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  1. Honosuseri

    Hurstys Animated Wheel Art Pack

    I haven't touched an RPI in ages! I know it can do Daphne as I had a lot of the games working on my Brother's RPI. It bothered me as my Shield TV couldn't do Daphne at all, the RetroArch core is still being worked on. If you're desperate to play Timegal. There is a port to the Amiga CD32 if you look. The RPI can emulate the Amiga with Amiberry. I played Timegal on my Android phone with Uae4arm not too long ago. I was testing stuff as I'm overhauling the Amiga for Hyperspin on Android and PC.
  2. Honosuseri

    Raspberry Pie 3/Hyperspin/RocketLauncher

    Rocket launcher is mentioned in the initial post. As it's clearly asked if they both work on the RPI! The OP watched all the videos about Hyperspin their brain can handle. So yes I've connected the dots and seen they're learning about Hyperspin and RL! Yes Windows 10 can now technically work on the RPI. Do Hyperspin and Rocket launcher work with it? I dunno, haven't tried and won't bother because the RPI is under powered. I'm done conversing with you. All the best with your projects
  3. Honosuseri

    Raspberry Pie 3/Hyperspin/RocketLauncher

    No it's English. Nobody mentioned using premade images, except you. Every RPI I've done, was done from scratch. I've been through almost every arcade frontend available, from using KODI to Retropie, Attract Mode etc. So no, using an RPI in a cab is not lazy. The word you're looking for is it's limiting! The OP has made it quite clear they're learning about Hyperspin and rocket launcher. So I don't think they're lazy, as they're already making an effort to learn the ropes. I think we all agree PC is the best option. Mini-itx form factor is a possibility to keep the size down BUT these builds always work out more expensive. I'd be surprised if a stripped down Dell couldn't be made to fit in a bar top cab.
  4. Honosuseri

    Raspberry Pie 3/Hyperspin/RocketLauncher

    That's not lazy. It's being cheap! I've made it quite clear the RPI is under powered and I don't think it's worth using in a cabinet. You provided more information about using the RPI which has "confused" the issue. Why you said forget modern Arcades, just because the RPI can't emulate them also makes no sense to me. In my opinion cabinet needs a PC. Shield TV for something to plug and play into the TV for couch gaming, although it could work well in a cab too I suppose.
  5. Honosuseri

    Raspberry Pie 3/Hyperspin/RocketLauncher

    Surely it's the reverse! Just running it through the TV is lazy. It's more effort making a cabinet, which is what the OP wants. If you're going to go to all that effort, you should want to be able to cover as many arcade/console systems as possible. For maximum versatility, PC is the way forward. Dell Optiplex PC's can be found cheap enough refurbished that have the i7 2600. The whole case doesn't need to go in the cabinet. The OP needs to be aware it can be stripped down and the parts just secured into the cabinet.
  6. Honosuseri

    Raspberry Pie 3/Hyperspin/RocketLauncher

    Ummmm yes you can actually Bungles. There is now an arm build of Windows 10 that works on the RPI3. Haven't tried it, nor will I when it takes a good 5 minutes to boot to the desktop! The truth is the RPI is just woefully under powered. I moved on to Nvidia's Shield TV which is much more capable for emulation. It can run Hyperspin, although we miss out on some PC features and don't get rocket launcher. Truth be told if you want to do the cabinet right you want to use a PC. The more modern arcade cabinets (like Taito Type X) are actually PC's. An RPI doesn't have a chance in hell of running Ultra Street Fighter IV!
  7. Honosuseri

    Weekly-Hyperspin Tutorials by Ninja2bceen

    Yes I watched the 2nd HyperScore run, as you just pipped my score It was much better without the added backing music clashing. To be honest I hate the Tetris game music, I turn the audio off and play something else when I do a run for the challenge. I'll check those other videos for you and report back. I'm currently laid up recovering from surgery, I'm not feeling great but I will get around to it soon!
  8. Honosuseri

    Weekly-Hyperspin Tutorials by Ninja2bceen

    No worries. How far away are you from the mic? The "softness" people are describing, sounds more like you're "distanced" from the microphone to me. I fully understand the difficulty with audio quality. If I record on the Shield TV, the mic is built into the gamepad so it picks up the tapping of buttons and handling of the pad. The HD Logitech Webcam I use has a very good mic to be fair. It will actually pick up the faint whine of my PC's fans, I need to relubricate the bearings to kill that background noise. All the best
  9. Honosuseri

    Weekly-Hyperspin Tutorials by Ninja2bceen

    Well played on the HyperScore run! Played the video with headphones this time. Mic quality is still poor sadly, its definitely a problem your end not mine. Having your own music over the game music was also VERY off putting. Even if it's a dry subject you should put your own personality into the topic to make it exciting IMHO. If you want to use backing music, fair enough but it's a common complaint on YouTube videos that music often masks the voice over. I still suggest you drop the music until you can resolve your mic quality issues. But it's your channel do as you wish. All the best with your future videos and projects.
  10. Honosuseri

    Weekly-Hyperspin Tutorials by Ninja2bceen

    Thank you. I played that video on my Nokia 8 phone, which is hardly garbage at max chat. It was hard to hear his voice but when there were breaks in the music it was easier. Could I have worn earphones? Well yes but currently I'm recovering from leg surgery. I'm not hopping around to get them just to hear audio on a YouTube video. It's a workaround for a problem that should not be an issue in the first place. I have a personal gripe with channels that have intro animations and "begging for likes and subscribers". In my opinion if the content is interesting and of good quality, people will subscribe of their own accord. I don't think Ninja needs to do this. As his videos are frequently "promoted" here on the forum BUT it's his channel and up to him what he does. Thanks again for your perspective, I enjoyed reading it. All the best
  11. Honosuseri

    Weekly-Hyperspin Tutorials by Ninja2bceen

    Having just seen the Hyper Score video. Some constructive criticism... Please would you consider NOT adding backing music to the videos. The microphone audio quality is already pretty poor, the music makes it even harder to hear what you are saying. I appreciate the effort that goes into making these videos (I really do!). I'm sure new forum members find these videos incredibly helpful BUT audio quality has been an issue for quite some time now. I was under the impression you'd had a better microphone gifted to you. I honestly can't hear any improvement. All the best with your channel and future projects
  12. Awesome stuff! So glad you posted this update, it made me aware of the project. I'm really enjoying watching your series of videos on this! I'm sensing these projects will ultimately lead to a divorce BUT we salute you good sir...keep living the dream!
  13. Honosuseri

    Amiga Forever!

    And you my friend HDF is the way forward to have one set to share across all systems, to emulate the Amiga. Of course the downside is needing uae files to match, as you're well aware. The PC can load the lha files but on Android we can't use them directly. They need extracting out into folders and we know Horace the Spiders' bootloader was a bit hit and miss. On Android we need uae files either way, through hdf or using a bootloader and the game folders.
  14. Honosuseri

    Amiga Forever!

    I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas Holiday. I've put up a video to keep you guys up to date with my Amiga Project. Uae4arm the Amiga emulator for Android devices got an update on Xmas day. I also show off my "patchy" PC setup for the Amiga and try to explain why this system does need overhauling so desperately in Hyperspin
  15. Honosuseri

    PLEX/Media Theme/Wheel

    I don't know as I don't use Plex. Although I'm pretty positive there is a Kodi add on, to put the Plex libraries into the Kodi library. I can understand people wanting a Media wheel on a PC/Cabinet build, which loads Hyperspin when booted. On the Shield TV not so much. As I said I launch Hyperspin from Kodi. When I quit Hyperspin I'm back to Kodi and my media etc. It would actually be more effort to find the media wheel, than to just quit Hyperspin.