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  1. [email protected] I'll keep trying. I'll go over the notes again. Can't wait for the new version Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  2. Can someone please help me. I am at a total loss. I would like to set up a wheel for Skull Girls. I have created a system in RocketLauncherUI called Skull Girls, but I dont know where to go from there. I have PCLauncher as my emulator. I go to Modules, and edit global settings to add the game, but when i click the + on the rom settings tab it's blank and won't let me add anything. Do you have to create your own database xml? Is there a guide anywhere?
  3. Sega Genesis is showing a lot of unmatched roms even though the current xml file for hyperspin says they are ll correct. Issue I'm pointing out is I have HBL windowed and if the screen is small enough the save button will go over the x to cancel a match. is there any way to lock the save button in place?
  4. hey @fr0stbyt3 I tested out the filtering of adding new consoles. Since I already added all the consoles in the list, it was empty when i tried to add a new system. So I then removed two systems, and tried to add a new console and the two that I deleted were back in the list so that is working perfectly! Just FYI.... Mega Duck, and Valve Steam are still listed twice. Creatronic Mega Duck, and Steam are their doubles and they have tiles. Missing tiles but are still in system add list Commodore 16 & plus 4 Xbox live arcade Sega Nomad SNK Neo Geo Questions 1. Will HBL tell us which roms/games are missing compared to the master list or only if your existing roms match/dont match the master list? 2. in Main Menu setup what is the difference between the wheels in the () and the ones that are not? Example Avar - Ghostlight (16x9) and Avar - Ghostlight 16x9? Other than that everything seems to be working great! Thanks Frosty and everyone else involved in this project!
  5. Ok I updated to v.054. Some of the previous missing tiles updated. Here is an update for the tiles. Missing Commadore 16 & Plus 4 Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade Sega Nomad SNK Neo Geo (I'm assuming this is some sort of "Classics" group) Mega Duck, and Valve Steam are still duplicated. For the new features... What is the difference between the default wheels? They are listed twice. Actually it looks like a lot of the wheels are duplicated. difference appears to be one is listed in () and the other isn't. I don't suppose there is a way to get a preview for the themes is there? I never realized there were that many different themes.
  6. Images are not showing up in the forum for me. All i see is 59 for Ci2Own's post Here are screenshots of my missing tiles. Just so you can see what's going on. Like I said, all of these systems were installed from the add console dropdown so I dont have anything custom going on. I think MegaDuck, and Valve Steam need to be removed completely as they are in the list as Creatronic Megaduck, and Steam. are Commodore 16&Plus4, xbox live arcade, and nomad planning on being removed?
  7. ok... I thought HBL was based off the same databases that were already deemed official in hyperlist, and these systems just got misplaced. I guess Avar will have to add input to that. @thatman84 Hope you feel better soon!
  8. @thatman84 I'm not sure if you were directing this at me or @Avar, but I was not suggesting to add or remove systems. I was just stating what was different from what currently has a database in hyperlist, and what is available in the HBL dropdown list in case something was overlooked.
  9. Not sure if they are official systems but they are in the add console dropdown. I think the snk neo geo is a "classics" group of all the neo geo games. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  10. Sounds good. Ill hold off features for later. Ill let you know if i come across any other bugs though. [emoji16] Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  11. The only reason i was thinking of tool tips was i had the tiles shrunk down when i was trying to compare what was missing and couldnt see the names on some of the tiles clearly. Not a big deal and if it doesnt flow well dont add it, or maybe have a togle in settings to turn tool tips on/off Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  12. Yeah a lot of my suggestions im not sure how to incorporate but keep the awesome look you have. I have ocd pokemon syndrome so i like to be able to see that im as complete as i can be without to much effort ? For number 2 i am thinking of it being on the database side. One of the things that drives me nuts about the current database is there are games listed for some systems that are not released or dumped but nothing states the game is unavailable. I know you can remove the entry but now i know of some game and go on a quest to find it only to find out that you cant get it. So if hbl follows the old listings it might save other ocders time not hunting down an elusive game that is not released. If we have it listed but you cant get it, have a note somehow that a complete system is unavailable. I hope that makes sense. I could be on a different page than what the finished hbl program will be but im just thinking of things that would have helped me auditing early on. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  13. Ok so i just added all of the systems in the HBL list Missing Tiles Commodore 16 & Plus 4 Xbox Live Arcade Namco System 22 SNK Neo Geo SNK Neo Geo MVS Sega Nomad Tiger Game.com Duplicate systems Valve Steam (copy of Steam) does not have a tile Mega Duck (copy of Creatonic Mega Duck) does not have a tile Missing Systems I believe i have all systems listed in hyperspin. These are the systems that are available in the old hyperspin, but are not in the HBL list. Sufami Turbo Super Vision 8000 Electronic Handheald Games Gaelco ResidualVM Ideas 1. system name bubble appear on mouse over in all consoles 2. in specific console edit show if a system is known to not have all roms dumped. example... VM Labs Nuon (could say something like incomplete next to the system name... this would probably be dependent on good database information) 3. designate a system is complete or missing on all consoles view (Maybe have a green or red box surround the tile). 4. Have media go to it's specific folder. example... box art goes to box art, carts goes to carts... instead of artwork 1 etc. This might make it easier to store/sort, and be more universally compatible. Of course this would require themes to have to updated, or the whole system would have to be reworked. Probably won't happen, but it's an idea. Hope some of this info helps!
  14. cool. A few ideas for HBL... Add Console remove a rom directory option (I accidently added the wrong directory, and had to delete the entire console to remove the directory) I noticed that if click and hold a grey bar fills the window, but i dont know what it is doing. Editing a Console Add a rom directory or remove directory from the console edit. (If you change your rom paths there is no way to change it in the console other than deleting the console and adding it back) Wish List When adding a console... remove consoles that are already added from the drop down list. (I'm adding all the consoles, and it's a slow process scrolling through the drop down past ones I already have. This will also stop the possibility of accidentally adding a system you already added. I tested adding a duplicate, and it appears to not do anything so that is good. It is just time wasted going through the steps ) EDIT: OHHH i just figured out you can type the name of the system and it will display the systems that have what you type. That narrows down the drop down list. Still would be cool to remove what you have already added though! Edit 2: Maybe also display which directors are being used for roms in the edit console window.
  15. I added APF Imagination Machine, and it's tile is showing ALF TV Game Edit: Amstrad GX 4000 is also showing the ALF TV Game tile.
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