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  1. Lot of people dont care lot of people do im one that does care, because the likes of jp salas spend a long long time making a table, they then generously give it away to the likes of us, then some asshole thinks he can make a profit on something someone else has made and given away free. so my argument is if all the table makers said fine im not making tables for the public as everyone has started selling them for profit,where does that leave all the enthusiasts who cant make quality tables . so the moral of the story is "it is going to be the ruination of all mame-dom..." you want to sell cabs sell them with your own software dont take everyone elses.
  2. thanks lucian it might turn out to be quite expensive with the delivery,thanks for the help though and if i cant find anyone over here i may be giving you a call.
  3. hi lucian you sent any to uk yet ? was wondering what would cost shipping and taxes also delivery times,im getting very fed up with suppliers over here been waiting over 3 weeks for a sample and they still havent given me a price to how much it will cost.
  4. hi m8 all i can say is i got mine wired to 12v and it fires a treat used it for 2 months now with no problems
  5. well at the moment ive put 500ma fuses inline fast blow onto the contactor inputs of the ledwiz and not sure as mine are 24v putting 1 into the positive bank but im not sure what fuse will be viable if any , the 500ma that i have going to ledwiz seem quite happy and havent blown any yet
  6. well m8 if all runs well things are ok but if you have 1 fault like my contactor it just fries your ledwiz and from the uk they are not cheap with the tax and delivery charge
  7. link to my pin playing lotr http://s1112.photobucket.com/albums/k488/grimwasere/?action=view&current=Video0023.mp4
  8. my shaker motor and works quite well its a 12v motor out of an old printer weighted so its off balance and heres my gear motor this is part of a video recorder and a socket wrench in reverse cheap and cheerful but both seem to work well
  9. this was one of my contactors so now i put 500ma to the led wiz managed to repair 1 ledwiz with a bit of rough soldering so im quietly learning by my mistakes lol
  10. well max all seems well so far with the 24v contactors even thou i only baught 2 so far so thanks again for the brilliant help
  11. brilliant help max, time to rock and roll , click clickety click click click ps flash flash flash im glad you wired the switch for god cos without you we would all be still in the dark ps talking about male erectile dysfunction have you a diagram to wire 15 vibrators together for my shaker motor
  12. hi max got that sorted but im a bit unsure about the - ground wire off the 24v i have the ground off all my 12v going into ledwiz but unsure what to do with ground off the 24v supply cheers eric:stoned:
  13. hi max thanks for the reply i had 2 siemens contactors 24v and 2 telemacanique 24v contactors which i had off ebay problem was they were used before so probably worn contactor started clicking like mad then i noticed smoke from led wiz the contactor was red hot ,when i pulled it apart to investigate the coil had melted together ,my only concern is if this happens again in the future can a fuse be put between the contactor and the led wiz or wont it work on the negative wire? thanks eric
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