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  1. Amazing work, looking forward to integrating this with my mega drive theme! Always wanted to work on this but didn't find the time, great job!
  2. Ok I looked into this, and found a post indicating the 4 player was fixed in .204 for KOV Cant confirm though as i'm all the way back at .190 and It won't work for me either. Also check knights of valor 2 plus, which is again the same game with more characters. Since there is no english version anyway maybe thats the better version to put on your list.
  3. Really all that needs to happen is some wide screen support, the theme creator updated for the times and some support for newer file formats (rip swf) and then the people who have been waiting around here all these years would knock down the walls creating new content and expanding it. Not sure what's up with the development (and personally HS 1.0 still suites my needs for the most part), but it seems as though HS 2.0 could be released in a barebones state and the community would work to prop it up and improve it, the problems that arise could be fixed up on the way because there should be enough buzz and interest. I guess It's similar to when Bethesda release an elder scroll games on the PC and modders have fixed all the issues and made it look 10 times better within a few months. Seems like now with all the expectations built around the wait time it will never deliver as a full blown finished product. I say get it fundamentally working on a basic level and release what you have so we can go at it and build something great. But who knows what goes on with development so take all this as uneducated opinion!
  4. Hyperspin is basically you get what you see at this point. If there is any development happening it would be on the fabled hyperspin 2.0 which I wouldn't buy a membership for on the basis of expecting it to suddenly release. Hyperspin works with retroarch no problems through rocket launcher, and you can find a variety of programs in the download section for renaming. Search for ninja2bceen's tutorials as well as Avars tutorial for getting hyperspin and rocketlauncher up and running. You can get by without a full membership of hyperspin, though you will likely need a emu movies membership for media.
  5. Still not working in what's new for me, the link above worked though. What is added to this xml from the standard one? Be aware genre data for this xml is out of date see below thread for details.
  6. Ok no problem just taking a look now, I should be able to rename these to conform with the xml if I get some time this week. If so I can re upload here if your cool with that.
  7. I think he is asking if the files are named to the usa convention or pal so as to know for what xml it will work with? I'm downloading now I can take a look. I've taken a run at converting PAL cart art I found to suit the default USA xml, it required a lot of renaming due to game titles being named differently in PAL regions. Take a look here for more info. As I said i've tackled this before so I may be able to take a run at it if it requires renaming. I'll also take a look at the theme I linked to ensure it's compatible with my theme or if I need to make some adjustments (so the video lines up etc) As i'm very interested in making this pack work with my PAL theme to complete the entire PAL conversion Great work by the way.
  8. Just chirping in as a vote not to remove the backing music, it adds a nice consistency to the videos and makes them easier for me to listen to personally. I would agree however that there could be a bigger divide in volume between music and voice or that a higher quality microphone could help. The criticism is fair. That said I've never had an issue listening to any of these (aside from the first few maybe) whether headphones or laptop speakers.
  9. Given how far HyperSpin has been stretched from it's original scope with the passing of different technologies, standards and file formats it's kind of miraculous (well probably more a testament to an inventive community) that this front end can even still hang with the half dozen much newer and better supported programs out there. We seem to get these threads every few months where there is some sort of sad lament about moving on, I guess maybe that is a testament to how sad it can be to let go of something you spent a lot of time with. HyperSpin seemed to be the best option for 4:3 when I started with it a few years ago, not sure if that is still the case but it still works great for it's original intended purpose.
  10. No... Thank You! You are doing great work with those videos. I've been holding off while I chipped away at my Arcade genre stuff, but now that that's (sort of) done I'll be delving into hypermarque and customised fades etc. from what I've seen so far your videos will be a huge help for that. I've been at this for a few years now but I've already learnt a number of things I had no idea were even possible from just a few of your tutorials.
  11. I am happy to share, the only thing is my xmls exclude a few different control schemes. For example my run n gun xml is missing a handful of titles that use spinners, or smash tv that uses dual joysticks for example. Also I'm still running off .189 at this stage. Your best bet will be to use a program like romlister to pair down and create your own custom genres, though it is a bit of a learning curve and process. I'm happy to share at least what I have which are non standard genres though, just be aware they are not necessarily 100 percent correct or suitable to what you might want. Which ones in particular are you after? In some cases I've split or renamed existing genres. I'll add some resources to the bottom of this upload tomorrow in regards to an xml pack around here that is available that has most of these genres for standard setups also you can use it to pair down your stuff pretty easily with dons hypertools in regards to two player lists etc. EDIT - I've added those links, when I get some time later I'll add some of my custom genre xmls in the link for people to reference from
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