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  1. https://redream.io/ The Redream emulator for Sega Dreamcast, is available on the google playstore. I know people struggled with setting up the standalone Reicast emulator, Redream is far easier. No extra BIOS files are required and it detected my gamepad straight away, even found the game files! I have asked about launch intent, so the app is compatible with frontends like Hyperspin and Arc Browser. The reply I got was he meant to add the feature last night but "forgot" as inundated with day one crash reports. Once the feature is implemented, I'll do a video showcasing the emulator and show my settings.ini for Hyperspin
  2. Daphne can be a confusing system to configure, there is something I should have explained better in the video. The first line of the framefile text file, is as I said the path line. If a "." is there it's stating the files of the "tracks" listed are located in the same folder as that .txt file. SO...my original Bega.txt file was correct BUT for that to work, you would need to put all those game files in the framefile folder along with the .txt files. I consider that a lazy/messy way of doing it, which is why I said it was "wrong". I prefer to have the game files kept in their appropriate folders, just having the .txt files in the framefile folder. As shown edit the first line of each game's .txt file, to point to the game folder where the media files are located.
  3. Awesome info however the OP listed Windows 7 Pro as the OS dude
  4. As you probably know there is a RetroArch core to play Daphne games BUT currently it's broken! I wish the developer luck getting the official core stable. Thanks to @Reznnate. We now have access again to the working test core (HERE: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1frcFNWPinSkfyafsBXsnfHd46_kS1yIY). We can install this .so file through a new feature in RA, an install core option under "load cores" has been added. I've put together a video to help you peeps understand the Daphne game files and the settings required to get the games playing through RA and Hyperspin. I hope it's of help to some of you....
  5. To be clear. That CPU is not reaching it's max rated clockspeed, it's throttled due to lack of power. As we know with emulation, clockspeed is king the higher the better. These SFF office PC's from HP and DELL are pretty naff. Granted the OP's uses seem pretty basic, I've done more with a Shield TV android set top box. The beauty of using a PC is it can open up all sorts of possibilities. If he wants to focus on Arcade games more than consoles that's cool. Although there are other arcade systems like Atomiswave, Sega Naomi, Taito Type X, NesicaXlive, Sega's Ringedge, Ring wide and Lindbergh etc. etc. Then there's the modern PC games with arcade heritage, like Mortal Kombat and the Street fighter games. If going to the trouble and expense to build a cabinet, personally I'd want my monies worth out of it. We all have to start somewhere though. Seems like the OP is pretty pleased with it so far, I look forward to hearing about his future projects.
  6. Instead of shutting down, maybe try the hibernate option instead. It'll dump what's loaded into the RAM to the HDD, when the PC boots up again, it will load that back into the RAM again. Worth trying to see if it helps, obviously sometimes you'll need to do a proper restart when installing updates, drivers etc. SSD upgrade from a HDD does make a world of difference for boot times, even on sata2. I don't think NVME will be a viable option, even if used with a PCI-E adapter, I seriously doubt the BIOS will allow booting from the drive...only to use it as storage. I have a pretty decent Gigabyte Z77 mobo and it too can't boot from PCI-E, unless I create a custom bios for it (which is a lot of faff!). The OP is right, that small form factor HP PC is NOT great! If opened up, I think you'll find it has an odd motherboard and PSU. There's no 24 pin power connector and the sata drives take their power from a cable connected to the mobo, not the PSU. The CPU is actually being starved of power and although you could fit a half height GPU which takes it's power from the PCI-E slot, you're not really getting the full potential of the hardware sadly. I do think an SSD upgrade can be justified. Although I'd suggest getting a reasonably large drive (500GB+) as you'll be able to reuse it down the road on another system.
  7. It's better than nothing Rezz! I've tried the latest versions of Retroarch with the official core, although the core no longer out right crashes, it's still not playing the games sadly. Thanks for posting this
  8. I don't really want to comment further, as I'm no longer up to speed on using CRT. Good to know you use a configuration similar to what I suggested, it seems to suit your needs ok
  9. ZeroJay said he would, be patient there's no need to keep pestering about it. If you really want RA64 that badly, pay for the Arc Browser frontend and use it alongside Hyperspin. AB is being actively developed and is technically a superior frontend. This thread is meant to point out cores that are working and on which version of Retroarch. @zerojay RetroArch now allows us to install cores manually, if we have the *.so file in the Retroarch/Downloads folder! It will make sharing the working cores much easier now, no need for you to take on the hassle of creating an online server for RA's config file to be pointed to
  10. I do. I already made a post in the "Daphne test core" thread to help one of the Admins get it working. You'll find it in the Android emulators section of the forum. The official core we can download from the buildbot is currently broken, has been ever since it was released months ago now. I've repeatedly asked for a backup of the beta core that did work well but nobody is sharing it as of yet.
  11. Interesting. If it was me I would have been looking at buying a 2nd hand Nvidia GTS 250 1GB GPU (which is PCI-E), they're cheap and do have the S-video output. Although from what I remember video out over s-video was pretty blurry. Of course this all really depends on what that Dell PC is! Sounds like he's wanting an adapter to use the iGPU rather than a dedicated GPU. A dedicated GPU makes more sense to be honest. If it's a Small form factor case, the hardware can be ripped out of it and "bread boarded" inside the cabinet. He might well need a new PSU too (even if it's just to power the GPU), as we don't know what he has. Some of the OEM PC's have weird motherboards that don't even have 24pin connections! Not knocking your suggestion BUT I do know ATi/AMD GPUs have piss poor performance for the openGL API. Even it is just a cabinet for Mame games, personally I'd like to run stuff like Taito Type X/Nesica X Live arcade games too. These "old Taito Arcade PCs" ran Nvidia 7000 series GPUs, so a GTS 250 being newer should be able to handle those games just fine. I think there were some Nvidia 7000 series GPUs that are PCI-E that can put out a good quality image to crt. Been a looong time since I played around with CRT so I'd have to do some homework
  12. The database xml files that can be downloaded from the Hyperlist section of the website are often old and obsolete. Use the search feature of the website, enable the "more search options" and choose "content type= files" and "categories= databases (xml)". Look for the official thread for the system you want (e.g Sega Genesis....https://hyperspin-fe.com/search/?&q=sega genesis official xml&type=downloads_file&nodes=136&search_and_or=or&sortby=relevancy) The media you have already downloaded should match that official database xml file's contents. Open the xml file (with notepad++ etc.) and compare your game files to these entries. You can rename your game files, they must quite literally match EXACTLY to what is in the xml under "game name". If your games match but the artwork doesn't, it's the media that needs to be renamed.
  13. Yes I agree, well worth the "hassle" registering. I even had an admin here admit, the media I use for Capcom is far better than what he had. I've been expecting Capcom Play questions with them announcing their Capcom home arcade, to be released in October
  14. You'll have to Google it, you'll need it to translate for you too. I'm not trying to be difficult but forum rules here prevent me giving a link directly (even the name gets edited out)
  15. I've heard there's more stuff on emu movies, the account you should have to get the video snaps. A forum member here ninja2bceen has a YouTube channel called planet geekdom. He hosts all sorts of useful stuff over on emumovies. As far as Capcom goes. I got my artwork from the Hfsbox 15k pack from a French forum (it's free to sign up). I'll attach a (old) video so you can see how my Capcom wheels look... Start around the 3:40 mark
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