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  1. charlie1212


  2. Don't get me wrong, you did an amazing job but for an intro, it was too long. Even still, I'd end it when INSERT COIN appears.
  3. Hey mate. The Playdium Store is THE place. http://www.theplaydiumstore.com/Parts_Amusement_Game_Industry_s/2063.htm Feel free to ask them any part that Suzo Happ is carrying. Great prices and service.
  4. Salut ami francophone Canadien!
  5. Je n'ai pas manqué de respect envers personne sauf peut-être à ceux qui ne savent pas bien lire et pour en savoir plus sur moi, visitez mon profil, il est complet. Merci!
  6. Bienvenue mon ami et ne perds surtout pas ton temps avec les "autres" frontends, HS est ce qu'il y a de mieux.
  7. 60$ pour un membership à vie, ce n'est rien. Lâchez nous avec la sois disans crise et les temps durs. Si tu as les moyens de te permettre une borne d'arcade, tu as les moyens pour les vidéos et le reste.
  8. Cher?!? Les abonnements à vie aux deux sites ne valent qu'une poignée de change. Cessez d'êtres radins svp
  9. Bienvenue et dit adieu à tout tes temps libres :-)
  10. I finally decided to go with 3/8 as it was very cheap. I got it cut to my specs for 80$ Pics will follow when it is installed.
  11. I have replaced CRT with a LCD screen last week and want to replace the bezel with a sheet of tinted plexiglass. It will be 26"X26" What thickness should I get for it to not bend or curve at all. I was thinking of 3/8" Am I overkilling it?
  12. I'm using a X360 wheel on my cab. Easy to install and remove.
  13. I'd be willing to shell out 15$ a pair maximum for what I see in those pics. Sorry
  14. I'm using the X360 wirelless controller as I absolutely hate Sony's joypads. They are too small, too light and I hate the left analog stick position. I got my wireless adapters from DinoDirect for 8 bucks a piece. I have one in my cab, one on my personal PC and one in a bartop cab for a friend.
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