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  1. View File Rambo The Video Game - Baker Team (PC Theme) Hello my fellow nerds, and hyperspinners. . Yes we all know what a disappointment Rambo the videogame was when it was released. However Rambo is my childhood hero. Although the game is terrible, I still have it in my collection. I made the theme myself using photoshop and hypertheme messing with some transparency with some pics to create a ammo-belt overlay. It actually looks neat. Again , I'm sorry my first theme upload is of an unpopular game. But for people who grew up like I did with the Rambo movies, or people who have rambo on the pc without a theme. here you go. You also have my permission to disect this theme and make it better or to you're standards. Thank you all at hyperspin so much for such an amazing frontend. I will be creating more themes in the future and do my part to give back instead of take. I am a web designer, so I would love to come up with more creative ideas when I'm not so busy in real life. Enjoy the theme. Submitter St0mp3r Submitted 10/13/2017 Category Supporter Section File Count 1 Credits St0mp3r  
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  3. Umm so this is driving me crazy. I have the nvidia shield TV. Hyperspin launches, shows videos, displays boxart, videos, but when I try to load my Genesis roms i get "warning attempting to launch missing rom". My hyperspin folder and roms are on my external usb drive. I only have genesis media and roms set up so i will not get more systems till i fix this prob. Retroarch plays the roms just fine so will someone please help me figure this out. Thank you.
  4. I want to purchase the ftp, but i don;t like paypal. Why can't I pay with my debit card?
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