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  1. Honosuseri

    (Tutorial) ScummVM with RetroArch

    If you're using the unique themes for each game the box art won't show. I used the box art media as the wheel art instead which works very well. All the best, glad we helped you out!
  2. This thread was the nail in the coffin dude. It epitomises EVERYTHING that winds me up on here. The info is available if people put time in and read the posts we make. The quick shortcut maker is mentioned numerous times in the Android settings thread. I'm fairly certain you even made the apk available to sideload. As you know my time is becoming more and more precious and I just can't spare it to "hold people's hands". I mean no disrespect to Rezz or the other Admins/mods by mentioning Arc Browser. I think both frontends are awesome and compliment each other. I'll say it again... Retroarch 64 is currently not in a fit state to use. Once it has the problems ironed out and all the cores available, no doubt it can be made the default to use with Hyperspin.
  3. I've decided I'll be "retiring" from the forum. I find myself using Arc Browser more, which is actively being developed. The recent update added RA64 support.
  4. I didn't bring my backup drive with me. I had the ini files on your FTP but I'm fairly certain they're gone when you migrated. I've just told the OP what the result is and I've been basically ignored. Won't be doing this again as you advise. See you around dude
  5. I'm not ****ING impressed as I've just lost half my ini files looking into this! I had to use X-plore file manager instead of Filezilla over a network, as I'm on the boat. It's randomly deleted files when I was trying to copy across the new ini file I'd made for Nintendo wii. RetroArch 64 states it can't find the config folder when launched from Hyperspin. The OP will have to take it up with the Devs. The dolphin core is not in a fit state to use in my opinion. The app also won't let me assign a quit key for retroarch. Which is one of the reasons I like using RA over standalone emus. I'm done with this.. Wish I hadn't bothered
  6. I'm too busy to faff around with it right now and as I mentioned, I have no motivation to with games I tested having glitches. Are you telling me Star Fox Assault runs with the text showing in the menus? P. S Yes the Atari 800 core which I use for Atari 5200 is broken. Never really play it so can't say how long it's been out of order for
  7. Honosuseri

    Hono's Shield TV setup

    Just to clarify. Yes... I'm on a 50m long boat we're converting into a luxury yacht. No... I'm not at sea yet, we expect to depart around 10th of Sept. Final destination is Tunisia. We stay in coastal waters, for the most part I do have phone signal and mobile Internet at sea. So I can casually keep tabs on what's going on here. I am however very busy on the boat. I still have the "Shield me from the sea" project to plan out. The STV is also often being used by the family for watching movies and playing games obviously. Any free time I have with the STV alone I want dedicated to my project. So please don't think I'm being rude if I don't immediately reply to any queries. All the best with your setups folks
  8. Honosuseri

    Hono's Shield TV setup

    I did privately message you before I left. Be warned the lst files I made up myself, not sure they'll work for everyone though as game files could differ. Instructions to make them are on the libretro website though. Sorry if I seem lazy, just crazy busy on the boat
  9. Honosuseri

    Hono's Shield TV setup

    I left you this stuff (lst files and settings files) on the FTP before I flew out, to aid you in testing the reicast core. Yes I'm away on the boat, feel free to share my ini snippet if you get a chance dude. I'm sure quite a few people would like to add the atomiswave wheel to their setups.
  10. Honosuseri

    Daphne Retroarch core now available on Android

    Thanks for the confirmation and E.T.A Rezz. I'll just wait it out personally
  11. Honosuseri

    Hono's Shield TV setup

    RetroArch 1.7.3. Reicast 0.1 ff8e12c
  12. Honosuseri

    Creating Android apps wheel

    Don't think of it as resolution, think aspect ratio. 4:3 is the standard as many of the classic games are in this format, so we would ideally use 4:3 monitors. 16:9 is what most monitors and TVs are today. Purists will still play at 4:3 and use borders/bezels to fill in the black bars at the side of the wide-screen display. There is already a thread about converting themes to 16:9. I'm sure you'll find it now you know what to look for, sorry I can't provide a link. I'm currently out in Latvia on a 50m long motor boat, refitting it as a luxury yacht. My free time is limited, as is my Internet connection but I'm still trying to help as and when I can. All the best
  13. I have the aarch64 version installed too, so i have RetroArch & RetroArch aarch 64 in the app drawer. I haven't bothered editing my ini files to launch it through Hyperspin , as it doesn't have as many cores available (like Reicast for example). Thing is the dolphin core isn't as good as the standalone emu, well currently anyway. I get some serious graphical glitches in Gamecube games, like Star Fox Assault for example. If it improves, I might well change the exe and parameter lines in the Gamecube and Wii ini files.
  14. Honosuseri

    Creating Android apps wheel

    I think it's in my Hono's Shield TV setup thread. I don't want to spam the forum with new topics, so try to keep much of what I do in there. I did give you all the assets I made for Android but you might have lost them when you changed over the FTP. @ OP. Yes some theme.zips are not compatible on Android. Its down to the swf files contained in them but you can "fix" them. Been there done that checking all the unique themes for the mame games and others. I don't personally have SPMC/Kodi on my android wheel, as I actually launch Hyperspin from within SPMC. I skinned it with custom shortcuts and wallpapers to replace the STV's stock homescreen. All the best with your setup, we'd love to see it
  15. Honosuseri

    Daphne Retroarch core now available on Android

    No worries Rezz, I presumed you had it running. On the STV the games try to boot but crash. Just loading the core from the GUI crashes RetroArch. Tried on my Nokia 8, loading core also crashes RetroArch. I sent feedback, I'm sure it'll get fixed soon enough.