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    Sorry for the recent downtime. Still much to do but we have the site updated, secure and back online.  Expect more changes.


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  1. 4 minutes ago, XC-3730C said:

    Me too. I will just sit back and be an observer...

    I think Thatman has a thread with working and non working systems for Android on here. I'm sure he will link it if he sees these posts, I don't recall if it states what emulator to use though. I use Mupen64Plus FZ for Nintendo 64 which isn't listed on the guide I linked by Reznnate but it's still a very comprehensive list.

  2. 2 minutes ago, ImmortalKnight said:

    Right, but from the guide, it seems that "start core" should be available even without a core loaded. And when i do have a core loaded, all that appears is "quick menu" 

    Yes things change over time, RetroArch looks completely different now to when I first used it years ago! If you load a core it's name should show in the bottom left corner and you should see Quick Menu, Load Core, Load Content, Online Updater...Quit RetroArch. You might need to uninstall it and do it again.

    I'm done for the night. Sounds like you just need to get RetroArch setup and find some BIOS files for neo geo CD and you'll be done.

    All the best with it

  3. 10 minutes ago, ImmortalKnight said:

    My next issue, is with retroarch itself. Unfortunately, the guide listed is for a MUCH older version. The version i downloaded, (1.6..7) doesnt even have a "start core" function, nor under configuration, anything listed. I go to configuration under settings, and just get "save configuration on exit" 

    Most likely because you have no cores installed ;) You need to go to Online updater > Core Updater and download the cores you need. On the main menu, push right (you'll see driver, video, audio etc) scroll down to directory and you'll see that you can set the System/Bios folder there.

  4. Right well the path line is ignored in Android (the guides explain that).

    From the looks of it you need to install Reicast (that's what I use for the Dreamcast too). It's not using an emulator in the emulator folder. The exe line is identical to mine HOWEVER I have gdi files in the rom extensions too.

    Neo Geo CD is set to use Retroarch. I'm guessing it's the BIOS files you need. What I do is have a folder for all the BIOS files and point the retroarch system/bios to that folder. You can load a core in retroarch then go to information > core information, to check if the BIOS files are being found


  5. 8 minutes ago, ImmortalKnight said:

    Yeah, no i understand that. TBH it was sold as ready to go, and for the most part everything on it does work. Only issues im having with currently are neo geo CD, and sega saturn. 

    Well I for one would be interested to see an example of one of the .ini files (like the Dreamcast) to see what emulator is being used in that folder.

    For Sega Saturn I use Uoyabause BUT I can't remember if I had to supply it with the BIOS files. Neo-geo CD might possibly have issues because of the BIOS files. It's very difficult for us to help as we don't know how the drive is configured, I know you get that now.

    All the best.

  6. 6 minutes ago, ImmortalKnight said:

    Okay, but the settings i have under android_settings are directing to the emulators folder xD. If i want to use the settings as I have them, how should i go about it?  

    Edit: never mind i see, i would use the EXE instead. 

    I don't want to sound like a **** but the guy who supplied the drive should be giving you support. Buying these drives and linking to sites that supply the media content is frowned upon. Read through the guides Thatman kindly linked for you to get a better understanding. If you are still struggling we can try and help.

  7. 12 minutes ago, ImmortalKnight said:

    Ah yeah apologies. I should explain more about the drive. It appears to be a dual PC/Shield setup, has all the emulators / roms i would need already on it. All im looking to do is declutter / streamline it as best i can. and, no there arent any nintendo Wii games. Or like, just two? If i'm being honest, i'm more of a person who would rather go to a program in hyperspin on the android and be like "okay run this, from this, etc" and have the ini files setup automatically using that. But, i don't believe that is a thing is it? 

    As i recall, daphne is a sega emulator right? I am currently able to run Dreamcast games though, via demule. It seems that some PC emulators are working fine, as they run directly off the HDD...but am unable to confirm this for sure. 

    You need to look at the .ini files in the settings_android folder that is all HyperSpin will use on the Shield TV. See how Dreamcast is setup it will tell you what emulator is being used. Thatman has put in a lot of time doing these guides, they're worth reading and should help you understand what's going on.

    Daphne is laserdisc games (Dragon's Lair, Cobra command, Cliff Hanger etc etc.) so no it's not Sega. If you have Gamecube roms then you can use Dolphin but setting it up is a bit of a faff. Take it in baby steps one system at a time and you'll get there. I'm guessing many of the systems will use RetroArch, so install it and go in the online updater and download the cores you need.


    11 minutes ago, XC-3730C said:

    For systems that have a stand alone emulator, would that be better than using Retroarch?

    Yes they can be. Although Retroarch has a core for the Commodore 64 for example, I had trouble getting the gamepad and keyboard recognised, so ended up using C64.emu which works great. For Nintendo DS I use Drastic which cost ~£3, it's a great emulator but I don't blame people if they want to run it through RetroArch.

    Some members like to use Mame4droid for the Arcade games but I prefer to use RetroArch as the cores will cover many romsets.

  8. 4 minutes ago, ImmortalKnight said:

    so, your saying SSF doesn't run on android? Interesting.... TBH if possible, i would rather not use retro arch at all, unless needed.  And no, i was just planning on running hyperspin on the shield. 

    Basically, i'd just like to select a game from the wheel, and boot right to an emulator. 

    If you don't use Retroarch you will have to buy some emulators from the play store. Retroarch isn't that bad really, just looks confusing at first. The Sega 32X for example has no dedicated emulator so you need RetroArch and the Picodrive core for it. I don't use it for everything BUT more often than not I am.

    We know nothing about this drive. In the Hyperspin folder look for the settings_android sub folder. All the .ini files here are for the different systems. If a rom is missing, it's most likely the rom path is incorrect, or the rom extensions are incorrect...or possibly the rom isn't named the same as what is listed in the database xml. The exe line states what the emulator to be used is. Parmeters is commonly used to define a core for retroarch to use.

    The settings folder is for a PC setup, it will also have .ini files but from the sounds of things you aren't too bothered about that. However it will depend what roms you have on the drive. If there are Nintendo Wii games then honestly most of those won't work with Dolphin for Android, there are some systems that just aren't playable on Android (Daphne for example). As I have a PC arcade with an Nvidia GPU I can play it remotely from the Shield TV via Gamestream...just an FYI should you choose to go that route in the future

    All the best with it 

  9. I did notice today that the Caprice core has been added to the cores available in Retroarch's online updater.  I did already have it added but that was through faffing around with a "custom" retroarch.cfg file which sourced the cores from an alternate source (I think Pouter had done a Youtube video in French about it some time ago).

    The Amstrad CPC is the first machine I can recall ever owning, it makes me smile replaying some of the classic games (Barbarian is awesome!). Hope this helps some of you guys out, now you don't need to jump through hoops to play the games. Have a great weekend whatever it is you're doing :)

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  10. just to clarify!!!! Sorry if I misled anyone by my post . I am not selling any android setups. I am a newbie and There are plenty of people that have these for sale and I am not stepping on anyone's toes. I just meant that I will have one soon that has every system possible that can be emulated by android. Sorry guys!!!! I can help with ini Files if anyone needs them.

    I've only just seen this as I was typing out my post above!

    I didn't think you were selling a setup, just making one available to download....much like the free HFSBOX15K I mentioned. Shame as I was looking forward to seeing what you've been working on...maybe you could just do a video walkthrough to demo it then? :)

  11. Connorsdad

    I just got a shield its great. Although I'm only a beginner, think I'll wait for that package badhemi. While I figure out retroarch

    I look forward to seeing what Badhemi has done too! :)

    I've recently modified the HFSBOX15K starter pack for android use, one of the members here Rezznate mentioned it in a thread on the forum. I've removed what was Junk, replaced the French with English and added in a couple of extra wheels (N64 & Master System). Everything has a theme (I changed a few), artwork and video etc...I'm pretty happy with it as including roms it's just under 40GB.

    Retroarch isn't very user friendly but you'll soon pick it up. More often than not it makes sense to use it, I didn't have much luck with the Mupen core for N64 though. I installed the Mupen64 Alpha V3 apk on the SHIELD and I've set the N64.ini to use this emulator instead of Retroarch for that wheel.

    If you want to kill some time while you wait to see what Badhemi has done. Might I suggest you try installing KODI or SPMC from the Google PlayStore, I use it basically as a home screen/Dashboard for the SHIELD TV. I launch my most common apps from it, so the Arcade, Netflix, PS4 remote play etc. It will access and play my videos and music and provide the box art for the menu, I don't want to get into third party addons too much...however there is an ITV player addon which you could use until they add the official android app to Google TV.

    All the best with your Hyperspin setup on SHIELD :)

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