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  1. PacMan7


  2. Thanks rfancella I am running VisualboyAdvance-M. I do appreciate your help. I posted it with the Log in the emulator spot.
  3. Where should it be posted ?
  4. got everything set up, but when launching, says can't find VBAM.ini. It looks for it in the wrong Dir. It works fine outside of hyperlaunch but not in it. I have Ver 1.8.0 (SVN1097).
  5. Looks Good. I would like to have it added to mine because I have several of these in my collection.
  6. I wanted to say THANKS to BBB and the Hole Community here. I know I don't post a lot on here and I apologize for that. I currently have 92 systems done in mine and I'm currently working on a Cab. I really hate to see good people leaving us all But hopefully more People will come along and help and make our community bigger. If there's any thing I can upload to help I will.
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