    I don't remember uploading one! If I did ignore it as it won't be any use now.

    The official Hyperspin Amiga.xml won't match the Retroplay WHDLoad set now as it's been constantly updated. A lot of the media for the Amiga is out of whack too and needs renaming. I wanted to try and do the Database to Ransom's HDF pack BUT he keeps renaming the files (although I specifically told him we wanted static naming). So I just renamed the Retroplay lha file set, created a database from that and then renamed all my media, I created some extra stuff to fill in the blanks.

    I'm not giving a release date for my Amiga Forever project, it'll be done when it's done. You can always create your own Amiga.xml, make life easy on yourself and only do 20-30 games you really want to play. As you will need to rename the game files and all the media to match.


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  8. 4 hours ago, sanchezmike01 said:

    Quick lil addition concerning amiga and cd32 and cdtv....in my own experience and opinion I think it's best also to split the core for each separate system...instructions can be found on retroarch website....also with some homebrew games or even regualr games some will need to have separate uae files to launch properly....doom and doom2 are examples for cd32....I use a slightly older core and making the changes in the options didnt work....the uae file must be edited and that's what will be launched for those particular fastram required games...threw that in there in case anyone gets stuck on a black screen trying to launch those games 

    Doom and Doom 2 are NOT official CD32 games, so as far as I'm concerned they should not be included in the CD32 game database. Gloom was the Amiga's "Doom Clone" game, it's an official CD32 game and runs fine from the cue file. From my testing I've not needed uae files at all, even for games that require Fast RAM (iirc there are around 40 of them). The only real problem game I've found is Star Trek 25th Anniversary, as it requires more Fast RAM than the cores auto settings will provide. Not a massive issue as nobody should play the Amiga version, the DOS CD-ROM version is better with the voices from the original cast.

  9. 3 hours ago, Acet said:

    Very excited to see this! Just tried the Retroarch core and managed to get a few of my favourite games playing, hoping it can handle multi disk games like Defender of the Crown...

    I keep meaning to make an update video for my Amiga forever thread to get people up to speed. I do want to show people how to use the PUAE core as it is very fussy about the revisions of the kickstart (BIOS) files to use.

    Any who...Yes Defender of the Crown is a favourite of mine and is part of the WHDLoad set, that's what I'm concentrating on. That's the beauty of WHDLoad, that many of the multi disk games are just one file HOWEVER it does not include every Amiga game BUT it does cover over 3000 titles! If a game isn't included in that set you'd need to source an adf file of the game, if it's multi disk then you do need to worry about uae or m3u files to stack those files in "virtual drives".

    I've abandoned Ransom's HDF files for a number of reasons. In short the files are larger than lha files (not his fault that's just how it is) BUT more importantly he ignored my request for static naming. As he keeps changing the names of his HDF files, they are of no use to me as they will go out of sync with the Amiga.xml file I've created for WHDLoad games. As the PUAE core can support lha files I'll just use the original WHDLoad set renamed.

  10. On 6/19/2020 at 11:45 PM, Acet said:

    Thanks to you I finally got this working!

    You are a super star, thank you so much for making the video.

    For reference if anyone else is struggling, I am running mine from an external 4TB drive.

    My path in my framefile using bega as an example is /storage/C67E63897E6370DB/Hyperspin/Emulators/Daphne/Daphne/bega

    You're welcome! Happy to hear another one of my threads has been useful to you. Just an FYI as you seem to be new here. If you want to thank me you can rate the thread and/or click the "Mario Mushrooms" to leave a like or Super like etc. Yes it ups my rep but more importantly it just helps other members/readers of the thread see if it's helpful.

    On a side note I can't answer your question about Dragon's Lair II from memory. I have the STV packed away now, I do intend to return to it soon. I have my updated Amiga project to transfer onto it and there are other RA cores now, so I'd like to do a wheel for Quake II and it's expansions as I already did Quake and Doom

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  11. It's probably an ampersand (&) and apostrophes being used. Check the system xml file, see if it uses "&amp" and "&apos". Make a backup of the xml file, use notepad++ to find and replace &amp with &.

  12. 6 hours ago, Creezz67 said:

    Thanks for info

    ps, not tried Atari 5200 again yet but will let you know once i have.

    Just out of interest, can you install both versions of RetroArch (1.7.7) 32bit and this new RA_32 1.88 at the same time ? If so this would allow all systems to still work.

    You're welcome! I have said this a few times, this build of Hyperspin is SOLELY for using RetroArch_ra32. It works and I am not developing it further to also use the default RetroArch or aarch64, it's a stop gap measure until the 64bit version is truly viable to be used.

    RetroArch_ra32 does what I need it to do. I found an Atari 800 core you can manually install that works. I don't know what that other system is you mentioned that didn't work. Vtech Creativision is probably as old as me if not older! I doubt the games are actually any good and it's only real value would be nostalgia for people who once owned it. I dare say I could probably find a core to manually install to fix that too.

    I barely use Hyperspin on my STV anymore as I've said earlier in the thread, Arc Browser can use the different RA releases. In many ways it's a far superior frontend and is actively developed getting better all the time. It has to be purchased BUT it can be shared with your family, Hyperspin does not work on phones but Arc Browser does making it more versatile. I have a lot going on at home, any free time I have now will be spent focusing on my Amiga Forever project. I already have the Amiga basically done using Arc Browser and RetroArch, that was very easy to do as it can scrape artwork and metadata online. Hyperspin is a bloody nightmare in comparison!

    All the best with it, I'm sure you'll at least get the Atari 5200 up and working again very quickly.

  13. On 6/4/2020 at 8:09 AM, Creezz67 said:

    Just checking, so RetroArch will not try to update this version if auto updates are left on ?

    Thanks again.

    Correct, it won't auto update. I have RA_32 v1.8.5 on my Nokia 8 phone, we are now up to v1.8.8 and the Google Play Store shows no update notification for RetroArch. To update just download the latest apk file from RetroArch's stable builds. 

    I've updated the OP with a link for 1.8.8. I'll try to keep it updated but it's easy enough to navigate backwards from that, to check if there is a newer version. Install the new apk over your old version, run it as you might need to update assets with the online updater BUT all your cores and settings will still be intact.

    P.S Did you get Atari 5200 working with the link I posted for the alternate core?

  14. 1 hour ago, Acet said:

    The root of the share has the Hyperspin folder in it, so not sure why it's not being recognised, any thoughts on this? Or do I need to look at this differently where I have the hyperspin folder on each machine and then just store the artwork/videos/roms on the share?

    The Hyperspin folder and media has to be on the device itself (or adopted storage) not the network iirc. You can have all the games on a NAS, you point the system .ini files to where the games are for that system with the rom path line.

  15. 2 hours ago, Acet said:

    keeping an eye on this. Finally got round to reinstalling Hyperspin and Retroarch on my shield and was wondering why I was getting the blsck screen in Hyperspin when launching anything from the wheels. Will give this a go now and see how far I get. Thanks

    You're welcome! There's not really any more for me to add to this thread, other than perhaps a Youtube video to help "noobs" installing and setting it up. RetroArch_ra32 won't be updated by the Google Play store so if you want to update, download it and sideload the newer version.

    As said earlier if some systems aren't playing, do check that the core name hasn't changed since you last made the .ini file for the system. As an example the Sega Dreamcast/ Sammy Atomiswave core is now "Flycast" it's been known as "BeetleDC" and "Reicast" in the past. You do need to adjust your .ini files to correct the exe line, as shown in the first post. The parameters line states the core to use so adjust those individually if the name has changed.

    All the best with it, let me know how you get on. Creezz67 said he had over 200 wheels working, I posted a "fix" for the Atari 5200 he said didn't work.

  16. On 5/30/2020 at 10:17 PM, mrfomt said:

    This is great, today I tried the ra32 of retroarch before I found this, I changed in android.Manifest.xml from com.retroarch.ra32 to com.retroarch in the retroarch apk file. It worked. I really want to use both the 32 and 64 version, tried ZeroJay’s version of Hyperspin apk, that is supposed to work with both but I can’t get it to work, The retroarch version named  com.retroarch works but when trying aarch64 it loads but it doesnt find the configs correctly.


    Yes I'm aware of ZeroJay's modded apk and guys saying it didn't work correctly with the 64bit version of RA because of the config path. He did say he would look into it BUT that was quite some time ago now. I've been saying this for a very long time, I have NO real interest in the 64 bit version. The RA devs even admitted they were having trouble finding people to compile the cores for it. I'm sure it will improve and one day we shall all want to use it by default.

    I did this modification mainly for myself and a friend of mine, he put his STV inside an old skool NES console which looks pretty sweet! I have a lot going on at home, family members with terminal cancer amongst other things. I have ZERO intention of trying to get Hyperspin on Android to work with both RA 32 & 64 bit. I've made this modded apk available for those who want to solely use RetroArch_ra32. I still have my Amiga project on the go to sort the system for both PC and Android, that is more of a priority to me.

    I do use the Arc Browser frontend on my STV as well as Hyperspin. AB can use both RetroArch 32 & 64 bit versions, it has premade templates for the systems or you can configure it yourself. It's actually a very good frontend which is actively developed. I use Hyperspin for "showing off" to friends, day to day use AB does the job. I can say "Sonic" with voice search and the STV shows the movie I have in my KODI library and all the Sonic games across all systems AB has in it's library. Not that I'm knocking Hyperspin, I use it mainly on PC as that can do far more systems than Android.

  17. Yeah it is broken! I just got Atari 5200 working in RA_32 by manually installing the Atari800 core downloaded from here (http://buildbot.libretro.com/nightly/android/latest/armeabi/). I've done a Youtube video on how to manually install cores, I did this for the Daphne test core (I'll link the video below). The Atari 5200 games will probably fail to play first go though giving an error message. Just press back to get into the RetroArch quick menu, select options and change Atari system to 5200 and game should then spring to life. You can save the changes to the retroarch.cfg in the main menu for that change to be remembered


  18. On 5/24/2020 at 8:41 PM, Creezz67 said:

    Cool, FYI just tested over 200 wheels and all load perfectly. GBA,PS1,SNES,NES, Sega Genesis, MAME, Panasonic 3DO, Sega CD etc

    Only stuff not working are ones I needed to load from internal drive, it can't find them, e.g. Atari 5200, VTech Creativision

    Atari 5200 uses the Atari800 core which does a few Atari systems. Pretty sure that's broken on the 32bit version, if it won't play in Retroarch then Hyperspin obviously won't load it. It's part of my love/hate relationship with RetroArch. There are cases where 64bit is better BUT overall for me 32bit is more useful.

    I'm not an Atari fan so it's no real issue for me, really REALLY retro games don't appeal to me. I don't emulate everything for bragging rights, I try to focus on systems and games myself and friends would play. I have tested emulators other than RA_32, Dreamcast with Redream and the Amiga with UAE4ARM both worked fine. I was pretty confident it was okay before posting it here, thank you for testing and letting me know.

  19. 1 hour ago, Creezz67 said:

    I use Dolphin so that will not be an issue luckily.

    Also have not tried Amiga on RetroArch. Will they launch directly from rom now ?

    FYI Amiga roms are strictly speaking BIOS (kickstart) files but I know what you meant. The PUAE core supports .zip and .lha files etc. you don't really need uae & hdf files now from what I've seen with my limited testing. We still have the problem that the Hyperspin Amiga database and media naming is out of whack to the latest Retroplay WHDLoad set.

    I do have a dedicated thread for the Amiga here. I need to settle on how to statically name the games and in turn the media and obviously the database entries. How they're named can help the core decide which Amiga preset to use, it does do cycle exact emulation which is awesome so games will play at the correct speed even if the Amiga preset is "too powerful" for the game. That's something UAE4ARM can NOT do so technically RetroArch is now the best emulator for the Amiga on Android.

  20. 3 minutes ago, Creezz67 said:

    Will do, not too many have changed luckily or if they have I am not using them 😀

    Keep in mind the Dolphin core is only on the 64bit version, so you won't have access to it on RA_32. The Dolphin core had graphical glitches in many of the games I tried, so I used the dedicated standalone Dolphin emulator. Things might have changed though, I'm impressed with the progress they've made on the PUAE core for the Amiga.

  21. On 5/24/2020 at 6:16 PM, Creezz67 said:

    Great work mate. I will try this out over the next few days and report back.

    ps, I don't suppose you have the settings for Citra for 3DS now it's on Google Play ?

    Thanks again for all your work.

    If cores aren't working please check that their names haven't changed since you last setup RA and the .ini files. I look forward to hearing how it works out for you, honestly I don't use the STV much anymore. I've got a lot going on at home so my free time for testing is limited, yes even when we're in "lock down".

    Regarding your P.S...I'm not a Nintendo fan and no I don't have Citra installed on the STV however you can try "exe=org.citra.citra_android/org.citra_android.ui.main.MainActivity". No guarantee it'll work the developers need to implement launch intent for the app to work with Hyperspin. I did get the Redream developer to add launch intent and tested the Dreamcast in Hyperspin with it, if you ask nicely devs tend to give their customers what they ask for.

    All the best with it

  22. Right guys as some of you are aware Google changed how things work on the Google Play Store a while back, when we install an app it will use the 32 or 64 bit version depending on what's native to the device. As we're mainly focused on the Shield TV here on the Android part of the forum, it is a 64 bit device. This has proved to be a bit of an issue for those of us who love Retroarch as there are some serious differences between the 32bit and 64bit versions. In a nutshell currently we have access to more cores for us to play our retro systems on the 32 bit version. RetroArch provide a RetroArch_ra32.apk which is a dedicated 32bit version we can sideload/install and use, however Hyperspin is NOT setup to use this version as some of the paths changed.

    So...I decompiled the Hyperspin.apk and made the necessary changes (yes including the config path) to solely use RA_32. I've done some limited testing with RA_32 (1.8.7) and it seems a okay to me (even the Daphne test core works) however I don't use screen overlays or really bother with alternate config setups (in truth I've not used the STV in many months!). Feel free to download it and test yourselves, obviously backup your essential files AND do remember the .ini files need to be adjusted to use RA32....


    It's easy enough to open all your .ini files with notepad++. Use the Search and replace feature to find com.retroarch/ and replace to com.retroarch.ra32/ do this for all opened files then save all.

    Those who use adopted storage it's wise to move the Retroarch_ra32 app to internal storage after installing AND before running it for the first time. Let me know how it works for you, I'll do a Youtube video to help those less experienced with setting up Hyperspin when I know it's working 100% and I have the free time.

    Mega Link for Hyperspin_0.1.8_Hono.apk (https://mega.nz/file/zQNBCYKI#QVrG4uVVmvXHshl8LbosQi7LAjQmUA09R5k_YqhcMBI)
    RetroArch_ra32 (1.8.8) newest stable version at time of posting (http://buildbot.libretro.com/stable/1.8.8/android/)

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  23. On 4/8/2020 at 3:02 PM, sfanetti said:

    Perfect, I tested. It's correct also for me. install retroarch on internal storage and not on adopted storage. Only a question: with this method, it's ok also the new version of retroarch 1.8.5? Thanks

    Not everyone uses adopted storage and just have an external drive attached via USB. I do use adopted storage and I'm aware of this "issue", the STV seems to like installing apps by default to adopted storage. Internal storage is going to be quicker so I keep all apps installed on internal storage and android games which are large installs on adopted storage. The trick is to move the app after installing before actually launching it.

    I've recently modded a Hyperspin.apk to use the Retroarch_ra32.apk. Google changed the rules for the Play store and devices use 32 or 64bit depending on what's native to the device (STV is 64bit). RA32 is the 32bit version we can sideload rather than use the Playstore version. When I have some free time I'll test my modded apk on the STV, my ini files will need editing to use ra32 v1.8.5. I have a lot of wheels and cores to install & test so it might take a while, once I'm happy with it I'll do a Youtube video and make the .apk available if people want to use it.

  24. You want one which is Android friendly really, I use an 8bitdo controller. It's the N30 Pro which is compact and also works well with my Android phone, the SN30 Pro is similar but larger with better thumbsticks both look like a classic SNES controller. You'll find other brands like Razer and Steelseries who do Android compatible gamepads.

    I really like the Sony DS4 pad for use on my PC, the tilt sensors help with Cemu for Wii U emulation BUT the Sony pads have issues on Android. If you want to use them wireless you need a Rooted device, if you own a DS pad already and don't mind using it wired it is an option.

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