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  1. Honosuseri

    Amiga Forever!

    Having done some serious play testing on both the Shield TV and my Android phone. I have come across some problem games. Zool is a good example, with serious graphical glitches in game. Here's a video to show the problem and a workaround for now, until the emulator is updated to fix it...
  2. Honosuseri

    Amiga Forever!

    Even more Amiga CD32 Unofficial Game testing... Amiga Jay's Psygnosis collection!
  3. Honosuseri

    Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    Another FYI for you guys following this thread... I've started my own thread for my Amiga project, rather than post here any more. I now have a few videos up for Amiga CD32, as Rezz requested I try to keep you guys up to speed with my findings/progress. Many of the new videos will be off of my Nokia 8 phone. Mostly because Uae4arm still needs fixing for Android TV, partly because I also want to enjoy these classic Amiga games on the go as well!
  4. Honosuseri

    Amiga Forever!

    CD32 unofficial games testing...Moonstone: A hard day's Knight & Turrican Anthology. Any interest in me doing a dedicated separate wheel, to showcase these little gems? There are more available, just added a few onto my phone for testing purposes.
  5. Honosuseri

    Amiga Forever!

    CD32 Showcase video! Keep in mind this is still a work in progress. There are still a handful of problem games, at the end of the video you can see the Zool games have serious graphical glitches. The controls were my main concern, I've loaded up a few games like Battle Chess to show I can play games that require the CD32 blue button. I'll do another video explaining my findings trying to fix these games at a later date...when I have some more free time.
  6. Honosuseri

    Latest working systems for Android Shield TV

    They want to use an older version of a core. For example, I had the test core for Daphne long before it was added to the official build bot. It worked very well. When it was officially released on the buildbot, the core was actually broken. So my Daphne wheel is now out of order. To fix it, I could faff around to install the test core again. I'll just wait for them to fix official core though.
  7. Honosuseri

    (WIP Tutorial) Commodore Amiga on Shield TV

    No! He said he'd compiled the emulator in android studio which was a lie. He finally admitted it was the "Hello world" simple program instead. In essence they're learning how to develop on Android. I remember this all too well because I wasted time trying to compile it because of what they said, when it was never going to work! It's in their own interest to Port it to Android. There are faaaar more android users than Raspberry Pi owners. Providing they don't price it stupidly people will pay for it. Doesn't take long to save up a couple of quid with Google rewards. The Amiga kickstarts are £1.79 iirc I wish them luck with it BUT I'll believe it when I see it. They only have themselves to blame for that
  8. Honosuseri

    (WIP Tutorial) Commodore Amiga on Shield TV

    No! Purely based on how they've been misleading on Android development to date. I have no issue paying devs for their time, providing they actively support and do develop the software. If (and it's a big IF) Amiberry is ported to Android and it is a noticeable improvement over Uae4arm, I'll use it. In fact I would even pay for it. Android users have access to the Google reward scheme. Answering surveys give us credit to spend on the play store. It's a great way for us to support devs, without us spending our own money.
  9. Honosuseri

    (Tutorial) ScummVM with RetroArch

    That's exactly what needs to be done. As you have to set the ini file to "roms only=false". It will put everything that's listed in the xml database file on the ScummVM wheel. Keep your original "full game list xml" , I'd just rename it. Then name your "favourite games xml" you make, to be used in it's place. You can see my setup in the video below, I had this done long before the guide. I intended to only do a few classic games too BUT I got carried away with it
  10. Honosuseri

    Amiga Forever!

    CD32 UPDATE... Spent most of the weekend looking over the CD32 and have made some good progress... I've had this wheel configured for a long time now BUT control issues kept me from testing it. I want to thank Ransom1122, for the time he put into sussing the CD32 controls (whilst I was busy in Denmark servicing the family yacht). I had emailed him recently about these settings for the uae files BUT he didn't get back to me... He's a very busy guy! So I took matters into my own hands! Uae4arm for some strange reason will NOT allow us to bind the CD32 blue button to our gamepad via the GUI. Big problem as some games (e.g Battle Chess) require you to press blue to load the game! The fix is to manually input the bindings into the uae file, figuring out the correct settings was not fun though! Having made my way through the CD32 wheel, I can say the controls do now work, CD32 blue is B on the STV pad. I came across a few problem games on the wheel BUT I have a feeling this is down to bad CD rips rather than the emulator itself. I'll further investigate these "problem games" to fix them and get this collection complete. Expect a CD32 showcase video relatively "soon"
  11. Honosuseri

    Amiga CD32

    We were looking into this as part of the Amiga project I started. There's a new Amiga forever thread you might want to read. Forget about p-uae, Amiberry devs can't port it to Android. Uae4arm is the way forward. It's actually Ransom1122 (the hdf genius) who put time into figuring out the controls for CD32, using an adf file for testing control inputs. He said he sussed it but wanted us to keep it quiet for now. I was hoping we could bind the coloured CD32 buttons to match the Shield (& xbox) pad's coloured buttons but that wasn't possible. Ransom's button config means the B (red) button is actually CD32 blue. I have the CD32 system and it's controller shown in the main menu theme. It's easy enough to figure out what button is what on the Shield pad from that I emailed Ransom the other day asking for these bindings again. I have the CD32 wheel complete, will take literally a minute to batch edit the bindings into all the uae files for the CD32 games.
  12. Honosuseri

    Amiga Forever!

    Media is not my main concern. I already have an impressive collection but I need to do the renaming and audit it against the new xml. So doing the xml & uae files are my primary concern. I will then return to the media, focusing on wheel art first. I can live with missing some box, disk art and video snaps initially. My hope is that the new HDF collection becomes the gold standard, for everyone to use on all platforms. No disrespect to the Whdload creator as without those, there would be no HDF files! My preference is to emulate the Amiga on PC but also having the games on my Shield TV and Android phone, all sharing the same "game rom set" does make a lot of sense! Once these xml files are released, I'm hoping content creators will welcome the static naming. ECS and AGA versions of the same game, will share the same name. This will allow sharing of some artwork between them, making life easier. My free time is limited, so I need to prioritise what I do. In time, the talented content creators can do what they do best!
  13. Honosuseri

    Amiga Forever!

    *reserved for CD32*
  14. Honosuseri

    Amiga Forever!

    *reserved for AGA*
  15. Honosuseri

    Amiga Forever!

    *reserved for ECS*