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  1. Retroarch isn't the emulator to use with Naomi & S.atomiswave, use demule instead
  2. pacooka


  3. Can someone please share the database xml for - Future Pinball Original Tables ? Flipperless xml would be nice too, Thanks,
  4. you can start here, https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLe424g_m2Z-GtVToTka6Mv88W51D2Hrjw
  5. try to set the "hide emulator" in RL to true or false Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I had the same issue. After upgrading RL to the latest version problem solved
  7. OK, just got the access to http://mame32fx.altervista.org/ , GLSL works ok for ver & Hor now... i'm happy :-) But I decided to try and upgrade my 0.162 to 0.165, any input/known issue regard latest version - 0.165 ?
  8. Lottes works very slow with my GT 730 VGA card (core 2 duo 2.4Gh CPU...), maybe my CRT-geom.vsh was modified by someone on the internet, don't know, will try to find a better one. Can't register on http://mame32fx.altervista.org/ somehow , still waiting for the administrator approval
  9. Can't tell why... will try to find a different glsl, i'm using CRT-geom.vsh
  10. Is it possible to fix the glsl on the edges (right & left) snap attached,
  11. Great, will try, thank you gigapig,
  12. Can't find the GLSL shaders in downloads,, can someone please post a link? and maybe to the HLSL too I'm using MAMEUIFX .162 without any hlsl or glsl folders... Thsnks
  13. looks great, what is the resolution for the image you used ? (mm & dpi for the side art) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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