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  1. No, you clearly misunderstood the situation by saying just don't update RA. Hyperspin on PC and Android are two very different animals. When M$ does a Windows update which messes up Hyperspin, I'm confident it'll be fixed as that's happened many times. On Android I'm not as confident but hope for the best, the fact Launchbox has abandoned their Android version should tell you enough to be concerned. It's sound advice to warn new users about the changes to Android and the knock on effect it will have on HS with the STV. Arc Browser is a superior frontend with better features, being actively developed AND it's also compatible with phones/tablets when HS is not. When the Android OS changes kick in on the STV and HS is known to be working, I'll recommend HS "for show" and help people set it up. Until that day comes, I agree with Hyperseeder and new users should wait before sinking in a lot of time learning and setting up Android Hyperspin. I have a very nice Hyperspin PC setup, people are perfectly "safe" sinking time into that, many of the assets can then be shared with an Android setup later.
  2. Worst case scenario is that when the STV is updated to Android 11 or 12 that Hyperspin won't work, it's not about RetroArch but the changes Google is making to the OS. Perfectly valid post for him to make, I'd be livid if as a new user I sunk in a lot of time setting up HS for it just to stop working out of the blue. I help people with HS plenty BUT still recommend Arc Browser as it is a better frontend being actively developed. I've used HS on the STV for what 5 years, there's a suggested features thread here on the forum BUT nothing new has been added. I hope that HS will be updated when the Android OS changes kick in BUT I can't say for sure that it will be.
  3. To my knowledge it's @reznnate who we have to thank for the Android version of HS. I believe he created it originally for the Shield Portable device. I seem to recall the official HS app was updated, when it stopped working because of previous Android changes many moons ago. Of course I can't speak for future development. I applaud your efforts on modding and maintaining your version of the APK. I modded it solely for RA32 as IMHO adding the 64bit version of RA for it's limited benefits were not worth my time. I was aware of these Android changes coming, the dev for LaunchBox has stated they've stopped development of their Android version iirc. I hope FreeLancer will continue on with Arc Browser. All the best, I'm sure many people are thankful for your efforts
  4. No you don't have to guess, I've told you what to do. I explained in one of your other threads that the 64bit version of Retroarch is missing cores, it's why I modded Hyperspin to use Retroarch_ra32 (32bit). Hyperseeder took things further and his HS build allows you to have 32+64bit versions of Retroarch installed and Hyperspin launches what you want via the .ini file.
  5. Then you'd want the Mame2010 core. It's probably still missing in the 64bit versions of RetroArch. You said you were using Hyperseeders modded Hyperspin SO...Install RetroArch_ra32 and install the mame2010 core, follow Hyper's thread to ensure you do the .ini file correctly to launch RA32.
  6. The Play Store is the Devil! Their changes have caused us no end of aggro. They now limit the size of the .apk and force the device to use 32 or 64 bit depending on what's native to the device. I haven't checked in a while BUT the 64bit version of RA was missing some cores to do some popular systems, hence me modding HS to use RetroArch_RA32. I suggest you download Retroarch 32 and 64 bit versions from the Libretro website and "sideload" them through a file manager like X-Plore. Your call of course, all the best with it.
  7. You use the name of the core. You can find them listed at the Libretro buildbot which is where the downloader pulls them from, ignore the file extension (.zip) https://buildbot.libretro.com/nightly/android/latest/armeabi-v7a/ so... cores/snes9x_libretro_android.so On a side note @HyperSeeder modded the Hyperspin.apk to use any version of Retroarch (he continued on from me modding it for RA32). I would use that over the stock Hyperspin app, check his thread here on the forum to ensure you are doing the .ini files correctly.
  8. Awesome! Yes you can resize the artwork, there's free PC software called "Fotosizer" which can do the lot in a batch job. You will lose some picture quality using that though, maybe someone else knows of a better free tool for the job.
  9. I'm sure the theme you sent will be very helpful indeed. OP asked how the artwork folders are used. That was the point of my post to help them understand why the artwork wasn't showing in some themes they may have. Teach a man to fish and all that Jazz
  10. MAME doesn't have boxart as they're arcade cabinets, so it's unlikely the themes you have will make use of artwork folders. Any who...to answer your question. It's the actual system theme (Default.zip) that decides what is shown and where in the theme.xml file. Most have artwork 1 & 2 in the .zip file these are usually the video snap box border and a logo for the system. Artwork 3 & 4 can be your box and disc/cart artwork taken from your media folder. I'll give an example from a SNES theme.xml... <Theme> <video w="408" h="417" x="312" y="427" r="0" rx="0" ry="0" below="false" overlaybelow="false" overlayoffsetx="0" overlayoffsety="0" forceaspect="both" time="0.5" delay="0" bsize="0" bsize2="0" bsize3="0" bcolor="0" bcolor2="0" bcolor3="0" bshape="square" type="none" start="none" rest="none"/> <artwork1 x="312" y="429" r="0" time="1" delay ="0.5" type="none" start="none" rest="none"/> <artwork2 x="512" y="102" r="0" time="1" delay ="0.5" type="ease" start="top" rest="none"/> <artwork3 x="750" y="435" r="0" time="0.5" delay ="0.2" type="bounce" start="top" rest="none"/> <artwork4 x="900" y="560" r="0" time="0.6" delay ="0.9" type="none" start="right" rest="none"/> </Theme> Artwork 1 is the video snap border box, artwork 2 is the SNES logo, these are assets within the .zip file. Artwork 3 is the boxart it drops down from the top of the screen and bounces when it lands, artwork 4 is the cartridge it slides in from the right of the screen. If you use Hyperspin on PC there is the Hypertheme software for creating your own themes. You can do it manually tinkering with the .xml file BUT you might struggle with those x and y co-ordinates, which position things on the screen. You can be quite creative with it. I have a Mega Drive theme where Artwork 3 is an asset of the console in the .zip file, artwork 4 is the cartridges from the media folder, they lower down "slotting" into the console. THEN because of the "delay command" the video snap plays as if the console has loaded the game...looks pretty awesome!
  11. I have very little interest in emulation on Android now, so it's been a very long time since I touched the STV, RA & HS. I can tell you that it used to install by default to shared storage and the RA paths were different to when on internal storage. So I had to go into apps select RA and move it before running it, once run RA set the paths automatically. If you use adopted storage and everything works with your HS build then that's awesome, nothing to worry about. I only mentioned it as people use different setups, some just have HS and "roms" on an external drive with others using adopted storage...maybe both.
  12. @reznnate is the guy who did the original build to have HS on his Nvidia Shield Portable. Not sure if he published it to Google Play BUT he's the guy we are all really thankful to. Congrats on your project, sadly I don't really have the time to test it out. Those who use adopted storage might need to install RetroArch and then immediately move it to internal storage before running, worth testing that out to prevent people saying your build doesn't work.
  13. Honestly I have very little interest in Emulation on Android these days. If anything it was more for my phone to be able to play decent games out and about (not that we can do that now with the current global situation). I'm more known for Amiga emulation here and have been chipping away at the missing Amiga media (videos, disks & boxart etc.) for a while now, with what little free time I have. Most of the emulation I've done lately is in PCVR with EMUVR and New Retro Arcade: Neon. My Youtube channel also takes up much of the free time I do have. So no I'm not looking to start any other projects, I wish you all the best with the Hyperspin modification.
  14. As I said NOT ALL apps have launch intent implemented. Best thing to do is message the developer and ask for them to add the feature. I did this a looong time ago for Redream (Sega Dreamcast) and tested the APK before it was released on the Playstore. Arc Browser has no profile for Duckstation standalone, only the RetroArch core. Freelancer adds profile updates for us to use for popular emulators, of course it's possible he's not done the profile yet BUT from what you've said it sounds like launch intent isn't being used in DS.
  15. Try "org.devmiyax.yabasanshioro2/org.uoyabause.android.Yabause", that's for the free version not Pro though. I'm not paying the developer again when the old version could have been restored on Google Play, if he wanted it to be. Remember not all apps will work with launch intent which is how frontends load them. Download QuickShortcutMaker from the Playstore to your phone and install the app you want to know the settings for and it will list the activity names.
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