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  1. 2 hours ago, hawkfanz said:

    Just wanted to finish this one out.  I've got a Compaq 8200 SFF and just replaced the HDD boot drive with an SDD and wow that definitely fixed it.  Windows starts and I can be playing a game within 14 seconds of pressing the computer power button.  Sorry I blamed rocketlauncher and MAME!  It's a great day!


    Good to see someone here from the Chicagoland area.

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  2. On 6/3/2019 at 10:44 PM, connorlo said:

    I'm still having issues with RL/HS. Going to try a clean install of mame also and see how that goes. Thanks once again for all the help :)


    A clean install did the trick for me. But now I'm using BGFX crt-geom-deluxe. 😁

  3. On 5/23/2019 at 5:44 PM, dark13 said:

    Have you set the .ini path to mame.ini folder? Sometimes RL tends to not properly set the path, check the RL settings file.

    Try also BGFX instead of HLSL, set video to BGFX, activate cheat and select the BGFX chain (crt geom deluxe rocks)

    I set the path to the MAME ini folder in RLUI. Still not working.

  4. Ok I have been away from HS and RL for a while. I was reading this thread but for the life of me I can't get the HLSL working in HS or RL. It works fine when I launch it in MAME. I have the HLSL set to ini in RLUI but still not working.



  5. 2 minutes ago, richie_jones said:
    6 hours ago, joe35car said:
    Ok I just upgraded to the newest HS and I have no idea how to get the wheels to animate.

    Was it as painless as just changing the exe. I'm tempted but have put 100's of hours in getting setup right. Not sure if it's worth the risk...

    Yup you just replace the exe files. So far no problem. I guess I have to convert my wheel png to swf format for them to work? Any thing else I need or a program? 

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  6. OK I got it working. I changed my password even though it had no symbols it it. Quick question since we are on the topic here. I can't get the Commodore 16 & Plus4 working in hypersync. I added it to my wheel in HQ and in my RLUI. I have it spelled out correctly the folders and system to Commodore 16 & Plus4. But when I look at ti in Hypersync it's spelled out as Commodore 16_Plus4. I tried to delete the system in Hypersync and in HQ but it still shows up as the wrong spelling.



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