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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This is the Q*Bert realistic bezel i created
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Those kind of tilted bezels are a little bit peculiar i know i like them but it's not for everyone ideally meant to be used on large screen tv or pc monitor. I use regular MAME core, i included the subfolders.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Playstation 2 US (CD Pack) This is my first attempt of creating discs from templates, i thought they look decent enough so decided to share them hope they can help some of you. Credits for the templates and most of the source material links goes to hErTz, diskmach and 32assassin inside this thread. https://hyperspin-fe.com/forums/topic/39935-playstation-2-disc-art-project/
  4. Puis-je aussi te suggérer fortement d'utiliser Retroarch pour émuler la snes ZSNES semble assé instable va Hyperspin et manque d'option. Voici deux captures d'écran pour te montrer la différence.
  5. Bonjour Ysengonul bienvenue sur le forum de Hyperspin en ce qui concerne ton problême avec ZSNES J'ai jeté un coup d'oeil dans les otpions du module ZSNES de rocketlauncher et il ne semble pas y avoir d'options pour les filtres Video . J'ai testé les filtres vidéo directement à partir de ZSNES et l'émulateur semble garder toute les options en place une fois qu'il est lancé avec Rocketlauncher et aussi (Hyperspin).
  6. dejarik


  7. Thanks for the reply Styphelus.. btw love your work you inspired me to make my own menu in my HS build. i'm sure launch box is pretty good and other front ends also, when ive tested launch box i had lost all my medias artwork in an HD crash.. i had my roms seperated so that's ill i had to rebuild from, had no more emu movies donator account .. basicly i was trying to start from scratch and decided to test the free version of launchbox.. sure it works but like you mention i would probably had better results with Big Box. that been said i"m probably to used working with HS for so long.. the idea of moving to another frontend is kind of discouraging for me i guess.
  8. I don't know if i would have the courage to move to another front end.. I spent months building a pretty decent HS setup a few years ago and forgot one important noob thing (backing up my external HD) and well it died... so i decided to give launchbox (free version) a go and personally i don't like it at all.. specially the builtin scraper.. i dont know about Attract-Mode scraper but my experience with Launchbox media scraper made me realised that free scraping for medias is not worth it.. also i personally would never even think of not using rocket launcher, it's actually a a must for me.. emulators like pcsx2, need some different configs to play games decently (unless you set it to software mode) Dolphin wii needs different gamepad profiles unless you have the wiimote and so on and so on.. maybe other frontends support all of it built in that i dont know but i personally would not go for it unless its verry verry good at supporting everything rocketlauncher is capable of doing, i also think HS has decent speed.. i use it very plain, main menu and default.. no game themes or anything fancy. Thanks for you personal testing infos on other frontends. very instructive.
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