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  1. Rowr14

    My Arcade Cab

    Very cool! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product! I've got a trinitron here i'm planning to decase so seeing this is giving me some good motivation.
  2. Rowr14

    Correct bezel pack for mame android?

    Some might know better than I but as I understand yes the set is made for rocketlauncher. That doesn't mean you cant convert them for use in Retroarch but it's going to require editing the cfg files for each one which is doable and there might be a few ways of automating that process or getting it 'good enough' but it's a whole thing. I mean have a go and see what you get, check the settings in onscreen display>onscreen overlay and play with scale etc. There are also some settings as you mentioned to change video, only a few of these are likely to be remotely helpful. You might find that what works for one bezel wont work for another etc. I think there's a way to save settings per game perhaps, but I doubt you really want to go playing with this stuff separately for every game you open. If I were you I would consider taking a look around and see if you can find any packs that have been put together specifically for Retroarch. That said I haven't tackled my own bezel sets yet and worked through this so there might be some options i'm unaware of. Last time I was looking at it there wasn't great support for loading bezels on a per game basis without configuring each manually in the settings. I think there have probably been some strides made on that by now hopefully. Who knows maybe this random video I found on youtube might help?
  3. Rowr14

    Where’s Ninja2bceen?

    That's awesome! Complete and consistent bezel sets! I've generally shyed away from anything aside from OrionAngels realistic bezels for mame due to a lack of consistency but these look great. Nice work with the batch commands!
  4. Rowr14

    Is it possible to hide the wheel?

    @uptown47 Just thought I would mention there is also a little known way to hide only the wheels that aren't currently selected also in case that suits your needs. (If your not sure what I mean take a look at the screenshots for my nes theme here.) Open the "'whichever wheel your using system name'.ini" in the 'hyperspin/settings' folder and make these edits. / [wheel] small_alpha = 0
  5. Rowr14

    Where’s Ninja2bceen?

    Just wanted to chime in and say great work with the videos, wish some of these were around a year ago! I've got a genre wheel/background pack for MAME coming and I might link to the genre wheel tutorial if that's ok as the arcade stuff can be a bit more DIY than the console stuff.
  6. Rowr14

    Which graphics card???

    For sure, I should of mentioned I guess I forgot I had to upgrade my PSU to even accommodate the older GPU. So it's worth considering because I spent more upgrading that than anything else, my reasoning as I said was because I was after the s-video connection which you can only find on older cards for the most part. So yeh while older cards are quite cheap to find, so are low tier versions of newer cards. You should check and see what power supply you already have, there are a few websites where you can punch in your pc components and it will give you an estimate of how much power you will need.
  7. Rowr14

    Which graphics card???

    You can go back quite a ways and still run PS1 and N64 fine. I'm using a gtx 280 on the machine I'm dedicating to. I got three of them for next to nothing on a local buy and sell site. The main appeal for me is that they come from a time that GFX cards still had s-video ports so it means I can s-video to component cable to a crt tv. Was in a similar situation where I dug out an old pc. It was pretty fun to buy upgrades for next to nothing off ebay to upgrade the cpu and ram. Though there are limitations sometimes and it's easy to forget nowdays but PC's really were a mess of compatibility issues back in the day. Some of the issues I ran into was that though my pc was one of the earliest to support 64 bit, the cpu's I can get for it (I upgraded to a dual core woohoo) aren't supported by 64 bit versions of windows 7 or 10. Also I had a spare SSD I figured I would use, though my motherboard obviously is too old to have any idea what to make of it. I think RAM caps out at 4 gigs also. On that note, you should be fine with 3 gigs, 4 gigs is recommended as windows will use a fair bit on it's own, but you can get by with 3. That said there is a decent chance you can cheaply upgrade your RAM and it's well worth it. I guess though the newer cards are probably a little bit more power efficient and won't hurt the bank while still having plenty of power if you look at getting like a 650 or something. I would highly recommend looking through on whatever your local buy and sell website is (mine is gumtree) to get the best possible price, most PC parts from the same era as your PC are practically given away by people who have finally bought newer PC's.
  8. Rowr14

    Customizing your Hyperspin - Making everything pretty

    This seems perfect, thanks for the tip!
  9. Rowr14

    Customizing your Hyperspin - Making everything pretty

    There are some more somewhere on the ftp for Super Nintendo, Nintendo and Genesis also. Maybe I'll look at uploading them when I get around to uploading the couple of packs I put together, so they are more easily available. The only thing I didn't work out was that the sounds that come with Hyperspin (which are great) seem to come through much louder than other sound packs. I assume it's something to do with the files themselves, but I know nothing about that stuff. It's not the end of the world it's just slightly annoying because the sound packs come across a bit understated by comparison. If anyone knows anything about this or about taking sound files and batch increasing/decreasing volume or something please let me know.
  10. Rowr14

    Customizing your Hyperspin - Making everything pretty

    Here's a couple I put together. There are more out there for other systems, though I had to scour a bit to find them. Take a look on the FTP, otherwise let me know and I'll see what I can find. Also as an example of where to put system start and exit sound directories, here is the directory for NES system start "HyperSpin\Media\Nintendo Entertainment System\Sound\System Start"
  11. Rowr14

    Customizing your Hyperspin - Making everything pretty

    -1 for standardized sounds. It adds a nice noisy arcade feel. Also specific sound packs per console which really put in a dose of nostalgia when you hear iconic sound bytes from games as you scroll.
  12. Rowr14

    MAME and catver.ini or equivalent

    There might be other ways out there but I found romlister works well. It supports catver and you can output for Hyperspin friendly xml. Then run it through dons tools with mamelist to add the metadata. This tutorial for separating for genres for Retroarch has some pretty good info on how to use it and they have done a lot of the hardwork in tidying up and working out what to filter. I've been through on my own terms gone through and created many custom genres with this program. Edit - +1 for phulsofs lists if the above is a bit more than what you are looking for.
  13. Rowr14

    Mame question.

    You always want to use the same version of Mame as the Romset you are using. So you are following the correct logic for things to all work correctly, but you might as well get the latest versions of everything.
  14. Very cool! I like the custom touches to suit what you want out of it.
  15. Rowr14

    HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    In your HyperSpin folder. I'd imagine whatever is on your desktop is just shortcuts to the applications in the folder on the drive.