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  1. psychopath

    Site Update and Downtime

    Thx for your hard work! it does actually run better. my life was so miserable this 24 hours, sleep tigth
  2. psychopath

    My Arcade Cab

    Thx for your reply, and well... the extra button is mostly for SNK games and some fighting games (ex. mortal kombat, gulty gear, kof), the finger placement feels more ergonomical when playing those games specially KOF. my cabinet will be focused on beat em ups, shumps and fighting so, i came with the idea of this layout, actually the design is not mine i found it on internet but i was looking for something like that. i wanted the real experience of the 90s, thats why decided to do it with a CRT TV, not gonna lie its a lot of extra work but the hard part its already done, actually i find more diffucult the desing of the exterior than anything else lol. right now i just have some random images, graphic design its not my cup of tea, and well i am gonna paint it all with a nice black mate color and then use some collage or something.
  3. psychopath

    My Arcade Cab

    hello guys, just want to share my experience building my arcade cabinet, im so exited, that i think it will be finished by the end of this month. here are the pics of the progress: still working in the design of the buttons layout and in the art of the cabinet, thinking about paint it in black mate.
  4. is it hard to configure LEDBlinky?
  5. psychopath

    Joystick controls help

    Thx a lot for your help, after doing some trials i discovered that I plugged the stick in the wrong place so after that it worked, as you mention each emulator detect the joystick and of course now my problem is to configure it with HS i dl the file from the link you posted, but i need to review it coz i dont fully understand, again thx a lot
  6. psychopath

    Joystick controls help

    Hello guys, i keep working on my cabinet, rigth now im working on the controls, the hyperspin system and consoles i want are ready, today i finally got the buttons and sticks i ordered from aliexpress, im testing them, one thing i noticed is that everytime i move the stick the button ligths goes off and i recieve this windows message saying i overload the capacity of the usb port, does anyone know how to solve this? i followed some steps i found on google but im still having the same problem, anyways, to configure the buttons and sticks i bought xpadder, but i dont know how to do the configuration, does any of you knows or have a guide to configure it in hyperspin? https://es.aliexpress.com/item/Two-Player-Arcade-DIY-Kits-Parts-USB-Encoder-to-PC-Joystick-Gilded-LED-Lamp-Lights-Push/32856149243.html
  7. psychopath

    Cabinet ideas HELP

    Hello guys, im working on my hyperspin cabinet and im runing out of ideas. last weekend i got this 29 sony trinitron tv, it is really huge and has a nice sound 3.1, so, i was thinking about the design of the cabinet and to be honest i dont want to dissamble it, since i dont have any experience at all, so i was thinking about paint it black mate, and build the cabinet around it, so my initial idea was something elegant like the image below, but it wont work because of the speakers, then i saw the sega naomi cabinet, buy what do u guys think about it? any ideas are welcome thx in advance.
  8. psychopath

    4:3 or 16:9 Help to decide!

    well i ended up getting this samsung 22" crt tv, i was hoping to get one a little bit larger but this should be enougth, now im going to use the Ypbpr conection and im thinking about get a HDMI to Ypbpr like the one below, what do you guys think?
  9. just to say that i really like the ultimate themes you made, thx a lot, looking foward to get one for the nes system.

  10. well i dont know much about but capture cards, but i do know that u cant connect both analog and digital output at the same time, so maybe thats the problem, 2 digital outputs works fine. so maybe thats the problem.
  11. psychopath

    4:3 or 16:9 Help to decide!

    would you consider buying a TV? im thinking about getting one, i can get a 27" for around 30 usd, i have an old 17" but it is too small dont you think? to connect to the pc im considering buying this: my video card its an old GTX 750.
  12. psychopath

    4:3 or 16:9 Help to decide!

    ddnt knew about Retroarch , im dl rigth now.. thx!, so i guess i will use the 16:9 monitor just wondering about how old games looks like i mean games like street figther 3rd strike, or may i use bezel images like this one?
  13. Hello guys, i need help to decide which screen is better for my 1st hyper spin arcade machine, i have a 17" 4:3 touch monitor and a 24" 16:9 widescreen monitor, i know that 4:3 its kinda better for old games but i think that my cabinet will look a bit small and i have seen themes in 4:3 and 16:9 so im confused, i will mostly be playing figthing + shooter + bet them up and hack and slash games, so i dont know i also have a 17" 16:9 monitor to use it as marquee, or i can also get a tv for around 30 usd but i believe its more trouble, so in your experience which one is better? also getting this...
  14. hello Ashura, is there link to dl all the images that are in your signature? they are awesome, it is to fill black lanes in 4:3 games right?

  15. psychopath