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  1. A 42 inch screen in a cab... Wow! You're going to have people getting tattoos just for the free play. I'm looking forward to seeing the computer you're putting in... With the partnerships you've got, I'm sure it will be sick.
  2. If you're considering doing a couple wheels, I'll hold off on the next update until I get them from you- I usually update daily.

  3. I hate to knock something without trying it, but think about it for a second. You want your CPU to emulate an OS (windows) to run HS, which will then launch another emulator to play whatever you are after. Give your CPU a break! You'd end up needing a more powerful CPU (or overclocking gear for your old cpu) which would cost more than a windows license. Run it natively.
  4. Your Main Menu Wheel is looking great! The community is looking forward to its completion.

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