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  1. I think my LEDWiz is starting to suspect something is up. It's giving me strange loks that pretty much everything in my cab has been installed except it...
  2. I feel like this is going to be the thing to roll with in the future but, as I am building my cab right now, I'm just going to try and wire everything in a manner that allows for easy replacement of the LEDWiz with the Arduino solution. But yeah, for now I'm pushing ahead with the LEDWiz setup with the non-PWM config file (whichever file it is that is believed to help with the stuttering some experience). And, of course, I've subscribed the *hell* out of this post
  3. This thread should be titled "I'm Chris, here are some additions to your shopping list"
  4. It's really cool to be watching all this progress!
  5. Hmm... Does anyone have a source for that optocoupler in the States (or Canada?). I simply can not seem to order anything from that Conrad site. I've tried it in German, British, and their "International" site and USA isn't one of the choices from the dropdown location. If that optocoupler isn't available does anyone have an alternate that does the same thing that can be obtained from like Cutter or Mouser? Ordered all my LEDs today (with Chris' help) and have tracked down everything except this optocoupler deal.
  6. This thread is amazing and I'm so glad I got through it as I have just finished cutting the MDO for my cabinet and backbox. When I originally started reading the forums was on that STTNG build and there was no use of the flashers at the back of the playfield (available now since we're using the angled playfield screen) and I definitely want to do that! So, my question is, does anyone have a model number or link to those white LED panels being used for the strobing behind the playfield? And are those just standalone self-contained units or do they need to have resistors connected to them (and, if so, how many mA are you putting through those). And are they connected to the opt-relay and constant power supply? I found the info about your top strobes but haven't found any specifics on the playfield strobes--and I love them! I probably could have made that simpler by just asking for all the playfield strobes specifics--but hey! I got overly-excited when I watched of them!Lastly, all these things (RGBs and flashers) are wired in series right? Not parallel? This build is just awesome.
  7. Hey Zeb, if I run this knocker at 24v can I use the same IN4007 diode I used across my contactors? Or would I need a different diode?
  8. Man, to be honest though I'm glad it didn't get longer all at once -- probably would have scared me off But now, I'm in too deep. I'm sure by the end of this thing Chris will have convinced me to put a 240v pumpkin chunkin air cannon in my cab for something!
  9. Okay cool, thanks Chris (and others). I picked up a 24v 14amp PSU today that I'll drive that knocker with.
  10. Ah, okay. So it looks like I'll be adding a 24v PSU to the list now. Man, this "list" just keeps getting longer and longer! Thanks gang.
  11. Greetings all, I am placing an order with Pinballlife right now and I thought I might pick up my knocker while placing this order for a Williams coin door. So, they have two knockers, the DataEast/Sega knocker for $20.50 and the Bally/Williams knocker for $22.50. So, I guess the first question is if anyone has a preference on either of these or if they sound really different? I will be using the "Knocker Strike Plate" from Piballlife on this build. But, more importantly, I'm running the groovygamergear 12v/5v PSU so I was wondering if either of those knockers will really knock at 12v? Or am I going to have to get a 24v PSU as well? I do want to add a gear motor later but those must run at 12v right? (since they come from cars and the battery in a car is 12v?) Thanks!
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