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  1. You're welcome! FYI you can load the core in RetroArch and go to core info, worth going there anyway to see if the core requires BIOS files and what file extensions are supported. You'll now find an option to backup the core which puts it in the RetroArch Downloads folder which you can view with a file manager like X-plore. The core's filename is what you use in the parameters line of the .ini file, it's handy to backup cores in case the online buildbot goes down or the core goes AWOL. Mame 2010 did disappear for a long time and without root access on the STV we couldn't backup the cores back in the day.
  2. try "parameters=cores/mednafen_vb_libretro_android.so" and "parameters=cores/mednafen_supergrafx_libretro_android.so"
  3. I have very little interest in emulation on Android now, so it's been a very long time since I touched the STV, RA & HS. I can tell you that it used to install by default to shared storage and the RA paths were different to when on internal storage. So I had to go into apps select RA and move it before running it, once run RA set the paths automatically. If you use adopted storage and everything works with your HS build then that's awesome, nothing to worry about. I only mentioned it as people use different setups, some just have HS and "roms" on an external drive with others using adopted storage...maybe both.
  4. @reznnate is the guy who did the original build to have HS on his Nvidia Shield Portable. Not sure if he published it to Google Play BUT he's the guy we are all really thankful to. Congrats on your project, sadly I don't really have the time to test it out. Those who use adopted storage might need to install RetroArch and then immediately move it to internal storage before running, worth testing that out to prevent people saying your build doesn't work.
  5. Honestly I have very little interest in Emulation on Android these days. If anything it was more for my phone to be able to play decent games out and about (not that we can do that now with the current global situation). I'm more known for Amiga emulation here and have been chipping away at the missing Amiga media (videos, disks & boxart etc.) for a while now, with what little free time I have. Most of the emulation I've done lately is in PCVR with EMUVR and New Retro Arcade: Neon. My Youtube channel also takes up much of the free time I do have. So no I'm not looking to start any other projects, I wish you all the best with the Hyperspin modification.
  6. As I said NOT ALL apps have launch intent implemented. Best thing to do is message the developer and ask for them to add the feature. I did this a looong time ago for Redream (Sega Dreamcast) and tested the APK before it was released on the Playstore. Arc Browser has no profile for Duckstation standalone, only the RetroArch core. Freelancer adds profile updates for us to use for popular emulators, of course it's possible he's not done the profile yet BUT from what you've said it sounds like launch intent isn't being used in DS.
  7. Try "org.devmiyax.yabasanshioro2/org.uoyabause.android.Yabause", that's for the free version not Pro though. I'm not paying the developer again when the old version could have been restored on Google Play, if he wanted it to be. Remember not all apps will work with launch intent which is how frontends load them. Download QuickShortcutMaker from the Playstore to your phone and install the app you want to know the settings for and it will list the activity names.
  8. To my knowledge this is the only dual Retroarch Hyperspin build and iirc it doesn't work correctly, as it can't load the config files for the 64bit version (if that's been fixed I apologise in advance). I only had a brief look at what RA Plus was and noticed the missing MAME cores and that was the end of that. I haven't abandoned HS on the STV, I invested A LOT of time making artwork and doing custom wheels for systems. I made my own HS build to use RA_32, I don't use Google Play versions and when 64bit catches up with core count I'll switch to that. Stuff like Dolphin (standalone or RA core) isn't worth bothering with on phones or the STV, it's better to use Gamestream (or similar) to have a PC version of Hyperspin play on the STV to do more demanding systems. I can't remember which core I use for PSX, I did do some tweaking which helped it run better. Don't remember what I did BUT I remember doing it for Ridge Racer as we had a competition here for fastest hot lap. I did share what I did in the thread to help stop the stutters so people could post a faster time! End of the day AB is a superior frontend, although not as "flashy" it's actively being improved. HS I use as a party piece to impress friends BUT day to day use (including my phone) I use AB more.
  9. Had a look, I won't be bothering! RetroArch Plus is just RetroArch64 rebranded. Libretro are having to jump through hoops to abide by Google Playstore rules. Size of the apk is restricted to 100MB and the cores must download from google servers NOT the Libretro buildbot. I'll stick to sideloading Libretro's versions that DON'T have assets cut out to make the 100MB apk size. 64bit versions are still missing MAME cores, so I see no real need to switch from using RA_32 yet.
  10. I've not done any emulation on Android in quite sometime honestly. I'd need to look at RetroArch Plus and see what cores it offers, it's new to me! I modded the Hyperspin APK to solely use RetroArch_ra32, which is why I linked the ra32 download in my thread. The 64bit versions were missing cores, yes they did Dolphin for Gamecube and Wii BUT not well enough to warrant me losing the other cores for MAME etc. When I have some free time I'll look at RAP and decompile Hyperspin to modify it IF it's worth doing. NO I'm not faffing around trying to get BOTH 64 and 32bit versions working, it'll be for RAP 64bit. My go to frontend on Android is actually Arc Browser as it works on both my phone and STV. Yes you have to buy it BUT Freelancer (the dev) actively maintains it and has system profiles for using 32bit and 64bit version of RetroArch.
  11. You'd know better than me, you are the one who downloaded the file and installed it. Retroarch.apk is the 32bit, aarch64 is 64bit, ra32 is a separate dedicated 32bit build. Hyperspin needed modding to use ra32. Sounds to me like your issues are the rom path as you're doing it over a NAS. It can be done, someone mentioned earlier in this thread they are running multiple STVs from a samba share. Edit one of your .ini files so under filters "roms only = True". If you load that wheel and nothing shows then then rompath is wrong. If set as "roms only = False" it's just showing everything listed in the database.xml file whether you have it or not.
  12. As some of you are aware RetroArch had it's servers hacked recently, all cores on the buildbot were deleted. I'll provide a link with backups of the cores from the start of August, it covers Windows 32 & 64 bit, Linux & Android. I'll also link a video about how to install these cores manually as the server is essentially down. I hope they are back up and running again soon! Mega link for cores: https://mega.nz/folder/LFsCgCjQ#0tyF0Ot32xu4IeKi4hdvpA
  13. Happy to hear you sussed it out. Part of the reason I modded Hyperspin to use RA32 was so we got that Mame2010 core to use, it's missing in the 64 bit version of RetroArch. All the best with your setup, have fun with it!
  14. Do your MAME games work in just Retroarch? There are different cores to use for different MAME romsets and I have no idea which set you are using. it's best to know the games play first before you worry about the frontend Hyperspin. Remember your .ini files to be used live in the "Settings_Android" folder. "Settings" is for a PC setup, these folders are separate for those who want to use an external USB drive and switch it between a PC and an STV
  15. That's a shame, thank you for letting me know. It will show a cursor when the mouse is connected because of the Android OS, it won't add one for a virtual controller RetroArch is using. In Android Oreo the feature was added for apps to "capture the OS cursor" but it has to be written into the program (I think DosBox, Uae4arm and a few other emus do use it iirc). So this is an issue that needs to be raised with Libretro, I wouldn't be surprised if it's not already. It's a very niche problem. People who do emulation are a very small percentage of Android users and of them even fewer are emulating classic computers that use a mouse.
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