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  1. Monyet

    Hyperbase Live: Public Beta

    Hey I just wanted to say thanks for adding the multi rom location support, I have been busy doing other stuff. So cheers!
  2. Monyet

    Hyperbase Live: Public Beta

    Cheers, I left it running overnight to see and it did update, also was able to login to emumovies for the first time. My other issues were the washed out one but that has since gone. I will continue to monitor and test. Thanks again.
  3. Monyet

    Hyperbase Live: Public Beta

    Hi Frosty, I am having a few difficulties with HBL. I know it's all a WIP so I just wanted to get up to the latest version. Long story short, the most I can really do is login. Right now I have 0.0.31 and it just sits saying checking for updates but never actually updates, I notice that you have some new builds since then so if you could provide me with a link to your latest build I will download and do a fresh install. I also can't log in to emumovies although my password has no special characters but that may be fixed in .34. So after I get the latest build, if everything progresses to where it should be I will be good otherwise I can provide bug reports if my troubles persist. There's not much point detailing them right now since I'm not on the latest build. I do have another question though which I have been wondering about since the beginning (I only read about to page 27 before commenting). What happens if you have a romset that is split between locations? For example, the ps2 set isn't all on the same drive due to where I had space to put it at the time.
  4. Hi there, I've been updating my setup recently and Ive noticed that my videos for the Nintendo wii have been redownloading every time I sync. Not all of them of course, just the ones that are already screwy. For example, if you sort by thumbnail view in windows explorer you can see some videos have a thumbnail and others are icons of media player and these are the ones that are corrupted. So I watched the progress of the downloads in hypersync and saw that the files would just stop at random times and just move on to the next one leaving the videos corrupted. I hope this hasnt affected other files or videos but I havent checked. Anyone know why this might be happening or to fix it? I have checked the log files and all it says is that the download of each file was successful. I have also tried deleting the bad files and they would redownload but stop at any time although usually further towards the end. Lastly, my internet is crap. It seems to download from hypersync at about 20 to 30 kbps. Is it possibly timing out? Any help is appreciated.
  5. Monyet

    Setting up gun games?

    I haven't had my guns set up for a while so I don't recall a test button in the software, I just had to literally pull the trigger on the gun. It's a solenoid so you hear a relatively loud click with a tiny bit of kickback, it's not like those old school gun games where the whole top part moves. Man if someone could sell a product like that I'd be buying!
  6. Monyet

    Setting up gun games?

    Oh I see, yes what Andy is said is also right. I mean the sensor bar must be able to see the gun, so you open up the ultimarc software and make sure you are getting a response on the test page. If you are and the AC adapter is definitely on then I don't know how to help sorry. I bought my guns pre assembled with recoil already in place and I experienced recoil not working if the guns weren't registering because I was too far from the sensor bar and screen.
  7. Monyet

    Setting up gun games?

    Are you pointing the gun at the sensor bar, it has to register for the recoil to work.
  8. Monyet


  9. Monyet

    HyperSync can't verify membership

    Cheers! I ran in to this yesterday and I haven't been keeping up to date with stuff so I thought something had changed and I'd have to get my learning hat on again.
  10. Monyet

    HyperSpin 1.4.16 Released!

    That's good news. Thanks mate.
  11. Monyet


    Yeah I also ran into this problem the other day, and it also flagged Hyperspin.exe as a trojan out of the blue and deleted it! Replaced it with my backup, made an exception in Defender, fixed this issue.
  12. Monyet

    (Project) Gamejunky Cab

    Hey man, I'm in love with your cab! It pretty much has everything I was wanting to put in my own custom cab, which I'd like to start making as soon as I get a house (which is happening in the next few months), Only problem is I'm a retard when it comes to wood work, In high school wood shop when everyone had to make a wall plaque of a trophy fish, I made a flounder... So I was just wondering if you had any sort of sketches of your cab or measurements or just anything really that could help me get started with designing it?
  13. It's probably been mentioned before but I've used ghutchs start up script in the past, then it stopped working, I think because of the change from HL to RL for me. After cursing out xpadder for the longest time because these frontend profiles are set when exiting a game and not when hyperspin starts, my issue was not being able to control HS on startup. Anyway, if you are just after trying to get xpadder to start when HS is run (without loading anything else) you could use the startup script app or do this: 1. Set HyperHQ to run xpadder on startup, under params put "p1 /m" 2. Open Xpadder, go to the main settings (wrench icon - top right), under autoprofile, create a new entry to load a profile when it detects Hperspin.exe is run, set up your profile and save it as p1 under \hyperspin\utilities\xpadder It's not the most flexible set up since you're only loading the one program instead of the startup script which can do much more but these instructions may help other people who just want to load xpadder only. Plenty of ways to skin a cat though....
  14. Is there really no way to bring them in now? I got some a few years back and had no problems getting them to me so has there been a law change in that time?
  15. Monyet

    Hyperspin 3DS

    Buried alive.......Buried Alive...... But seriously, There are 3ds Emulators in development, the best place for info is probably emucr.com, however when it comes to setting up a system that is still commercially viable, you're on your own.