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  1.    I'm putting together a team of who I consider the top content creators, to mint the arcade pc themes.  Any chance you would be interested in joining?  I checked out some of your work and I think you would be a perfect addition!

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    2. baddeolv


      hell yeah bud, to be perfectly honest, you were my top choice.  Your work is very nice and i can tell you are as meticulous as i am with your theme creations.  I need your email address to invite you to the dropbox for the project.  all the instructions are included.  I am also going to put together a reward as a thank you from the hyperspin elders like myself.  just gotta talk with badboybill and figure out what we can do first.  welcome to the team!

    3. Rockt Red

      Rockt Red

      Ok  baddeolv , my email is : rockt.redcadillac@hotmail.com

    4. baddeolv


      invite sent!

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