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  1. that's my forsale thread, I just posted it in the for sale section here also. pm me if you have any questions I also have a 32" lg led tv that I would sale, your pretty close to me distance wise perhaps we can make meet up locally or something.. and thanks for linking it frodus!
  2. Im sure its going to be a while before anything like this happens. The game JUST came out.
  3. Russ who makes the pindmd is based in Europe so getting that from him will be no problem as far as real dmd go it's personal preference. You can buy a 5 volt vishay or xpin and be good to go or if you prefer a plasma dmd you can get one of those but those require a special power transformer and power supply board to work. If you looking for simple just get a vishay or xpin.
  4. Okay, I have a chance to get a blue xpin dmd for a really good price bnib sealed still, problem is its the standard version and not the 5 volt version to use on a hyperpin cab. I contacted brett at xpin and asked for directions on converting it. I have extreme faith in my soldering skill, I have just never done anything like this converting a board over. Here are the directions he gave me Remove L1 Add R21, a Zero ohm resistor Add D2 and make sure polarity is as marked on the silk screen. Trim all unused pins on the power connection. If done incorrectly, you may damage the board on power up. It has happened. One other note...the warranty will be void if you do it. I have had to many botched conversions that I have had to repair under the warranty that I am very reluctant to allow anybody to do it. ' So to my guys who are board soldering masters what are you opinions. I wish I had the board here to take pics but I am deciding if I should get it and try or just not try at all.
  5. man anyone else as lost as I am? I have no idea what im doing lol. I installed everything and am in the c:games directory in the cmd prompt but when I type the git clone git command I get the error git is not recognized as an external or internal command
  6. I am about to place a big order on pinball life. Am I forgetting anything? Here is what I have Williams legs Leg Levelers Pinguard cab protectors Pinbutt leveler caps Leg bolts flipper buttons button nuts start button extra ball button another start button (to be used as a exit button launch ball button Williams knocker knocker strike plate date east coin door coin mechs Williams playfield widebodyglass rear plastic Williams playfield glass side plastic I feel like I am forgetting stuff......
  7. Nevermind I just contacted pinball life and they are segmented.
  8. Does anyone know if the stern dmds that are for sale on pinball life are segmented or one piece? Also do they run on 5 volts? The description is a little confussing. Also russ will your pindmd work with these? If they are not segmented and the pindmd works these are a great price for what they are.
  9. you order them from RoccoC over on the "other" forum (not sure if im allowed to link to it or not) but I also believe he is a member here.
  10. I don't think its a pez dispenser. The slot for a pez dispenser would need to be vertical at the bottom where the tray meets, the slot in this head is horizontal. That's what the large pez looks like lol. I do think a head off of one of those could work though.
  11. mameman your right the so called shield he sent me could be turned into a launch button. I may have to think about that, thanks for pointing that out. As of right now, I am just going to take his first deal of a refund of 50. If I send the items back shipping is 13 bucks back to him, that leaves me with 75-13= $62. I need a couple of blank rods which pinball life charges 4 bucks a piece for so there is 8 and shipping is another 7 to me. If I just take the 50 and keep the items I can salvage the rods and use those. I also maybe able to use his head, I was thinking about drimeling out the A on his forehead and putting a led inside of it and putting it on the back box as a flasher. Here is a pic of the shield I bought on ebay that I will be turning into a plunger.
  12. I don't want publicly say his name and info, sed me a pm and ill give it to you or anyone else that wants it.
  13. This morning I emailed the guy to see about a refund. Here are our exchanges. Me "I received the plungers yesterday afternoon. I am writing you because I am truly unhappy with both of these plungers. I don’t want to sit here belittle your product, as I know you have put time into these. I would just like to know your thoughts on a return of these items? Thank you His reply "it's a big world. You can't please everyone. I would say 99% love them and 1% don't. I can't do a full refund but I would be willing to refund half your payment and you could keep them and maybe they will grow on you." Me " How about I box them back up and send them back to you for a full refund minus what it cost to ship them to me (should be about $13 bucks via usps?)? That way you can resell them to someone else who will appreciate them more then I do and I will only be out the cost of shipping." His reply "I'm not trying to be difficult (obviously, by offering a partial refund), but not only money goes into these items but time as well. I don't make these to get rich. If you send them back, when I receive them I'll refund 75.00. That is the best I am willing to do which is way more then I should do." I took the day to think about which offer I was going to take. I am boxing up these items now and sending them back tomorrow. I will just take the loss on cash as a lesson and be done with this whole situation. Very frustrating but sometimes that's just how things go.
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