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  1. On 2/11/2020 at 10:57 PM, therourke said:

    I am having zero luck. With either UAE4ARM or Retroarch. I think it might be my .zip romset, but I can't find a good HDF romset (and with the correct filenames for Hyperspin).

    With other Hyperspin packs it was just a case of downloading the whole thing, tweaking a couple of command lines, and everything worked. Amiga has always been a pain :)

    Retroarch's PUAE core has come a loooong way! It now does Cycle exact emulation and all Amiga variants, so is technically the best emulator on Android. It is very fussy about the kickstart (BIOS) files though, make sure you do a md5 checksum comparison to make sure the files you have renamed are the ones it wants. The kickstarts you have might work with other emulators but PUAE will NOT load games with just any kickstart!

    Yes the Amiga is in a bit of a mess. I put my Amiga Forever project on hold until the uncertainty of which emulator to use on Android was cleared up. RetroArch does now look to be the way forward, it can use zip or lha and yes hdf files. I'll look into redoing the Database xml files and renaming the media (I made more assets to fill in the blanks). I'll use the Retroplay WHDLoad lha file pack (any hdf sets are converted from that anyway) BUT I need to do some more testing with RetroArch before I settle on how to rename them. We should be able to avoid a lot of the uae file nonsense, providing the games are named to help the core know which Amiga to use to play them correctly.

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  2. On 2/29/2020 at 8:47 PM, VanZan said:

    I've been trying to suss out Amiga emulation on Android for a long time and think I've finally got it sorted. I never owned an Amiga as a kid although I desperately wanted one. I've never used Hyperspin but I found this thread on Google and I thought it beginner friendly. Also the posted working version of uae4arm for the Shield was very handy (thanks Honosuseri). I just wanted to post my findings.

    Initially I had numerous hdf files from another time when I tried and gave up. I didn't realise the ones for RetroArch and the Ransom ones weren't universally compatible. The Ransom ones wouldn't work in RetroArch (with PUAE) and the Retroarch hdf files weren't working in UAE4ARM (until I realised it needed a WhdLoad file as well). Also what was really causing me problems was if I tried to load the hdf from my sd card it wouldn't work at all. Again I realised that once I moved it to the internal storage and ran it from there I had no problem.

    Basically I'm now wondering whether to use UAE4ARM or RetroArch? Would you guys have a recommendation? Bear in mind I'm not using HyperSpin. As for that maybe one day I'll take it on. What frightens me is the amount of time I'd end up losing to it!

    Again thanks to Honosuseri for his Youtube vids and posting a link to a working UAE4ARM.

    Sorry for the late reply, I haven't been on the forum much lately. I've been busy with PC VR with my Rift S, I got the old light gun games working with the touch controllers and launched through Hyperspin with Virtual Desktop. It's awesome but that's a story for another day as it's off topic! ;) No I haven't given up on the Amiga I did slog away at filling in the missing media for Hyperspin!

    I'm actually incredibly impressed with what the guys have now done with the PUAE core on RetroArch. Yes it can now do all "Amiga systems" BUT what's most impressive is that it seems to do cycle exact emulation which UAE4ARM and Amiberry do not (last time I checked anyway). PUAE can also cope with zip files, lha (i.e Amiga zip files), hdf, adf, cue, iso (for CD32, CDTV obviously) etc. etc. It is quite fussy about what Amiga Kickstart roms you have though. Please do check the md5 checksum of your kickstarts to make sure they match and rename them as necessary, google it there are sites you can drop the file into and it will give you the md5. I'll link to the PUAE instructions page so you can see how they should be named and the md5 (https://github.com/libretro/libretro-uae).

    I threw a handful of tricky games at Retroarch's PUAE with the lha file format. "It came from the desert" was a notorious game for not running at the correct speed on UAE4ARM, hence all that uae file nonsense to configure it to run acceptably. PUAE just ran it perfect first try, no uae file, just loading the lha file directly! Keep in mind I haven't tested every game as there are so bloody many of them, so yes some might need a uae file made. I'll investigate further when I can but yes I did try CD32 games too and they also played great!

    What does all this mean for my project? Well I'm now potentially "free" of relying on Ransom's HDF files (which I'm incredibly grateful for all the work he put into and some people might want to still use them for the trainers/cheats) and quite possibly a metric **** tonne of uae files! My long term goal was to have one Amiga Romset for both PC and Android, since PUAE can do zip & lha, I can just use the original Retroplay files Ransom uses to make the HDF files. These Retroplay WHDLoad zips and lha packs get updated over time and their names change BUT I can just rename them to something more sensible so the Hyperspin media and database still matches. 

    As you're new to the Amiga, you really should look into the EAB (English Amiga Board), they also have a file server for their members. It won't host Ransom's files as the HDF files include Workbench files which are copyrighted BUT browse the file server as it has lots of goodies for us Amiga lovers. As you're not a Hyperspin user I can recommend the Arc Browser frontend on Android, it will work on your Shield TV and an Android Phone. Yes it costs money but that single purchase covers any device using your google account. It's actively developed by Freelancer, he creates presets for systems and the emulators they use to make setup easier. It can scrape online to get the artwork for your games too, it's not as flashy as Hyperspin but it's incredibly good! I use both on my STV, HS is for show but AB really is more convenient as it supports voice search from the STV homescreen.

    Hope this wall of text has helped you out. I'll return to the Amiga and Android when I can focus on it properly, I have some serious family issues to contend with at home currently. All the best with it VanZan

  3. 39 minutes ago, ransom1122 said:

    FYI.. I haven't turned my pi on ever since i released my last pi COLOSSAL 256gb Retro image months ago.

    Android IMO is a better system to play with. Does far better in emulation and non gaming things.

    As for advancing forward. I have a say in how amiga goes forward with HS, and yes, AGA and NON wheels will be implement. Optimized uae configs for each game etc etc. 

    It looks like work on this will be doubled up from yourself and the "other side." It's a shame it was never worked "as a team" instead of divide and conquer approach.

    Lucky for me, I have 4 other guys willing to help and advance amiga forward with HS and my new hdfs. So i dare say it wont take that long.

    Well I have more faith that it will be well done then, if you aren't doing the RPI.

    It's not a divide and conquer approach. The Amiga on PC needs sorting out, Rocket Launcher modules need adapting and of course the media sorting (which I've been chipping away at). I don't want to work with others and deal with egos, arguing why I want things done a certain way or teach people, for them to then want to branch off and go their own way.

    I started this thread for my Amiga project. It's already helping others who want to do their own setups which is great. It makes no odds to me if people want to use the setup I will eventually release or another, as long as people are still enjoying the Amiga.

  4. 12 hours ago, ransom1122 said:

    You still holding your breath for Amiberry for Android? Really after all these years... ?

    With no proof or any evidence the port to Android is possible. I've given up waiting. The dev is way to busy with supporting Amiberry on single board computers then to mess with an unfamiliar OS.

    Uae4arm is the way to go forward on Android, and with any issues or hiccups, lubo is surely prepared to at least look at it and or solve it.


    If or when Amiberry arrives on Android I'll then pay attention to it. Otherwise Ill spend my time elsewhere.

    No I'm not holding my breath. My priority is to finally sort the Commodore Amiga out for Hyperspin! The best emulators (with cycle exact) are on PC and the Lion's share of Hyperspin users are PC based (because the PC version is superior). So that is now my focus and sorting the other Commodore computers that have been sorely neglected.

    I'm well aware of the state of Android emulation (you know this). I don't think it was a coincidence that UAE4ARM started working again on Android TV, shortly after I sent the dev a crash log. I didn't see anyone else post one on github, I've done my fair share to help the Android side of things along.

    There is already an Amiga set done for Android which was rushed and of poor quality. I'm not convinced the guys working on the new set using your updated hdf files will do it properly. No disrespect to them, the Amiga is a complicated system to emulate. I have my doubts they'll know the games are actually running as close to true speed as possible or know how to create a Workbench environment like I did for Android. I wish them luck with it, I do like seeing people excited about the Amiga which I do adore.

    I know you're busy with the RPI, I'll focus on PC and will then turn to Android once that's complete. If Amiberry is still in Limbo come that time, I already have an impressive working set of uae files for UAE4ARM to use as a base to update. The media assets created for PC can be used on Android, I think I'm actually using my time wisely.


    Thank you for the update about Rygar (AGA) that has now been ported to the Amiga (it's an awesome game). I'm sure PC users are excited to get a definitive Amiga set to add to their collection.


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  5. 24 minutes ago, PiperCalls said:

    This is very exciting stuff. Thanks for all the hard work. Love the Amiga & looking forward to this beast set.

    Thank you!

    Just so you are aware. Ransom is also busy covering the Amiga for the Raspberry Pi with Amiberry, although I do know he's helping some other guys out with an Android Hyperspin project. He did ask me nicely if I'd consider teaming up with those guys again (as I frankly know more about the Amiga than they do) but I've refused. It's possible they may finish before me as they are just concentrating on using UAE4ARM.

    I want to sort Amiga emulation on PC first. I'm going to have to tinker with some Rocketlauncher modules as well as sort and create media, although to my knowledge I have more Amiga media than anybody else. This gives the Amiberry team time to complete the Android port and then I can turn my attention to uae files for that and the media I've done for PC can be used on Android.

  6. 4 hours ago, Gingerdilligaf said:

    I've never managed to work out Magic Dosbox since sideloading it to shield. First problem I couldn't get a mouse cursor to appear using the shield controller, i got a mini usb keyboard to solve that issue but then found i couldnt load games from an external hdd. 

    I have a 1TB SSHD adopted as internal storage to expand the 16GB, never tried doing stuff from external drives. I barely use MDB or play MS-DOS games on the STV. I'm not one of those people that wants to "brag" that they have 300+ wheels in Hyperspin. The wheels I have are stuff I want to play and they're done well.

    I'd love to help you out but it would drag this thread off topic and to be honest I'm pretty busy with this Amiga project and PC VR.

  7. 8 hours ago, guybark said:

    Oh ok...i am still stuck then...damn

    the only thing i can think of is my m2v files are wrong  as they wont play in android natively ..please can you send me a link to your cobra command files  or please could you try and play them in x-plore to eliminate that possibility 

    many thanks


    I made it very clear in that video NOT to ask me for the game files or Hyperspin media. I've already told you I can't test the m2v files, I don't have the STV with me. I'm very busy with my Commodore Amiga project for the Hyperspin community right now. I wish I had time to help everyone but I don't, that's why I make the videos. Much of what you have asked is in the video or covered in the comments section.

    All the best with it, I hope you figure it out soon.

  8. 11 minutes ago, guybark said:

    Sorry, but yes i have updated the assets and still hyperspin crashes back to main menu ...do you have a l8nk to the version of hyperspin you using please maybe i have a bad version although all my other systems work fine 

    I use the one off the playstore. I don't use Zero Jay's modded apk, I'm not interested in using the 64bit version of RA I just had it for testing purposes.

  9. Linking a video from someone selling Hyperspin systems probably isn't a good idea. I'd remove the link personally, I doubt the moderators will be amused.

    You're referring to "Special Artwork" that's all the joystick is. I think Aorin did some themes using different "Special Artwork". You can find sets that have Xbox 360 controls, there's even a set for the Android Shield TV. I use the joysticks otherwise I'd share the "Special Artwork".

  10. 16 minutes ago, guybark said:

    I am at a loss? Could it be the media files i am using then Are the wrong ones even though they work perfectly on mac? Or could the version of android tv i am using be causing the issue..i am in the latest version ..are you ?

    I don't use Apple crap I have no idea. My STV was updated recently so is up to date. I'm sorry but I don't know why you are having problems.

    I'd suggest you proceed and configure it with Hyperspin. I seem to recall when I tested the alpha core on it's release that the games didn't load manually in RA BUT Hyperspin did load them. Give it a go and see what happens.

  11. On 10/11/2019 at 7:51 AM, sanchezmike01 said:

    As far as msdos goes...its best to load them via conf files....basically the conf file has all the settings and what will be the c drive and what will be the d drive if applicable  for cd based games...they also need to be on internal drive as I had errors loading from my hdd....scummvm is a bit tricky and needs subfolders...basically  each subfolder will hold the game plus a .scummvm  txt file inside which is what u will use to launch the game...the xml must also reflect the subfolders (I have the notepad++ code to reflect the subfolders)....amiga u can use uae4arm or puae core in retroarch...myself and ransome have tested alot of games  and all seem to load good and puae has on board keyboard or u can use a bluetooth keyboard...keyboard  is also good on scummvm and msdos.....

    Dude you really need to learn to format your posts, nobody likes reading walls of text (just a friendly bit of advice).

    1. It's a shame you won't release the config files you made for MS-DOS for the community, if you have I've not seen them. It would help others, personally I'm not bothered about adding the wheel to my STV or I'd do it myself.

    2. ScummVM is already written up as I've stated, including the knock on effect to the media folders you neglected to mention.

    3. Puae core last I saw, was either set to be an A500 or A1200. You had to manually toggle between the two and restart. Ideally it would have cycle exact emulation so we could just set it and forget it as an A1200 but we couldn't. Games can play but be at the wrong speed, the uae file does NOT configure the type of Amiga it is like the UAE4ARM files do. It also doesn't do the CD based Amiga systems. I know you sunk time into it but you backed the wrong horse.

    4. UAE4ARM is now in a better state BUT Amiberry is being ported and will frankly be a better option once done. It will allow spaces in the uae files which means those files will scrape better with other frontends like Arc Browser. I'll sort the Amiga for PC first and those assets will then be useful for Android. I'm not wasting time doing another batch of uae files for UAE4ARM when they won't be compatible with Amiberry.

  12. 7 hours ago, guybark said:

    Do i have to set something up in android to tell it how to play m2v files beforehand ?

    No. I have no clue why you can't get it working. Works fine for me and other people who have followed in my footsteps. I had someone asking me just last week, I pointed him to the RA 1.7.7 (32bit) download. He got it working and then asked how to add coins to start the game (FYI: click left thumb stick).

  13. 8 minutes ago, guybark said:


    i am think i am using 32bit ..its definitely version 1.7.7 from the stable build, android download section of the retroarch website... i had the option of retroarch.apk or retroarchaa64.apk so i downloaded retroarch.apk as i presume that is 32bit version?

    i installed the daphne core and it shows as daphne v0.04

    Sounds right. Have you stopped google playstore from auto updating? It's possible it has updated you to 1.7.8

  14. 18 minutes ago, guybark said:

    also just to add..the games are running fine on my MacBook pro using the same media / .m2v, ogg  files i am trying tio use on android set up



    Are you using the 64bit version of RetroArch? It doesn't work with that sadly!

    I've recently reverted back to 1.7.7 (32bit) from 1.7.8 (which defaults to 64bit on STV). Daphne plays fine for me from RetroArch and Hyperspin with the test core.

  15. 55 minutes ago, ransom1122 said:

    Correct.. There are a lot more folder 1 is your folder you've mainly been waiting for ;) all the rest are extra games.

    I noticed very quickly Barbarian + was in there. A HD remake if you will of Death Sword/Barbarian which was awesome to see.

    The way you have them named is "static", so still named as your last collection which is great! It's also very easy for me to divide them now as ECS, AGA and Demos rather than having everything stuffed into one wheel. Won't take long for me to do the databases, it's sorting and creating the media which will take the most time. Thanks again for the INSANE amount of work you've put into this collection for the Amiga community!

  16. 3 hours ago, ransom1122 said:

    Wassup guys ;)

    Saw the Doc today. He said I'm recovering well from what's essentially a life changing injury both physically and psychologically. I can return to work now in a limited capacity, typical we should get to a point where I can really crack on with this project when I now have less free time on my hands ?

    I do now have the complete collection of HDF files. There are more titles added to the WHDLoad set, I'll deal with those first and then turn my attention to the "non WHDLoad generic game" set. 

  17. 50 minutes ago, Gingerdilligaf said:

    I'm also following this topic as Amiga is one of the 3 systems I have real problems emulating on a shield. I've kind of given up on Ms-dos & scummvm but still hoping to find an amiga solution

    MS-DOS is an utter pig, I didn't bother with it in Hyperspin on the STV. I use Magic Dosbox and load it through Kodi's main menu, MDB can have box art and that's good enough for me. ScummVM I sussed out ages ago with Retroarch, the official ScummVM app doesn't work with frontends. Thatman84 didn't care about it but wrote up a guide on here once I told him how it's done. It's a bit fiddly to do but he wrote up a pretty comprehensive guide, the video I had done is now gone unfortunately.

    Got a message from Ransom earlier this morning. The HDF collection is now complete, he was checking the games against WHDLoad as we spoke. He did hit me with a slight bombshell though, he has another 1,500 HDF files! 3,500 for WHDLoad, the rest are mostly official Amiga games that are not in the WHDLoad collection with some Homebrew titles thrown in. These extra official Amiga titles will definitely be missing artwork HOWEVER it's awesome to have more to add to the Amiga database. ADF versions of the games can be flaky at best, I have no doubt the HDF versions Ransom has done will work great!

    SO...I have even more work to do now BUT the Amiga is finally getting the love it deserves, no matter which platform we choose to emulate it on :)

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  18. Don't use Hyperlist. Stuff on there is out of date, sadly it's not maintained very well. I made this mistake grabbing the Amiga xml from there, the proper ones will be found in official labelled threads when searching the forum

  19. 2 hours ago, gigapig said:

    You've made me excited as well. :sword:

    I'm always glad to hear people are still interested in the Amiga and this project.

    Obviously I can't say too much about the "HDF game pack" because of forum rules. Although the last collection totaled ~8GB iirc and some of that was "fluff". Ransom is hardcore and included HDF conversions of CD32 and CDTV titles last time round, I expect he'll have done it again for "reasons". It doesn't make much sense for us to use these, as they lack the FMV and the audio. We already use the proper CD rips for those systems anyway and they're both in a pretty good state, as far as the database and media goes.

  20. Small update....

    Message from Ransom, my friend down under in the early hours of the morning. Out of the 3,500 HDF files, he has just FIFTY of them left to make! He'll then do a file compare to the WHDLoad collection and make sure no games are missing from the collection. It should total around 10GB. He apologised for how long this has taken, as he got slightly side tracked with other things. Honestly it's an insane amount of work he's put into this project. For his own sanity it probably was wise to turn to other projects occasionally....they say a change is as good as a rest ;)

    I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the collection relatively soon. Creating the new Databases for AGA and ECS/OCS games, then moving on to check missing media that needs to be sorted out.

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  21. Once you change the names they won't match the database. So it too needs editing and then all media needs to also be renamed to match!

    I have an Amiga Forever project on the go to sort out the mess that is the Amiga. A new database and media with static sensible naming, rather than the WHDLoad zips which keep changing with each update.

    So...The incredibly easy way to "rename the files" would be to instead search out the Amiga HDF game collection done by a good friend of mine. These are the latest WHDload zips converted to the HDF file format which has better compatibility with emulators on other platforms (Android, RPI etc) but equally as good on PC. He's currently working on a new HDF collection which should be complete before the end of the year. He's ditched the naming used in the WHDLoad zips

  22. On 9/21/2019 at 6:10 PM, mikty said:

    Yes, but a recent flycast update make working atomiswave again with last mame romset revision 0.213

    Good to know BUT I don't update my Mame set with each increment. I also have Atomiswave as naomi.bin conversions as these were compatible before mame zip files. These work on Windows with RA 1.7.8 64bit with the Flycast core but not on the Android build, so as far as I'm concerned it still has issues.

    The libretro team have admitted they're struggling to find people to compile the cores for 64bit. Now Google are forcing the 64bit route, let's hope RA64 improves sooner than it would have otherwise

  23. 2 hours ago, mikty said:

    yes really marvelous job. thanks again for all. hyperpspin android is still valid on 64 bits edition, the only problematic cores are picodrive, pcsx rearmed and mame.

    That's not true. The Daphne core doesn't work (or the alpha test core), Flycast will play Dreamcast but naomi/atomiswave games aren't working from my experience. Dolphin core has gfx glitches so isn't really an alternative to the standalone emulator. I'm sure there are other things I'm forgetting off the top of my head

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