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  1. You can definitely select between 'start on last game' or 'start on random game' in the hyperhq wheel settings so it is definitely saving that info somewhere. Your other option is the 'favorites' list which is a button press away if that suits your purposes.
  2. The chinese sets with the replica sanwa from eBay are decent enough for the most part. The usb zero delay boards seem to work fine as long as they package the right board as some support 3pin for Led buttons. As far as sticks and buttons I use sanwa or seimitsu because I like fighting games and shootemups. Seems like the happ sticks seem to be a bit more popular in the USA. Probably depends on what you intend to play.
  3. HS joystick/pad support is dodgy. It was made to work with joy2key etc where keypresses are bound to controllers, direct pad support that is fairly standard now has these issues. I found using the joystick support in the hyperspin start up script application works best, you can find it in the download section and check out ninja2bceens tutorial for setting it up.
  4. Hyperspin is basically you get what you see at this point. If there is any development happening it would be on the fabled hyperspin 2.0 which I wouldn't buy a membership for on the basis of expecting it to suddenly release. Hyperspin works with retroarch no problems through rocket launcher, and you can find a variety of programs in the download section for renaming. Search for ninja2bceen's tutorials as well as Avars tutorial for getting hyperspin and rocketlauncher up and running. You can get by without a full membership of hyperspin, though you will likely need a emu movies membership for media.
  5. Very slick. Also a fan of the indent, might steal that idea when I put mine together. As far as the control panel art I would suggest going something simple to complement the slick modern look. The tron look could work well with the gloss black if you got it right, especially with the light up buttons - it doesn't take a huge amount of artistic skill to put together it's mostly getting the geometry and colours right. Also it works well to tie in the retro to modern theme.
  6. Well bummer about the original cab but looks like you have a bit to play around with now so good luck
  7. I bought the megadrive/genesis mod kit they sell before this was announced, works great, really clever idea to just replace the pcb. Before that I used the mayflash usb adaptor which which also works well enough and also works with master system pads with some playing around. I thought about the blissbox route, but really have most bases covered now with 8bitdo stuff, arcade sticks and ps4, xbox controllers etc. Really just need the adaptor for the n64 controllers now. Nice to see someone finally making something with a modern feel will definitely keep an eye on this, hoping they learnt their lesson with the snes30 pro and it comes with no lag issues. I'm hoping they can give this controller a premium feel, otherwise will probably just stick with the original controllers.
  8. Well that is odd! If I were you I would change the wheel that hyperspin first opens to to the smoke one and see if having it start on that transitions keeps it clear. Or try and change the transitions it has issues with to a different one, there are lots to choose from! (just copy and rename the smoke effect to the system name in mainmenu/videos/overide transitions) I think there is a way to tell hyperspin which wheel to open on if you prefer, but I forget off the top of my head how. Someone out there might understand why this is happening, but to me this seems like a finicky enough issue that It might be just better to try and work around. (Just another thought, check that scanlines are unchecked in hyper hq.)
  9. I think your saying it's only certain transitions and some themes have no issue, i'm getting the impression also that the lines are lingering after the transition has happened? This doesn't sound like a typical kind of issue to me so i'm afraid I might not be able to help. Hmm a few things you can look at to further narrow it down. Check the transitions individually outside of hyperspin they are swf or fla files or something I think, you can open them to view in something like VLC player. If there are only a few transitions it's possible one in particular is a bit wonky or corrupted or something. Check 'Media\Main Menu\Videos\Override transitions' folder. You said some themes there is no issue, so the other thing to do would be to look at the themes individually comparing one with no issue to one that always has the problem and see if you can note anything. For example I happen to know that if you have an artwork 1 layer that takes up the full screen it will show up over the top of a transition maybe there is some weirdness there in the theme itself. The other thing I would try is playing around with the hyperhq options under the 'optimiser' tab and see if ticking or unticking anything helps resolve it. Try the quality setting lower or higher etc. If you have multiple transition effects happening at once they may be layering funny or something. Just looking at the screenshot makes me think the most likely cause is an issue or incompatibility with whatever is interpreting the transition files not sure where to go with that. Are your transitions random or the same ones for a a particular wheel. Then you might be able to narrow down if it's a particular transition file to blame. If you can work out which transitions specifically have issues you can then at the least delete them or replace them. There are some packs available for more transitions in the download section, you may be able to download those and try them, then if you have the same issue you can rule out that it's the transition files themselves. Good luck!
  10. So this is happening instead of the transition or in addition to the transition? Have you tried turning transitions off in hyperhq? Is it always the same lines or only occasionally?
  11. Just chirping in as a vote not to remove the backing music, it adds a nice consistency to the videos and makes them easier for me to listen to personally. I would agree however that there could be a bigger divide in volume between music and voice or that a higher quality microphone could help. The criticism is fair. That said I've never had an issue listening to any of these (aside from the first few maybe) whether headphones or laptop speakers.
  12. Oh ok I must of had them around the other way in my mind for some reason! Thanks for clarifying, I guess I did go with split and then copied the bios files over separately.
  13. Someone remind me isn't the only difference between split and non merged that split contain the bios data in every individual zip? Everyone seems to be always favouring split although I found with non merged I can still pick and choose and just bring the bios zips along in addition. Seems to save a lot of space than replicating the bios files a million times. Maybe I'm forgetting something here.
  14. Yeh just had a look and he has made this as mp4 files. So yeh no luck with the current Hyperspin. I'd hope that when Hyperspin 2.0 comes out sometime within the next 100 years it might have support!
  15. I believe the option for animated wheels using swf files was added in the last update. I haven't seen anything that impressive done with it yet.
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