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  1. 3 minutes ago, rambo32 said:

    Sweet, thank you!! Will give it a whirl

    No worries, every time Lubomyr has pushed out an update I've tested it on the STV also.

    There's still no support for CDTV, although many of the titles from that system will play on CD32 settings. It's looking more and more like Amiberry will be a better emulator WHEN it gets ported to Android, at the moment Uae4arm is still the best option we have.

  2. Little update. The latest version ( of Uae4arm now works on the STV BUT it is still not listed as officially compatible. So as you won't find it on the Google Playstore to install for Android TV devices, I'll provide a link to the apk file I have extracted from my Nokia Android phone.

    I only got the update pushed to my phone today and just got around to getting it side loaded on to the STV (I'd been side tracked with the recent changes to Retroarch). So my testing so far has obviously been limited, it does seem to behave better than the old "working" version BUT still doesn't exit gracefully back to Hyperspin on quitting sadly.


  3. Those 3 cores lack the dynarec (dynamic recompiler), work is being done to get it put into Pico and PCSX.

    It is drastically bad! There are many Mame cores missing in the 64bit build, Mame2010 I use for Cave. The Daphne test core doesn't work in the 64 bit version either, I'm sure there's other stuff I can't recall off the top of my head. I've never wanted to use the 64bit version, it was Mikty who kept harping on about Hyperspin using it because it has a Daphne core (which is currently pants)....hence @zerojay being kind enough to do a custom HS.apk.

    I guess the dust will have to settle and we shall see what happens, my vote is for HS to use the dedicated RA 1.7.8 32bit apk. I'm confident Freelancer will fix any issues with RA and his frontend Arc Browser (he has already implemented support for both 32 and 64bit versions), I use that more than Hyperspin on Android anyway.

  4. Retroarch (Google Play) has updated itself to the latest version 1.7.8 and it seems to have broken compatibility with Hyperspin ?

    Having done some quick reading (https://www.libretro.com/index.php/retroarch-1-7-8-important-changes-for-people-using-the-google-play-build/) it seems under the "infinite wisdom" of Google. They're forced to build in both 32 and 64bit support for the app, so the device (Shield TV) will default to using the 64bit version as it is a 64bit device. I'm not entirely sure what's gone wrong as I haven't had time to delve further into it, although I know ZeroJay did a modded Hyperspin apk for 64bit support (that doesn't work either). Just wanted to warn users so they don't update and have any aggro.

    You can still side load 32bit versions of Retroarch, I'll do that later and test. I'm actually quite excited about some of the features that have now come in the latest version.


    The retroarch_ra32.apk (v1.7.8) changes the path (typical). So it's now "exe=com.retroarch32/com.retroarch.browser.retroactivity.RetroActivityFuture". Hyperspin doesn't like this and it misbehaves as it did trying to load the original 64bit Google play version, which is why ZeroJay did the modified Hyperspin apk.

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  5. On 8/22/2019 at 2:49 PM, kevlarx said:

    I just installed Redream on my shield tv and loving it, so much better than Reicast. It plays my .chd roms no problem but I just tried adding some .cdi files and they don't show up at all. Do I need to convert them? Redream says that it supports .cdi, .gdi and .chd so I'm not sure whats going on here?

    Try to avoid using cdi, the groups who release them sometimes tinker with the "metadata" within the file. I've heard of games showing up with the wrong name because of this. Also some data can be cut out of cdi versions to compress them. Really old cdi files don't selfboot and I'm fairly sure redream will ignore those.

    Ideally you want gdi versions and convert them to chd (you can't convert cdi), I explain why in the video. I think I only have a handful of games as cdi. If a game isn't working, you're better off joining the Redream discord chat. The developer (inolen) always responds quickly and resolves issues as promptly as he can.

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  6. 15 hours ago, pina said:

    Hi I'm learning to setup Hyperspin on PC now and it seems to work. My goal is to have it eventually on my Nvidia Shield. But since you say both versions can live together, I can't figure out how I could "export" my pc configuration easily to an android version?

    Do I have to do it manually by editing all the ini and xml files or is there an easier way like using rocketlauncher? E.g. Where you need to give the path to the emulator, you could just download the apk and point it to the apk?

    My honest advice would be to purchase Arc Browser on the Google Play store and use that. It's actively developed and being constantly improved upon and sadly Hyperspin isn't. I actually have both configured on my STV. That single purchase can be shared with your family account and/or used on your Android phone, so although it costs money you can get quite a lot of use out of it.

    Arc Browser has ready made system presets and can scrape artwork online for the games. It integrates with the voice search which is a nice feature, you can say "Sonic" and all the Sonic games from all the systems you've added to AB's library will show. It now supports video previews, you can add favourite games (Hyperspin doesn't do that), choose to use Retroarch 32 or 64 bit versions for separate systems...I could go on and on. In short it'll make your life easier and is honestly a better frontend.

    Hyperspin will have to be configured manually through the ini files in the "settings_android" folder. Yes the Hyperspin themes do look more flash than Arc Browser BUT many of them use swf in the zip files, so aren't compatible on Android (trust me I know, having tested and fixed soooo many of them for my STV). It's definitely worth the time doing Hyperspin and Rocketlauncher on PC, as you can do many more systems than on Android. It's your decision of course but hopefully some advice from an experienced retro gamer (i.e me) helps.

  7. 2 hours ago, Rhoobarb2005 said:

    Well that's good news, at least in terms of the CDTV not being left out.

    It also has a preset for the CDTV-CR (aka CDTV II). It's frustrating seeing single board computers getting love while Android development moves at a snails pace. Although we are assured the port is being worked on.

    So you see now why I haven't devoted much time to Amiga on Android when the emulators are in "hiatus". I'm more committed to overhauling Amiga on PC with static named hdf files, this will help content creators fill in the missing media. If/when Android emulation improves these media assets will obviously be used

  8. Just heard back from Ransom. The new build of Amiberry DOES have CDTV listed under the Extra Chipset (he sent screenshots). When it will be ported to Android is anyone's guess though. Apparently the devs are dodging questions about it's progress.

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  9. On 8/16/2019 at 2:54 PM, Rhoobarb2005 said:

    I'll be starting the disk based Amigas next, although I may split the OCS/ECS and the AGA hardware into 2 separate wheels. The gameboy and gameboy colour get 2 wheels, so I see no reason not to. It will make UAE file generation a lot easier too.

    I'm already doing that, I have my own thread on the Amiga it's worth a read as what I intend to do. I actually did an Amiga analogy with the Sega Mega Drive and it's hardware addons, MD=OCS/ECS, 32X= AGA (better graphics), Sega/Mega CD= CD32 (games with FMV and CD audio).

    In short we have found the WHDload collection converted to hdf files is best, adf files can be used for games not in that collection but Hyperspin has no database or media for those games (yet). The emulators on Android don't do cycle exact emulation, so each game needs to be checked it's running at the correct speed and changes to the uae files made accordingly.

    Ransom is doing a new collection of hdf files, he told me recently he's maybe a month or two away from completion (last I heard he's done 1,800 titles). Once I have these files I can get to work, he should also get back to me about the CDTV "Extra chipset" and Amiberry soon.

  10. 36 minutes ago, Rhoobarb2005 said:

    Thanks, added the rom info. I am just editing the program now.

    I have absolutely no issue with the CD rips being renamed if it helps auto generate uae files. I may in fact rename my set to the Hyperspin naming convention for PC use, although personally I'm more bothered about the Amiga than the CD32 currently.

    All the best with it

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  11. 11 minutes ago, Rhoobarb2005 said:

    The uae file is generated by copying the folder names, but if it doesn't need any more filename changes past that, then I will edit it ?

    I thought so. I can confirm the CD rip names don't need to be changed, I've had this system configured and working for a looong time now. Same goes for CDTV games, this guide essentially covers that system too although we seem to be limited to the CDTV games that are compatible with the CD32 system.

    In regard to the Kickstart roms. It might be worth mentioning that although uae4arm suggests purchasing the Amiga Forever essentials app on the Playstore, as it will auto detect those Amiga kickstart (i.e BIOS) files. The kickstarts for the CD32 are NOT included, so need to be sourced elsewhere. Just an FYI in case it confuses users at some point.

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  12. 24 minutes ago, Rhoobarb2005 said:

    You guys helped get me to the destination. It's only fair I return the thanks.

    How could I forget about the sideloading bit, ugh. Thanks will add it.

    No worries. Can I ask, why you are renaming the cue files? Is it to do with you auto generating the uae files?

    I'll give an example of a game Akira. I have it in it's own folder Akira (CD32) and the files are Akira (1994)(ICE)[!].cue Akira (1994)(ICE)[!].iso. (Full path is /storage/emulated/0/Hyperspin/Roms/Commodore_CD/games/Akira (CD32)/Akira (1994)(ICE)[!].cue

    You'll note that I do have spaces in the directory and file names and they don't actually match the Hyperspin naming convention. The uae file can NOT have the spaces though, so yes replacing those spaces with "_" is required. Hyperspin is looking for the uae file as we list that as the extension in the CD32.ini file, so the name of the CD rip isn't important as long as it's contained within the uae file. Because the uae files can NOT have spaces, the Amiga CD32.xml database file does need editing to include the underscores. Obviously all uae and media files must match the names used in the xml file, Hyperspin is incredibly fussy about naming as people new to it will discover.

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  13. I'm not Super liking this just because I was given credit. This is one of the best written tutorials I've seen on the forum! I'm glad my adventures in all things Amiga have helped others along :)

    I'll provide a link for people to download Uae4arm which was supplied by the Developer Lubomyr. Although Uae4arm is on the Google Play Store it has now been listed as not compatible for Android TV devices, so we have to "sideload" this apk (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1N6lR5QWREPhXXdUdDOOa5gnMD99kDX4V/view) to use an older version.

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  14. On 8/12/2019 at 1:41 PM, cataclysm67 said:

    CHD files may be the issue. Bin & cue are compatible, not sure about chd on android.

    They are ok on pc, but android may not play on Sega CD

    I use CHD for Sega CD (to save space). Just tested Tom Cat Alley on my Shield TV to make sure all is okay after the update and it plays directly from Hyperspin. I don't think the Picodrive core supports CHD but Genesis Plus GX does (even if it's not listed in the info section).

  15. 3 hours ago, Rhoobarb2005 said:

    Excellent!, although I am not sure why I didn't see it before ?.

    Yeah it wasn't listed where you'd expect it in the download section, sometimes it's better to just do a search. You can see what I've knocked together below...


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  16. 29 minutes ago, Rhoobarb2005 said:

    Huh, I did not know that.

    Cool, will do.

    There is actually already a pretty decent theme pack made with all the assets you need (xml file, video, wheel art, pointer etc). Bjalready used png files in the zip file so it should be Android compatible :)


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  17. 21 minutes ago, Rhoobarb2005 said:

    Cool beans, that would be great!

    I would give it a go, but I would have to brush up on my flash again.?

    Android has issues with themes using swf flash files. I'll knock up a main menu theme and a default theme for the game menu and add CDTV to my Shield TV. I'll "demo" it in a Youtube video and link it here. You can post feedback and we can work on making any adjustments.

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  18. 10 minutes ago, Rhoobarb2005 said:

    The savegame RAM? Sorry I thought you meant some extra chip that had more commands and functions on. The NVRAM was literally a (woefully) tiny memory chip that held savegame data. You can access it by pressing one of the coloured buttons on the CD32 load screen (I forget which).

    Well, as UAE has a NVRAM savepoint for the CD32, it might work for the CDTV.

    I'm doing that from memory, there are more options and specific tick boxes for CDTV and CD32. You're welcome to tinker around but I didn't have any joy, some of the CDTV games just wouldn't play for me without the CDTV extra chipset option enabled.

    Personally I wouldn't bundle CDTV games into CD32. Just omit the games that are currently incompatible in the CDTV.xml for us Android users. I don't think Emumovies has a complete set of video snaps for CDTV, so any games we can play can be recorded and missing media made. I'm still doing the Amiga stuff, I was putting CDTV off until that was finished.

  19. 14 minutes ago, Rhoobarb2005 said:

    I don't remember the CDTV having any extra chipset that the A500 didn't have except the extended rom. But it was a long time ago.

    Amiberry sounds good, but reading on here it seems like they are having trouble?

    If you use Winuae, look under the Advanced Chipset tab. The options there change depending on the Extra Chipset selected. You'll see CDTV has an SRAM option, CD32 has an NVRAM option. I think Commodore themselves said CDTV on CD32 has ~80% compatibility (don't quote me on it though).

    The Amiberry devs asked for funding to get software for them to do the port, which they have now got. I've not really kept up to speed with their progress. I wasted a lot of time trying to compile Amiberry for Android, as they made out it could be done... so personally I take anything they say with a pinch of salt now.

  20. 11 minutes ago, Rhoobarb2005 said:

    Yeah, obviously UAE4Arm doesn't natively support CDTV, well, CD32 is barebones to say the least, I  just wonder if there is any way to fool it to getting the CDTV roms working.

    I didn't have any joy with it. As I said that "Extra Chipset" seems to be key, not to be confused with the "Extended Rom" file.

    I'll have a chat with my buddy Ransom and ask if Amiberry has the option for using the CDTV Extra Chipset. The Devs are supposed to be working on bringing that emulator to Android at some point.

  21. I think you'll find it's the "Extra Chipset" option that is the issue. We can't select this on uae4arm on Android BUT Winuae on PC does have the option. The Curse of Ra for example does play in Winuae with the CDTV Extra Chipset option but if you use CD32 it won't play.

    I haven't done extensive testing of CDTV games on Android yet. Thank you for testing and keeping track of what's working. Emumovies does stock some wheel, box art and video snaps for CDTV, so you can kit your Hyperspin wheel out

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