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  1. Id be content with HS 1.0 if a search feature and widescreen support were added.
  2. OP,here is what you need to do.First name the bios SYSCARD3.pce and create a subfolder in your mednafen directory called firmware and put SYSCARD3.pce in there.Are you trying to launch through HS or are you using a mednafen specific FE?
  3. I only play maybe 10 or so NEC-CD games and mednafen plays them all fine
  4. Same here.Sometimes I have to kill it via process explorer to be able to launch it again.This only happens with HS 1.3.2 EDIT: Can confirm no more HS.exe hanging after downgrading from 1.3.2 to 1.3.1.Thanks for the forwarder,djvj
  5. Lately ive found myself loading up a game,pausing it and watching old commercials and reading manuals more then playing the actual game! HL 3 is so awesome
  6. Ive got a bunch of old school commercials.Would you like me to upload them to the ftp?
  7. mesk

    bsnes = higan

    Glad it works for you
  8. mesk

    bsnes = higan

    This is the module im using,it will kill hyperlaunch. Super_Nintendo.zip - 1.5 Kb
  9. Most of the games arent fully emulated yet.Progress is slow on Supermodel,as the developer has a life other then emulation
  10. What seems to be the trouble? Do these emulators function correctly outside of HS? Setting up HS isnt brain surgery....I see one problem right away.In the wall of text you typed you dont actually say what the problem is,just that you are having problems.Thats a little to vague for anyone to be able to help you... Also on your assumption that HS doesnt work....so a 75,000+ community all come here to discuss a non working frontend...genius
  11. Thank you for the update BBB.Hope you had a nice Xmas. UPDATE: Everything looks so much crisper,the very few themes that lagged for me do not anymore
  12. The Famicom is the Japanese NES that played cartridges.The Famicom Disk System was a floppy drive add on for the Famicom.It played 3.5 " floppy disks that had NES games on them.Yes the piracy was out of control in Japan which is why it never got a US or World release Lots of members have custom XML's for FDS.Make your own with hyperrom2XML.Other then that we cant really discuss roms here.Google is your friend
  13. I couldnt find the old ftp folder.Damn,there was some good stuff in there.How can people be so careless?
  14. The old ftp folder is also missing.I hope it wasnt deleted.Unless it was put in a random folder,ill have to check them all
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