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  1. I'm thinking about upgrading to Windows 10. I have Windows 7 pro on a new Dell with i7 Processor. Just wondering if anyone has upgraded to Windows 10 yet and if it's been a positive experience or if there's been any snags in your Hyperspin setup after upgrading.
  2. pinnacle game profiler works awesomely! Thank you nimpa!
  3. Thanks. I downloaded it and am giving it a shot.
  4. I'm using my wireless ps4 controller for everything in hyperspin. Almost everything uses direct input with the exception of NullDC which doesn't support direct input, but does work with xinput. My current solution is to exit out of hyperspin, start inputmapper (which gives my controller xinput) and then go back into hyperspin and play Dreamcast (NullDC). I really want a something that is automated (so my controller automatically goes to xinput for NullDC and then reverts back when I exit out of NullDC and back to hyperspin), but I've come to a road block. I've written a batch file that starts inputmapper although I have no idea how to get it to launch with Hyperspin or RocketLauncher. Also, I've been unable to write a batch file that correctly closes input mapper. Force closing it causes problems with controller IDs, so it needs to be correctly closed to avoid issues. Anyone have any solutions? I can't be the only one using a PS4 controller for everything lol.
  5. I using a 55 inch plasma screen so I ended up taking off the rounded edges, the saturation boost and the phosphor. Toned down the bloom effects as well. Looks great now. I'm sure that if I was using a cabinet, I'd want all the settings. Great set up.
  6. The settings work fine when I use mame independently, but when I use hyperspin, the effect isn't there. Going crazy trying to figure this out. Do I have to turn something else on in rocket launcher? Any help appreciated. EDIT: Ok I watched the video above and I got it now. Didn't know about turning it on in Rocket Launcher.
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