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  1. Could you not just rotate the screen in the graphics adapter?
  2. I have voted seven x64 but, to be fair I haven't tried windows 8
  3. I have now found the database xml's, main menu wheel images and the main menu themes, and I have put them in my ftp folder in the subfolder "Mame Classics" I'm still looking for the contents of the taito classics folder
  4. I am in the process of uploading the "classics" folders on my username on the ftp. Not sure if they are all there and also cant find any xml files to go with them Edit - Finished uploading, there are 11 folders
  5. I also cant find the folder anymore, any chance of a re-up GreenGriffon
  6. Sorry, brain fart, thanked everyone except the person I needed to. Sorted now, Thanks GreenGriffon.
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