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  1. @Halycon Nope haven't tried them but if you can get it for as cheap as messing with the stick there's no reason not to go that route!
  2. Rowr14

    Videos for vertical games are squished horizontally

    maybe try 'both' or perhaps 'vertical' or 'horizontal' I know I had this problem with a specific theme I downloaded and managed to fix it playing with this option. This guys problem seems to have been that the theme.xml was compressed.
  3. Rowr14

    Videos for vertical games are squished horizontally

    I think the 'force aspect' option is usually the culprit for this stuff as I recall. Check your theme.xml and try changing 'force aspect = none'
  4. @Halcyon There are some different types of buttons and you can find plenty of information online, but generally speaking buttons consist of two wires which when the button is press a circuit is closed internally within a switch (the clicky thing). Usually buttons are have some prongs that are attached to on the bottom with some spade connectors. I can't tell you exactly what is going on with those non arcade buttons underneath without research or looking at them, but ultimately they should work as far as I know in the same manner and could be wired to suit whichever buttons. At the very least It should be relatively easy to cut the wires if necessary and attach a spade connector to suit the arcade buttons you choose. Yes any extra buttons such as the PS button should work as originally intended with the original stick. My assumption is that the stick is compatible with PC? If that is the case it will work however designed by the manufacturers. Yes you should find the extra buttons useful in assigning to other functions (and I commonly see that) within HyperSpin or Mame provided they work when plugged into the PC which as i said is down to how the stick was manufactured so be sure to confirm that with an online search. If you are putting together a Hyperspin build there are methods to remove games that require different layouts or control methods when you create your xml lists, or at least categorise them through the genre function. For example I have excluded games that require second sticks, steering wheels, light guns, trackballs and spinners for my own build. When the time comes I'm happy to give some pointers on that. That's a great button layout and it seems to me the most commonly used for modern stuff. Check out slagcoin for more on that and also more on building and mounting your control panel.
  5. In this scenario I'd lean toward installing Retroarch perhaps. It automatically takes a lot of work out of assigning controllers and buttons it's easy to configure that stuff and then it works across multiple systems so stuff like that only needs to be set once. When you install it it can be a little bit overwhelming for options to begin with, but it's fairly straightforward once you work it out. If you are not familiar with it, it's basically like and 'all in one' emulator where you select a 'core' for the system you are using.
  6. Yes a ps4 stick should have all the buttons the ps4 controller has minus the l3, r3 (stick push in), the right stick, and the button on the light pad I guess technically. So you should have the four face buttons and the four shoulder buttons for a total of 8 buttons and then start and select. I think the answer is definitely yes, The majority of arcade games only require 4 buttons or less. The worst offender Street Fighter 2 requires 6 which should leave you a few buttons to spare. Also I don't see any reason you couldn't play old console games with a stick, just remember as giga said anything that requires the right stick will be difficult.
  7. You can buy what's called 'zero delay encoders' which I thought I read at least a few of the brands are ps4 compatible when I was looking into it though I haven't confirmed that. They support 8 buttons (10 including start and select) and a stick per board typically so it would probably mean 1 usb per player. As said above you will find buying a cheap and nasty stick with ps4 compatibility and gutting it to be one of the easier and more affordable options. Someone somewhere might develop a board for the wireless stuff but I haven't fully researched it. I've planned at some stage to perhaps investigate wiring up to a 8bitdo controller pcb and seeing how that goes. You probably want to go to 8 buttons plus start and select buttons. This covers all 4 face buttons and 4 triggers that most modern games use. I use a modded 8bitdo arcade stick. These controllers support bluetooth (and switch compatibility) as well as wired. The only thing i'm unsure of is ps4 support (typically there is a firmware to add support but it may take away support for other systems I think?)
  8. Rowr14

    Adding a game..

    You probably need to add the info to the relevant database xml file. You will see in the hyperspin install a database folder which contains xml files for each system/wheel If you open one of these files in notepad you can see the games listed, you need to create an entry with the correct name information and then it should show up as text. Then if you want wheel artwork and video snap etc you need to find them here or create them and add them to the relevant artwork folders. Also ensure your rom is in the same directory as the other ones for the wheel you put it in. Correct naming is important here, as long as the rom name, artwork and database match things will work.
  9. Rowr14

    Neo Geo

    The fbalpha cores for Retroarch also work
  10. Rowr14

    My Arcade Cab

    How is it all going and what cabinet style did you settle on? I'm very interested to see as I have the same size CRT and I'm poking around online to try and decide on a cabinet. Are you working off an existing design or have you drawn up your own?
  11. Rowr14

    Can Anyone Tell Me Where To Find Genre Themes?

    It's still the case that the HyperSpin genre function doesn't support themes but uses a static image as the background. I would assume you could setup nested wheels with the 3rd party app and perhaps make genres that act as their own wheels but I haven't seen it done and haven't been down that road myself. I've made some genre packs for Mame, SNES and Genesis/MegaDrive if you want to check those out. There will probably be an update to the Mame one sometime in the future to add a bit more to it and make it easier to setup.
  12. I use this method (with google sync) for savestates across different computers and also android and it works great for that. I think I just literally set the shared folder as the save game folder. The only thing is to ensure the devices have a chance to connect and sync up.
  13. Very Nice! The artwork looks great. That Nevada Magic is indeed a good looking cabinet.
  14. Just need that Mame bezel support so I can drop in OrionAngels bezels and i'm set.
  15. Rowr14

    Weekly-Hyperspin Tutorials by Ninja2bceen

    *cough* instruction cards *cough*