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  1. dejarik

    share your main menu xml list

    Magnavox Oddessey been sometime, if i recall good i'm using the one that was posted on hyperspin ftp the one in the french section works good for me it's already preconfigured with DOSBox and Odyemu
  2. dejarik

    share your main menu xml list

    Looking at this thread i just realized i've been adding some stuff in my hyperspin setup for a little more then 2 years now.. and wow man many systems are still incomplete.. all working but many media missing some stuff i had to start from scratch some system dont have support.. but i think that's the point of all of this, finding some art and make the best out of it. heres my list and i know many are arcades split by manufacturers in there <menu> <game name="Jukebox" exe="true"/> <game name="Future Pinball"/> <game name="Visual Pinball"/> <game name="Pinball FX2"/> <game name="Pinball Arcade"/> <game name="Fruit Machine"/> <game name="Casino"/> <game name="AAE"/> <game name="DICE"/> <game name="MAME"/> <game name="HBMAME"/> <game name="Acclaim"/> <game name="AFEGA"/> <game name="Allumer"/> <game name="Alpha Denshi"/> <game name="Arcade PC"/> <game name="Arcadia"/> <game name="Atari Classics"/> <game name="Atlus Classics"/> <game name="Bally Sente"/> <game name="Banpresto"/> <game name="Brezzasoft Crystal System"/> <game name="Capcom Classics"/> <game name="Capcom Play System"/> <game name="Capcom Play System II"/> <game name="Capcom Play System III"/> <game name="Cave"/> <game name="Century Electronics"/> <game name="Cinematronics"/> <game name="Data East Classics"/> <game name="Doujin Soft"/> <game name="Eolith"/> <game name="Exidy Classics"/> <game name="Gaelco"/> <game name="Gaelco 3D"/> <game name="Gottlieb"/> <game name="IGS Classics"/> <game name="Incredible Technologies"/> <game name="Irem Classics"/> <game name="Jaleco Classics"/> <game name="Kaneko Classics"/> <game name="Konami Classics"/> <game name="Leland Corp"/> <game name="Meadows"/> <game name="Midway Classics"/> <game name="Mitchell Corporation"/> <game name="Namco Classics"/> <game name="Namco System 22"/> <game name="Nichibutsu Classics"/> <game name="Nintendo Classics"/> <game name="Psikyo Classics"/> <game name="Mature MAME"/> <game name="Sega Classics"/> <game name="Sega ST-V"/> <game name="Sega Model 1"/> <game name="Sega Model 2"/> <game name="Sega Model 3"/> <game name="Sega Hikaru"/> <game name="Sega Naomi"/> <game name="Seta"/> <game name="Sammy Atomiswave"/> <game name="Seibu Kaihatsu"/> <game name="SNK Classics"/> <game name="SNK Neo Geo MVS"/> <game name="TAD Corporation"/> <game name="Taito Classics"/> <game name="Taito Type X"/> <game name="Tecmo Classics"/> <game name="Tehkan"/> <game name="Technos Arcade"/> <game name="Toaplan Classics"/> <game name="Touhou Project"/> <game name="Universal"/> <game name="UPL"/> <game name="Video System"/> <game name="Visco"/> <game name="Williams Classics"/> <game name="MUGEN"/> <game name="OpenBOR"/> <game name="Locomalito Games"/> <game name="Examu eX-BOARD"/> <game name="Zinc"/> <game name="Electronic Games"/> <game name="Microvision"/> <game name="Entex Electronic Baseball"/> <game name="Star Wars - EBC"/> <game name="WoW Action Max"/> <game name="American Laser Games"/> <game name="Daphne"/> <game name="Pioneer Palcom Laserdisc"/> <game name="Magnavox Odyssey"/> <game name="Magnavox Odyssey 3000"/> <game name="Magnavox Odyssey 4000"/> <game name="Magnavox Odyssey 2"/> <game name="Philips Videopac Plus G7400"/> <game name="Fairchild Channel F"/> <game name="VideoBrain Family Computer"/> <game name="RCA Studio II"/> <game name="Interton VC 4000"/> <game name="Atari 2600"/> <game name="Atari 2600 Supercharger"/> <game name="Atari 5200"/> <game name="Atari 7800"/> <game name="Atari XEGS"/> <game name="Atari Jaguar"/> <game name="Atari Jaguar CD"/> <game name="Atari Lynx"/> <game name="Atari 8-bit"/> <game name="Atari ST"/> <game name="Bally Astrocade"/> <game name="Exidy Sorcerer"/> <game name="Luxor ABC 80"/> <game name="Apple II"/> <game name="Apple IIGS"/> <game name="Mattel Intellivision"/> <game name="Mattel Aquarius"/> <game name="VTech CreatiVision"/> <game name="VTech Socrates"/> <game name="Applied Technology MicroBee"/> <game name="Aamber Pegasus"/> <game name="Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer"/> <game name="EACA EG2000 Colour Genie"/> <game name="SpectraVideo"/> <game name="APF Imagination Machine"/> <game name="Sinclair ZX81"/> <game name="Sinclair ZX Spectrum"/> <game name="Sord M5"/> <game name="Tomy Tutor"/> <game name="Tangerine Oric"/> <game name="Casio PV-1000"/> <game name="Casio PV-2000"/> <game name="Camputers Lynx"/> <game name="Matra &amp; Hachette Alice"/> <game name="Radio-86RK Mikrosha"/> <game name="Philips VG 5000"/> <game name="Philips CD-i"/> <game name="Acorn Atom"/> <game name="Acorn BBC Micro"/> <game name="Acorn Electron"/> <game name="Dragon Data Dragon"/> <game name="Texas Instruments TI 99-4A"/> <game name="Commodore PET"/> <game name="Commodore VIC-20"/> <game name="Commodore MAX Machine"/> <game name="Commodore 64"/> <game name="Commodore 128"/> <game name="Commodore 16 &amp; Plus4"/> <game name="Commodore Amiga"/> <game name="Commodore Amiga CD32"/> <game name="Commodore CDTV"/> <game name="Emerson Arcadia 2001"/> <game name="Coleco Telstar"/> <game name="Coleco Telstar Ranger"/> <game name="Coleco Telstar Alpha"/> <game name="Coleco Telstar Colormatic"/> <game name="Coleco Telstar Marksman"/> <game name="ColecoVision"/> <game name="Coleco ADAM"/> <game name="Entex Adventure Vision"/> <game name="Dendy"/> <game name="Nintendo Famicom"/> <game name="Nintendo Entertainment System"/> <game name="Nintendo Famicom Disk System"/> <game name="Nintendo Super Famicom"/> <game name="Nintendo Sufami Turbo"/> <game name="Super Nintendo Entertainment System"/> <game name="Nintendo Virtual Boy"/> <game name="Nintendo Satellaview"/> <game name="Nintendo 64"/> <game name="Nintendo 64DD"/> <game name="Nintendo GameCube"/> <game name="Nintendo Wii"/> <game name="Nintendo WiiWare"/> <game name="Nintendo Game &amp; Watch"/> <game name="Nintendo Game Boy"/> <game name="Nintendo Game Boy Color"/> <game name="Nintendo Game Boy Advance"/> <game name="Nintendo DS"/> <game name="Nintendo Pokemon Mini"/> <game name="Epoch Super Cassette Vision"/> <game name="Epoch Game Pocket Computer"/> <game name="Hector HRX"/> <game name="Jupiter ACE"/> <game name="RM Nimbus"/> <game name="Exelvision EXL 100"/> <game name="Lviv PC-01"/> <game name="Elektor TV Games Computer"/> <game name="GCE Vectrex"/> <game name="BK 0011"/> <game name="Pecom 64"/> <game name="Othello Multivision"/> <game name="Sega SG-1000"/> <game name="Sega Mark III"/> <game name="Sega SC-3000"/> <game name="Sega Master System"/> <game name="Sega Genesis"/> <game name="Sega Mega Drive Japan"/> <game name="Sega CD"/> <game name="Sega 32X"/> <game name="Sega Saturn"/> <game name="Sega Dreamcast"/> <game name="Sega VMU"/> <game name="Sega Nomad"/> <game name="Sega Game Gear"/> <game name="Sega Pico"/> <game name="Bandai Super Vision 8000"/> <game name="Bandai WonderSwan"/> <game name="Bandai WonderSwan Color"/> <game name="Creatronic Mega Duck"/> <game name="Hartung Game Master"/> <game name="Gamate"/> <game name="GamePark 32"/> <game name="Tiger Game.com"/> <game name="Acorn Archimedes"/> <game name="MGT SAM Coupe"/> <game name="Vector-06C"/> <game name="Partner"/> <game name="ALF TV Game"/> <game name="NEC PC-8801"/> <game name="NEC PC-9801"/> <game name="NEC SuperGrafx"/> <game name="NEC TurboGrafx-16"/> <game name="NEC TurboGrafx-CD"/> <game name="NEC PC Engine"/> <game name="NEC PC Engine-CD"/> <game name="NEC PC-FX"/> <game name="Funtech Super Acan"/> <game name="Apogee BK-01"/> <game name="Sharp MZ-2500"/> <game name="Sharp X1"/> <game name="Sharp X68000"/> <game name="SNK Neo Geo"/> <game name="SNK Neo Geo CD"/> <game name="SNK Neo Geo Pocket"/> <game name="SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color"/> <game name="Amstrad CPC"/> <game name="Amstrad GX4000"/> <game name="Fujitsu FM-7"/> <game name="Fujitsu FM Towns"/> <game name="Watara Supervision"/> <game name="Panasonic 3DO"/> <game name="Sony PlayStation"/> <game name="Sony Playstation 2"/> <game name="Sony PocketStation"/> <game name="Sony PSP"/> <game name="Sony PSP Minis"/> <game name="Android" exe="true"/> <game name="Microsoft MSX"/> <game name="Microsoft MSX2"/> <game name="Microsoft MSX2+"/> <game name="Microsoft MSX Turbo-R"/> <game name="Microsoft MS-DOS"/> <game name="Microsoft Windows 3.x"/> <game name="ScummVM"/> <game name="PC Games"/> <game name="Flash Games"/> <game name="GameHouse"/> <game name="Big Fish Games"/> <game name="PopCap"/> </menu>