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    Sorry for the recent downtime. Still much to do but we have the site updated, secure and back online.  Expect more changes.


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  1. 8 minutes ago, guybark said:


    i am think i am using 32bit ..its definitely version 1.7.7 from the stable build, android download section of the retroarch website... i had the option of retroarch.apk or retroarchaa64.apk so i downloaded retroarch.apk as i presume that is 32bit version?

    i installed the daphne core and it shows as daphne v0.04

    Sounds right. Have you stopped google playstore from auto updating? It's possible it has updated you to 1.7.8

  2. 18 minutes ago, guybark said:

    also just to add..the games are running fine on my MacBook pro using the same media / .m2v, ogg  files i am trying tio use on android set up



    Are you using the 64bit version of RetroArch? It doesn't work with that sadly!

    I've recently reverted back to 1.7.7 (32bit) from 1.7.8 (which defaults to 64bit on STV). Daphne plays fine for me from RetroArch and Hyperspin with the test core.

  3. 15 hours ago, pina said:

    Hi I'm learning to setup Hyperspin on PC now and it seems to work. My goal is to have it eventually on my Nvidia Shield. But since you say both versions can live together, I can't figure out how I could "export" my pc configuration easily to an android version?

    Do I have to do it manually by editing all the ini and xml files or is there an easier way like using rocketlauncher? E.g. Where you need to give the path to the emulator, you could just download the apk and point it to the apk?

    My honest advice would be to purchase Arc Browser on the Google Play store and use that. It's actively developed and being constantly improved upon and sadly Hyperspin isn't. I actually have both configured on my STV. That single purchase can be shared with your family account and/or used on your Android phone, so although it costs money you can get quite a lot of use out of it.

    Arc Browser has ready made system presets and can scrape artwork online for the games. It integrates with the voice search which is a nice feature, you can say "Sonic" and all the Sonic games from all the systems you've added to AB's library will show. It now supports video previews, you can add favourite games (Hyperspin doesn't do that), choose to use Retroarch 32 or 64 bit versions for separate systems...I could go on and on. In short it'll make your life easier and is honestly a better frontend.

    Hyperspin will have to be configured manually through the ini files in the "settings_android" folder. Yes the Hyperspin themes do look more flash than Arc Browser BUT many of them use swf in the zip files, so aren't compatible on Android (trust me I know, having tested and fixed soooo many of them for my STV). It's definitely worth the time doing Hyperspin and Rocketlauncher on PC, as you can do many more systems than on Android. It's your decision of course but hopefully some advice from an experienced retro gamer (i.e me) helps.

  4. Daphne can be a confusing system to configure, there is something I should have explained better in the video.

    The first line of the framefile text file, is as I said the path line. If a "." is there it's stating the files of the "tracks" listed are located in the same folder as that .txt file. SO...my original Bega.txt file was correct BUT for that to work, you would need to put all those game files in the framefile folder along with the .txt files. 

    I consider that a lazy/messy way of doing it, which is why I said it was "wrong". I prefer to have the game files kept in their appropriate folders, just having the .txt files in the framefile folder. As shown edit the first line of each game's .txt file, to point to the game folder where the media files are located.

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  5. As you probably know there is a RetroArch core to play Daphne games BUT currently it's broken! I wish the developer luck getting the official core stable.

    Thanks to @Reznnate. We now have access again to the working test core (HERE: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1frcFNWPinSkfyafsBXsnfHd46_kS1yIY). We can install this .so file through a new feature in RA, an install core option under "load cores" has been added. I've put together a video to help you peeps understand the Daphne game files and the settings required to get the games playing through RA and Hyperspin. I hope it's of help to some of you....


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  6. 20 minutes ago, mikty said:

    I hope You could progress in your great custom apk in order to split the config and core option files between 32 and 64 bits.

    ZeroJay said he would, be patient there's no need to keep pestering about it. If you really want RA64 that badly, pay for the Arc Browser frontend and use it alongside Hyperspin. AB is being actively developed and is technically a superior frontend. This thread is meant to point out cores that are working and on which version of Retroarch.

    @zerojay RetroArch now allows us to install cores manually, if we have the *.so file in the Retroarch/Downloads folder! It will make sharing the working cores much easier now, no need for you to take on the hassle of creating an online server for RA's config file to be pointed to :)

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  7. 14 hours ago, sonkun said:

    Are you able to get dolphin working though? For some reason it crashes every time I launch a game just from stand alone ra. I remember that core working for me about 2 months ago, got all folders in the right place unless something changed or maybe the core went bad.

    It works on the Google play store build but not the newer versions of RA64. 

    As I've already said it's not worth using over the dedicated dolphin emulator, due to graphics glitches in some games. 

  8. 5 hours ago, sonkun said:

    I have a feeling installing that older version caused that, I'll see when you update it.

    Another forum member had tested that apk and said it worked great. He's got a lot of experience with the STV and Hyperspin. Good catch that an older version of Hyperspin had been modded. 

    I've not tested it myself. At this current time, there's no real incentive for me to use RA64

  9. I had the test core for Daphne which worked really well. Updating to the version from the buildbot broke it. I too would love this working again. 

    Back on topic..

    Reicast core crashes for me in Atomiswave games on RA64

    Latest PUAE core for Amiga is best run on RA64 if you want to load hdf files directly. 

    Dolphin core is available on RA64 but does have some graphical issues in some games (e.g Starfox) 

  10. On 2/25/2019 at 5:19 PM, diskmach said:

    I'm starting to post my Amiga logo updates on my blog, link below.

    Right now I have 119 logos made, almost all redrawn, will post them all, but a bit over time.

    Great stuff! I can run these through auto kustom to match my theme. 

    Sorry for the lack of communication in my Amiga threads. I fractured both of the bones in my right leg start of January. It's been impossible for me to sit at the desk to use the PC, my leg's not allowed to touch the ground! 

    However... I have been able to play the Amiga games on my Shield TV, whilst laid up in bed. I've been gradually recording gameplay to fill in the blanks, for the missing video snaps. 

  11. Yes I watched the 2nd HyperScore run, as you just pipped my score ;) It was much better without the added backing music clashing. To be honest I hate the Tetris game music, I turn the audio off and play something else when I do a run for the challenge. 

    I'll check those other videos for you and report back. I'm currently laid up recovering from surgery, I'm not feeling great but I will get around to it soon! 

  12. No worries. 

    How far away are you from the mic? The "softness" people are describing, sounds more like you're "distanced" from the microphone to me. 

    I fully understand the difficulty with audio quality. If I record on the Shield TV, the mic is built into the gamepad so it picks up the tapping of buttons and handling of the pad. 

    The HD Logitech Webcam I use has a very good mic to be fair. It will actually pick up the faint whine of my PC's fans, I need to relubricate the bearings to kill that background noise. 

    All the best 

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  13. Well played on the HyperScore run! 

    Played the video with headphones this time. Mic quality is still poor sadly, its definitely a problem your end not mine. Having your own music over the game music was also VERY off putting. 

    Even if it's a dry subject you should put your own personality into the topic to make it exciting IMHO. If you want to use backing music, fair enough but it's a common complaint on YouTube videos that music often masks the voice over.

    I still suggest you drop the music until you can resolve your mic quality issues. But it's your channel do as you wish. 

    All the best with your future videos and projects. 

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  14. 22 minutes ago, Rowr14 said:

    The criticism is fair.

    That said I've never had an issue listening to any of these (aside from the first few maybe) whether headphones or laptop speakers.  


    Thank you. 

    I played that video on my Nokia 8 phone, which is hardly garbage at max chat. It was hard to hear his voice but when there were breaks in the music it was easier. 

    Could I have worn earphones? Well yes but currently I'm recovering from leg surgery. I'm not hopping around to get them just to hear audio on a YouTube video. It's a workaround for a problem that should not be an issue in the first place. 

    I have a personal gripe with channels that have intro animations and "begging for likes and subscribers". In my opinion if the content is interesting and of good quality, people will subscribe of their own accord. I don't think Ninja needs to do this. As his videos are frequently "promoted" here on the forum BUT it's his channel and up to him what he does. 

    Thanks again for your perspective, I enjoyed reading it. All the best

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  15. Having just seen the Hyper Score video. Some constructive criticism... 

    Please would you consider NOT adding backing music to the videos. The microphone audio quality is already pretty poor, the music makes it even harder to hear what you are saying.

    I appreciate the effort that goes into making these videos (I really do!). I'm sure new forum members find these videos incredibly helpful BUT audio quality has been an issue for quite some time now. I was under the impression you'd had a better microphone gifted to you. I honestly can't hear any improvement.

    All the best with your channel and future projects

  16. 10 hours ago, diskmach said:

    I found that EAB file server had 2601 box scans in mostly large enough sizes, only that is with many backs as well. So a bit to work with....?

    That'll most likely be what Ransom (the hdf creator) has, he's well known on the EAB. I wouldn't be surprised if he had more than that! 

    There are a few unofficial games for the CD32 that the community has "ported" over from the Amiga. I am toying with doing a separate wheel for those too. 

    As I said in the Amiga forever thread, media is not my main concern. I have enough to do making sure the games run properly on Android. With the static naming in place, content creators (like yourself) will hopefully be more inclined to work on the Amiga...so I don't have to take it all on myself ?

  17. 1 hour ago, diskmach said:

    Really sounds like I'm talking about the distant future, right?  

    I actually find it very encouraging, I was worried I'd sink all this time into the project and nobody else would care! 

    I absolutely understand about the 2D art. I'll have a chat with the HDF collection creator (he's an Amiga aficionado), I know he has lots of Amiga artwork.

    He is focusing mainly on the Raspberry Pi BUT he also owns an STV. My project caught his eye and got him onboard with Hyperspin. He's keen for us to get this done right! ?

  18. 1 hour ago, diskmach said:

    I have a setup on a Shield TV as well, even if it's not my main one. Amiga might be there one day. 

    Currently I'm polishing off the CD32 wheel, finally have the controls sorted for it! 

    Just killing time until the new hdf collection is complete. I'll then sort the xml database files, rename the media assets and audit them against the new database.

    I'm happy to hear the project is of interest to you ☺️ 


    I use 3D box and diskette artwork, there are some gaps that need filling though. Games that have ecs and aga versions will share the same name, as they will be different wheels. Should make life easier as they can share artwork assets. I'd rather fill in the blanks than start over from scratch! ?

  19. On 8/30/2018 at 12:35 PM, diskmach said:

    I updated a while back, wasn't too painful. :) Still, the progress list has 60 more games than I have now, some are not even WHDload, nobody seems too know how they got there...And then there is the matter of the ever changing names of the WHDload games..

    I lost track of what was on the Gorilla setup, I wonder how many wheels are missing according to that list?

    Yes I can well imagine the whdload zip naming drives you bonkers. I've started an Amiga project for the android Hyperspin platform but I'm hoping it will get some support from PC users too. 

    In essence we are making the game names static and using a set of hdf game files created from the whdload files. The hdf creator is well known in the Amiga community. He does release notes when he updates the collection, we can use these to keep the xml up to date.

    My preference is to emulate the Amiga on PC but using hdf means that they're compatible on my PC, phone and the Shield TV. Which is nice! 

    Thank you for all you do, especially cutting out the Psygnosis Owl for me... I'm very happy with the theme I now have using it :)

  20. 10 minutes ago, garyb3529 said:

    Thanks for all your help! Just transferring everything over FTP right now. Once completed, will edit the .ini and upload those back. Will keep you updated!

    If you're using filezilla (like I do). You can edit the .ini files that are stored on the Shield TV. Filezilla will open notepad, make the changes then save and close notepad. Filezilla will ask to send the file back to the Shield TV to complete the change.

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