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    Sorry for the recent downtime. Still much to do but we have the site updated, secure and back online.  Expect more changes.


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  1. 3 hours ago, JoeC3109 said:

    Hey guys, anyone noticed some difficulty with dreamcast controllers? When I plug mine in, the first time or two it just seems to input random buttons. I have to unplug the blissbox 2-3 times, along with the controller, before it picks up properly. Bought a new dreamcast controller and have been having the same issue. I'm on the newest firmware, 1.56.1

    Never had an issue here. Standard OEM controller with VMU connected?

  2. Exciting news! With the 1.56.1 update we've also been able to get  PlayStation dance pads working perfectly! This is huge. Until now, dealing with Dance Pads had a tendency to be an annoying mess because other adapters would either be unable to read the L + R or U + D inputs required by dance titles. Any that could required drivers or annoying input combos or specific controllers or wouldn't allow 2Players. The latest Bliss-Box firmware lets you just plug and play any pad like it was the real deal. I'm pretty excited about it! This is awesome news and I'm working on an announce video for it. The best part is that this makes Bliss-Box by far the best solution for StepMania as well.

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  3. Some updates on the Bliss-Box front. First, Bliss-Box has evolved beyond the need for crowdfunding and will be moving forward with development much more freely. It's been picked up by resellers in the US, UK, and Asia with some other great opportunities in the works.

    There will also be a 1.56.1 release to correct a bug with certain Sega controllers and also to improve PSX dance pad support before we move on to adding more new peripherals.

    Lastly, Bliss-Box is looking for any feedback you may have for subtle improvements to be made to the device for the next manufacturing run, which will also include the new cables.

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  4. Been a while since there's been an update in here but as anyone following me on FB will know, we're currently grinding through a major Firmware update while also testing a huge variety of increasingly cool peripherals from all generations of gaming. Also, thought the firmware update process is fairly easy, I'll have an official video out for it after the next few tutorials. Lots to look forward to here.

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  5. I'm currently flying around the middle of nowhere with minimal interwebs. That combined with a Canadian city getting pretty much wiped off the face of the Earth this week has kept me pretty busy. Will continue to do the best I can to pump out some vids of controllers in action.


    In the meantime, in response to the request for the best places to buy different types of controllers: everywhere! :D Personally, I wanted new, unused, or like-new controllers in mint condition so I fell back on ebay quite a lot. There are a lot of reputable vendors on their and it's easy to find what you're looking for. The only controller that might cause some people problems on ebay is for the Interton VC 4000, which I've only found available through a German store. Amazon is often reliable but be sure to pore over the credentials of the vendor, since Amazon doesn't offer as many pictures of the product you'll be physically receiving. There are a great many only vendors but the availability of different controller types fluctuates with them and they're almost always used, so the quality can vary. When in doubt, contact the seller.


    The easiest controllers to find are for systems that saw wide release in Japan. EU/NA exclusive systems can be slightly harder to locate. For example, it's easier to find brand new Super Famicom controllers than it is to find SNES controllers in perfect condition (they're interchangeable though). Rarer, collectible peripherals you're pretty much forced to camp ebay for. They're usually listed it just pays to shop around to get the best price.

  6. video of the interface? Where?

    I have to ask avar, how much money was it to have all those controllers? I cant believe you found an Arcadia controller!


    I'll be doing up some fun media for it when it's more ready and hopefully pique the interest of larger gaming media outlets in the process.


    As for cost, for everything you see in the video is was quite a lot BUT the bulk volume of it was quite affordable for the average user. You can find great deals on new, unused controllers for most retro systems with ease. Used controllers are often in just as good of shape and are dirt cheap. Most of the cost came from select extremely rare peripherals. For example, while Atari Jaguar controllers are cheap and easy to find, Atari Jaguar Pro Controllers are insanely rare and expensive.Some other items you see, like the Hori Final Fantasy X-2 Tiny Bee Gun Controller, are heavily inflated because they're one of the only FF weapons with an irl model making them heavily sought after by cosplayers. Older items that saw limited releases, such as Bally Astrocade and GCE Vectrex controllers, can be just slightly harder to find but are still reasonably priced. They were only harder for me to find because I was really picky about the condition they were in I think.


    ulao is able to feed me firmware with test codes so that despite living thousands of miles away from one another, we're still able to test each controller and get it working if it isn't already. As time permits I'll be grinding through them to give them a permanent home on Bliss-Box's sweet compatibility list.

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  7. Actually, sorry, I misinterpreted what you were saying. Yes, the first set did include 2 Dreamcast cables but the Dreamcast natively supports up to 4 controllers. The purpose of the MEGA kits is to get the exact number of cables natively supported (without multitap) by each system while the FULL kits are a blanket 4-cable set. For crazy mofos like me wanting a set that matches the multitap capabilities of each system, it requires multiple 4-plays and kits anyways.

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  8. No, SNES supports up to 4 players via multitap, so the add-on for returning customers takes them up to that threshold. Most systems beyond the earliest generations had some form of multitap capability and I believe about 50-60 SNES games feature simultaneous 3-4 player support. The kit's are designed to bring a compromize of low price and cable diversity. Keeps the cost per unit way down for us end-users and it works out fairly well if you're going after a full playset requiring multiple 4-plays. Sega Saturn is the outlier of course because haha holy crap is it multiplayer capable.


    That's a good point though and the parenthesis can be edited for clarification.

  9. Have another look lol there are sets containing only the new cables that weren't released last time around and complete kits including both the original cables and the expansion set. There are also "choose x cables" options, albeit for the expansion set.


    Side note, SNES supports up to 5 simultaneous players. Here's a rough list off the top of my head of, to the best of my knowledge, the max number of simultaneous players capable on some systems:


    Atari 2600 - 2 with normal controllers, 4 with split paddle controllers

    Atari 5200 - 4 players

    Atari Jaguar - 4 players

    Bally Astrocade - 4 players

    Commodore Amiga CD32 - 4 players

    Mattel Intellivision - 4 players

    NEC PC Engine / NEC Turbo-Grafx 16 - 5 players

    Nintendo Entertainment System - 4 players

    Panasonic 3DO - 6 players

    Sega Genesis/32X/CD - 4 players

    Sega Dreamcast - 4 players

    Sega Master System - 4 players

    Sega Saturn - 10 players!!! (12 players if you count homebrew!)

    Sony PlayStation / PlayStation 2 - 8 players

    Super Famicom / Super Nintendo Entertainment System - 5 players


    The Bliss-Box kit loadouts are built the way they are to minimize costs for all users, but there are reasons to grab more than the minimum for the enthusiasts out there. ulao even had a Saturn Bomberman party to take 10p 4-play for a spin.

  10. I've been snapping up controllers everywhere..... I'm addicted to trying different controllers with the 4-Play.

    My collection so far:

    2x nes, 2x super famicom, 4x n64, 1x gamecube, 2x megadrive (3 button), 2x sega saturn, 2x PS1, 1xPS2. These all work perfectly with the 4-Play.


    I also have a couple pc-engine controllers. In the process of making adapters for the 4-play (after a failed attempt).... Might make a thread about it once its done.


    You the man ulao!!!!!


    You try the bongos yet?


    Also I have a request: Can someone with a CRT try R.O.B. please? Also can someone with a Power Glove check to see if it works as well? PGs so pricey these days.

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  11. One subject people often ask me about is that of latency. They want to know if there is a practical or perceptible lag when using the hub. The answer is, no. While every device like this has a scientifically measurable latency associated with it, the delta with Bliss-Box is not sufficient to change the human gameplay experience in any way. For all intents and purposes, it feels just like you're gaming on the real system.


    Can vouch for that. Also 4-play actually remembers IDs unlike all the knockoff adapters I've ever had the displeasure of using.

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