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  1. Not yet I'm working on so many things at once. Right now I'm still in the progress installing all emulators and roms I would like. I'm also looking into creating a clean global theme atm. As soon as there are updates, they'll be posted ;-) Cheers
  2. oh i 've seen another thread about it but i didn't get the options when right clicking in youtube (i guess it's running in html5 now). i've seen 2 other solutions in your link that might work, i'll test them tonight, if they work i'll be so happy !
  3. Great ideaa but doesn't look very functional & very hard to make it just looks like to much hastle each time you want to go for a quick game. Altough I like where you are going with this... How would you get that control pannel there ? hidden behind the fake book spines ? I've been thinking about my design and i think i will modify the control pannel so it becomes a supergun. You'll be able to lift it out, and take it with you, hook it up to any hdmi tv/screen and you're ready to play. Concerning the pc & xbox360 combo I also found the solution, i'll get the ipac2 and 2 console adapters for the xbox. I will change my button layout too. I learned about the "shift" function on the ipac2 and I can do pretty much everything with more player buttons and less admin buttons. i'm not sure my budget will alow this dual set up, but i want to have bomberman live on my arcade i'm not sure if i'll be able to fit everything inside this small control panel as the pc and hard drive also needs to be mounted inside for it to be a supergun. an intel nuc comes to mind, but the internal graphics card doesn't support the mp4 playback so that would result in a bigger drive. the xbox would not be fitted inside. altough i would make sure that the usb connections are available to plug it in someone's xbox. The pinball buttons might be an issue, but i'm sure i can figure something out to make the ones on the cabinet work whilest there are some on the supergun too.
  4. you're welcome, looking forward to seeing pictures ;-)
  5. whilest looking around i've noticed some people have a hyperspin cabinet with the adition of a xbox360. i would like to do this too, however i'm not sure how i can whire my joystick & buttons to both the pc and to the xbox i'm a big fan of bomberman live (local games) and they have some other nice arcade games i like. i only found one thing so far wich is the "ps360+" however i'm not sure how this could work. i would like my buttons to be illuminated (ledblinky - single color) so i'm guessing there is no way around the ipac2 and ledwiz ? anyone knows where i could find more info about having both systems in one cabinet ? tutorials, video's, forum topics, ... anything is welcome
  6. thanks for the info, seems like i can get rid of one button then i'm getthing this xpadder program, sounds awesome. yeah i have 2 of the same buttons (neo geo style en mk style) they would be wired together so they will basicly be the same. I'm considering not doing that and just go with 6. 4 in a row might be nice but i could get used to 3 in a row and the 4th on the next row. this would result in 3 buttons less making my control panel even cleaner. thanks for that! i'll adjust my google sketchup asap. todo : - fiddle with the height - remove 3 buttons - add speaker holes / retro speaker fabric - add the hole and detail to the bezel - finish the suport parts on the insde and backside - final renders - gut the model and add all the measurements
  7. nope haven't seen those yet, they are pretty but I rather have an upright. i'll have another look at the height, don't want it to be to low so we bump our heads ;-) i was thinking about fitting the speakers there, not sure where i'll put them. i've saw some nice retro-ish design for the grills somewhere can't find it atm. what you're saying about the control pannel is that the buttons have a different behaviour in hyperspin then in emulators? i've put a lot of tought in what I want from my control pannel and I won't settle for less / more i have a huge database so favourites & genre's is a must, so is the back button. (not sure about the start button i think that might be player 1 start too) anyway i need the 4 center buttons anyway for "esc", "alt+f4", "tab" & "hyperpause". unless i could press and hold the esc button to send an alt+f4 to the computer. then i could leave out 1 button in the center. if there is a way to have the same functionality with less buttons i might concider it (unless it's bad for the usability) cheers
  8. i know these things are popular in japan, they are called "supergun"s. here is a great step by step:
  9. carefull with the intell nuc, it doesn't play the mp4's in hyperspin you'll need to convert them to flv and they take up so much space. to bad i found that out after i bought one
  10. did some more work in sketchup today making a more realistic cabinet. well, by realistic i mean more doable for me some renders (wip). Left is the unpainted multiplex and mdf, right is how it should look when painted. just found out how to include images here in staid of thumbnails : mdf and multiplex wip left: plain mdf and multiplex - right: painted control panel inside suport wip
  11. Hehe, that's pretty much what I had in mind I've been bussy with my control panel, and I want it to be as clean as possible but have at least these "functions". I was wondering, I read about using a "shift" key ? Would this control pannel be possible? using the shift key to active the bottom functions of the four buttons center top (the green letters). How does this shift key work ? Is it "hold your joystick left" and then press one of those 4 buttons ? or does the "shift" key need to a extra physical key ? thanks !
  12. Hi and thanks for your input, I'll try to redesign the cabinet so most of the gaps are on the inside. Seems like your wife was still ok with an arcade-look nice cabinet ! Mine wants it to be "in the same style" of our other furniture ... sigh Thanks for your plans, I'll mix them with mine and see what I can come up with. I was thinking to do the outside boards (the dark ones) in maple multiplex, the light boards in mdf. mdf would be painted white and the maple multiplex dark brown. As far as buttons and such go I would go white only. The only issue there is that I'll have to mask everything before painting since i use 2 styles. I could paint them before assembling but that would make the assembling process much harder since i want to fill the gaps smooth out and paint the mid section so it looks like one piece. i'll try and make a new model in sketchup this evening and i'll post the results here.
  13. Latest project pictures: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi all, since I was a kid i've been facinated by arcade machines. Once I grew older and got a job I've always wanted to buy an original arcade cabinet. However, time flew by and money was short so I never got to buy one. Recently I discovered hyperspin and the urge to get myself an arcade cabinet got bigger and bigger. As time whent by I met myself a girl and got married. She doesn't like the looks of an arcade cabinet so the final option I've got to get my dream is to build one myself that my wife doesn't find "ugly". I will be posting the progress here and when I'm finished I'll try to make some tutorials and maybe even a new global theme. Since I'm a graphic designer and not so good with hardware and powertools I might also be asking for some advice along the way. Last week i've sketched something in Adobe Illustrator that was inspired on some designs I found on the internet. It suits my needs and also my wife's. I've also learned how to use Google Sketchup and started to draw out the cabinet in Sketchup. Doing so lead to some questions. But before I ask them this is what i've got so far: I ran into one issue whilest designing this cabinet in sketchup: since I'm using angles and have no miter saw for big boards (70cm x 18mm x 90cm) I will be having gaps. I was thinking to fill them with woodfiller then sand and paint them so they look like one part, would that be a good idea ? Cheers and untills soon.
  14. I've got the same issue, I'm logged in, clicked the arcade cabinet icon, choose NES, selected all on and all default, close, pressed "begin sync" but it sais "no new media as of current date". Could anyone guide me in the right direction on how to resolve this ? thanks in advance EDIT: hehe, I made the beginners error: "did you try turning in off and on again ?" cheers !
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