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  1. 10 minutes ago, Rhoobarb2005 said:

    The savegame RAM? Sorry I thought you meant some extra chip that had more commands and functions on. The NVRAM was literally a (woefully) tiny memory chip that held savegame data. You can access it by pressing one of the coloured buttons on the CD32 load screen (I forget which).

    Well, as UAE has a NVRAM savepoint for the CD32, it might work for the CDTV.

    I'm doing that from memory, there are more options and specific tick boxes for CDTV and CD32. You're welcome to tinker around but I didn't have any joy, some of the CDTV games just wouldn't play for me without the CDTV extra chipset option enabled.

    Personally I wouldn't bundle CDTV games into CD32. Just omit the games that are currently incompatible in the CDTV.xml for us Android users. I don't think Emumovies has a complete set of video snaps for CDTV, so any games we can play can be recorded and missing media made. I'm still doing the Amiga stuff, I was putting CDTV off until that was finished.

  2. 14 minutes ago, Rhoobarb2005 said:

    I don't remember the CDTV having any extra chipset that the A500 didn't have except the extended rom. But it was a long time ago.

    Amiberry sounds good, but reading on here it seems like they are having trouble?

    If you use Winuae, look under the Advanced Chipset tab. The options there change depending on the Extra Chipset selected. You'll see CDTV has an SRAM option, CD32 has an NVRAM option. I think Commodore themselves said CDTV on CD32 has ~80% compatibility (don't quote me on it though).

    The Amiberry devs asked for funding to get software for them to do the port, which they have now got. I've not really kept up to speed with their progress. I wasted a lot of time trying to compile Amiberry for Android, as they made out it could be done... so personally I take anything they say with a pinch of salt now.

  3. 11 minutes ago, Rhoobarb2005 said:

    Yeah, obviously UAE4Arm doesn't natively support CDTV, well, CD32 is barebones to say the least, I  just wonder if there is any way to fool it to getting the CDTV roms working.

    I didn't have any joy with it. As I said that "Extra Chipset" seems to be key, not to be confused with the "Extended Rom" file.

    I'll have a chat with my buddy Ransom and ask if Amiberry has the option for using the CDTV Extra Chipset. The Devs are supposed to be working on bringing that emulator to Android at some point.

  4. I think you'll find it's the "Extra Chipset" option that is the issue. We can't select this on uae4arm on Android BUT Winuae on PC does have the option. The Curse of Ra for example does play in Winuae with the CDTV Extra Chipset option but if you use CD32 it won't play.

    I haven't done extensive testing of CDTV games on Android yet. Thank you for testing and keeping track of what's working. Emumovies does stock some wheel, box art and video snaps for CDTV, so you can kit your Hyperspin wheel out

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  5. 7 hours ago, Rhoobarb2005 said:

    CDTV titles that I have tested (Well, got to start the game at least, may require further testing)

    Chaos in Andromeda (Nothing, just blank screen)
    Log!cal (Starts with splash screen and music, but just goes to blank screen)
    Power Pinball (Nothing, just blank screen)
    The Curse of RA (Nothing, just blank screen)

    I see you're starting to come across the weird control issues now ;)

    For what it's worth I've tried the latest uae4arm build on my phone, there is no Chipset extra option for CDTV, just CD32. The Curse of RA works on PC with Winuae providing you use CDTV settings. I've tried CD32 extra chipset and the game won't work it must use the CDTV option. So I don't think there's much hope getting it to work on Android unless the emulator is worked on further.

    P.S Yes Xenon II is a MEGA BLAST and is awesome with the CD Audio....and Colin ;)

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  6. Yeah by all means write it up, I'm sure some people will find it useful. Although in truth most people are just waiting for a complete set of uae files. I've already done my set correctly, just waiting on the new HDF collection to be completed and see if I need to make any more.

  7. I agree, it's why I started my own thread. This one became too confusing with people using RetroArch and others Uae4arm. You're more than welcome to create a thread & do any tutorials you like for the community. I think I explained earlier the only reason I haven't written up my method, is that the best emulator to use long term on Android is still in question.

    It would be great to "automate" the generating of uae files, for CD32 that's going to be easier than for the Amiga. AGA and ECS games have different settings for resolution and commonly used keys to be bound to a game pad vary from game to game. As the emulators on Android don't do cycle exact emulation we also need to make sure the games play at the correct speed and adjust the configuration as required.

    Uae4arm 0.19 doesn't exit nicely from AB either on the STV. It'll be the latest build of Uae4arm I'll test on my phone and see how it behaves, if it does quit to AB that's great BUT the latest build of Uae4arm is NOT compatible on Android TV devices. I did start trying to do the CDTV rips BUT because Uae4arm kept playing silly buggers in the GUI, I stopped as it was just getting incredibly annoying. I think the newer uae4arm build behaves better with selecting extended roms but I could be wrong, not touched it in a while now.

    My CD32 wheel is done, I've been working on completing media needed for the Amiga wheel until the emulator issues are resolved

  8. 3 hours ago, Rhoobarb2005 said:

    Unfortuinately, it is only UAE4Arm that does this. All the other emulators quit to Hyperspin just fine. HS is still running in the background, if you click on the HS icon, you are immediately put back where you are. No loading time, no splash video or anything.

    Glad to see you've made good progress and are enjoying the CD32 games again. I wasn't being a **** with the controls comment, just that it amused me you were doing the same thing you complained others were doing. iirc Port 0: Is set as nubs as mouse and Port 1: is dpad as Joystick, all the other bindings you stated sound correct.

    In regards to quitting. I press back to go to the uae4arm GUI, then double tap "Home" for the task manager and close uae4arm there and select HS again. Trying to double tap "Home" from the game playing often just ends up going to the STV Homescreen. I've cleared the Amiga stuff off of my phone for now BUT I could test to see how the latest version of uae4arm behaves when quitting with Arc Browser (sadly Hyperspin isn't compatible on phones)

    I'm sure I mentioned earlier that uae4arm is borked, even the "working" version has issues. Spend any amount of time in the GUI and it'll continuously scroll without any input, games do crash. I sent a log cat to the developer regarding the latest version crashing on STV. I've also sent the log cat and apk to some very experienced android devs I've been helping, hoping they can give us a raw apk to use until Lubomyr applies a fix for Android TV devices. 

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  9. 11 minutes ago, Rhoobarb2005 said:

    I configured it through the emulator, just tested the blue button on battle chess the "press Blu to start" works fine.

    We wanted to bind the CD32 buttons to the colour coded buttons on the STV controller (i.e B is red, X is blue etc.) which would make the controls more intuitive. Blue is supposed to be Joystick button 2, Red is Joystick button 1 iirc. It's so long ago now I don't recall all the ins and outs, the old build that "works" on the STV had issues with games crashing and the GUI would freak out. Maybe it behaves differently now the STV is updated to Android Pie, I wouldn't know as I've not tested it or if the new build of uae4arm now works on ATV.

    On a side note. It's "amusing" you're complaining others have not done tutorials or explained what they did to get things working. When you're not going into detail about how you bound the buttons in the GUI and just saying it works fine ;)

  10. Just now, Rhoobarb2005 said:

    Interesting. Can you remember which games?

    In truth I've not touched Amiga on Android in a loooong time now. Instead I have been building up the missing media needed by playing through those games on my Amiga wheel for PC Hyperspin. I think Defender Of The Crown II required a blue button press to start the game. The blue button was definitely an issue as we discussed it at great length, Ransom actually figured out how to fix it by defining the controls manually in the uae file and not by using the emulator GUI.

  11. 20 minutes ago, Rhoobarb2005 said:

    Thanks for that I will have a watch.

    Just as an aside, what is the problem with the blue joypad button? It works for me on my joypad.

    I'll get around to doing a proper tutorial for the STV and Hyperspin in my own thread, when my project is finished. Hard to say when, as we still don't know what emulator will win out. Uae4arm hasn't been touched in months, the Amiberry devs got the funding they wanted for the software to port Amiberry to Andoid BUT I have no idea when it will be released. I have heard from Ransom recently, said he was maybe a month or so away from completing his new updated Amiga HDF collection. Once I have those files, I'll create a new xml database file with static naming and get all my media in order to match it.

    iirc the default control set for the "blue button" on the old uae4arm build actually combines two button presses at once. Ransom had a hdf file that tested button inputs to confirm this, it's so long ago now I don't really remember the exact issue...just that some games that required the blue button to be pressed didn't play. It's now fixed in the new uae4arm build but that's not working on ATV, although some CD32 homebrew games/collections (e.g Amiga Jay's Psygnosis collection) do still have control issues. The genuine CD rips I tested on my phone were okay if memory serves.

  12. 3 minutes ago, Rhoobarb2005 said:

    I read through your thread, and through the big 326 reply thread too, and lots of sources discussing it, and there is lots of "I managed to do this" and testing games but little to no explanation of how. Nothing on the nuts and bolts of getting to that stage. So, let me rephrase that. Tutorials or anything on how to get Amiga working on android is patchy.

    You can watch this video I did. Gives far more information than I was given when I commented on the Amiga Android thread here.


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  13. Uae4arm is NOT compatible on Android TV devices anyway. Info about Amiga on android is NOT patchy, I have a dedicated thread about it and done many videos talking about the issues and progress on my Amiga forever project.

    Even with a working uae file, the older version of uae4arm that does "work" on the STV has issues with CD32 controls by default. The latest version of uae4arm corrected this but only works on phones


  14. 49 minutes ago, Rhoobarb2005 said:

    Finally after much head scratching and back and forth, I managed to get the CD32 working on my Shield TV running 8.0 using UAE4Arm via Hyperspin. But I cannot find out if anyone solved the problem of choosing a uae config file just loading up the emulator instead of automatically launching the game.

    Was it solved at all?

    Info on amiga/android stuff seems patchy.

    I think what you've done is under the Miscellaneous tab enabled show GUI on start up. So it's loading into the emulator GUI rather than the game directly.

    If you've done a whole load of uae files already you can use the find and replace feature of notepad++ to batch convert all the files at once. I think the line should be use_gui=no in the uae file but don't quote me on it.

  15. No worries! Glad you got it resolved, I was starting to think the Android Pie update for the STV was causing aggro!

    I did do a Youtube video on manually installing cores with RA. I made a point of users checking the core info section for BIOS files needed, it's often overlooked by new users and they wonder why games don't play. For what it's worth I don't consider any BIOS files to be "optional" if a core asks for it I supply it. I actually have a dedicated BIOS folder in my Roms directory, which I point RA to rather than populating it's default system folder.

  16. Retroarch has a core for Java ME which is supposed to support J2ME. Haven't used it to test but that's probably worth trying. Standalone emulators don't always have launch intent implemented to work with frontends like Hyperspin or Arc Browser etc.

  17. 13 minutes ago, cataclysm67 said:

    no, cores are there , they just do not load. I updated today and now both wheels don’t load. Just checking to see if others have same issue.

    Sorry missed this post whilst checking for you.

    I have just downloaded the core from the buildbot on my PC (https://buildbot.libretro.com/nightly/android/latest/armeabi-v7a/). Extracted the .so file and put it in the Retroarch Download folder on my phone, under load core I installed the core manually. Works fine

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  18. I have Beetle PCE Fast v0.9.38.7 433fb7a installed and it is working on my STV. However I've just downloaded the core on my phone and the current version is v0.9.38.7 7e92d19. Transferred the Jap PCE-CD game Download II over to the phone and that is playing with the core.

    You'll forgive me if I don't tinker with my STV setup if it might break my NEC wheels. I have just updated the STV to Experience 8 (Android Pie), so I do need to do some testing to make sure everything is still okay

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  19. 42 minutes ago, Roadrunner said:

    Interesting. That might work. Thanks. 

    If you're upgrading to an SSD you can just clone your HDD to it, then tinker away knowing the HDD won't be changed. I'd suggest you get a decent sized SSD @ 500GB. Some Arcade PC rips insist on living on the "C Drive" to work, so getting a 120 or 250GB drive might come back to haunt you later.

  20. 7 hours ago, Roadrunner said:

    Thank you! 

    In regards to PBFX2, not all the games can be ported over unfortunately. And it has some games my son wants to play - Plants vs Zombies for example. I'd like to have it there as a separate system. 

    Oh dear! Sounds like it would be a good idea then to make a backup of the drive as is. You could always do a Windows 10 upgrade install over 7 and revert back again should you choose.

  21. 1) Windows 10 has had some serious problems with the updates they've released, not helped by the fact the OS forced you to install them. I heard some people having issues with HS and the latest Windows 10 build 1903 but I've not encountered any issues of yet. Other than the update fiasco I'm pretty happy with 10 over 7.

    2) You can use XBMC Launcher/ Launcher4kodi and just shell HS instead of Kodi.

    3) I'm pretty sure you can import all your old purchases into Pinball FX3 (https://www.pinballfx.com/?page_id=7115)

    4) I did tweak around to "unlock" the EVA (Cortana) voice for text to speech and use that with Hyperspeech. Not sure if you use that but I like that Hyperspin feels more integrated with the Windows 10 OS, having the same voice. You're probably not that bothered as you want to shell HS, where as I use Kodi as a "console like dashboard" to load Hyperspin, play movies, music and launch other stuff. I do that for both my Shield TV box and my PC


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