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  1. Congrats man! A well deserved promotion...
  2. Welcome back Bill! Merry Christmas!
  3. I've also experienced this same issue using the emumovies download service...have not heard any feedback however all 56 Sega Model 2 movies can be downloaded through the emumovies FTP site. This is a quick fix if anyone needs to download the complete set or missing videos.
  4. Appears to be happening again... ~29 videos are missing for Sega Model 2 via HyperSync. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?
  5. Awesome update! 204 media files updated. Thank you.
  6. Wow! That's a wonderful looking cab you've created.
  7. Ahh ok, good to know. I thought that may have been the problem. I am stumped now as well. Maybe someone else on the HS forum maybe able to jump into the convo and assist you with your issue.
  8. Hi SteveB, You mentioned both LedWiz devices are labeled #2. Numbers should be different. Example, device #1, #2, #3, etc. If your using just one device you will need to have purchased a #1. Since your using 2 devices, you should have ordered a #1 and #2. You should contact Randy T at GGG as he maybe able to assist. Good luck with your system :-)
  9. @BladeZX Yes HyperSync will pull the MP4 videos (Circo removed the FLV's upon the HS 1.3 release). Duplicates should also be removed from your video folder.
  10. Thanks jvlk the asteroids MAME theme is now working again! Particle swf might be freezing due to the flash player 11 upgrade. Nice work!
  11. Hello All, I've updated to HS 1.3 but noticed the following issue. Is anyone else having a 'black screen' and freezing issue when the 'asteroids' MAME theme loads? I've noticed my HS locks up every time I move onto the Asteroids theme on the MAME wheel. I then need to ctrl-alt-del and kill the HS process to exit. I can confirm this theme worked in HS 1.2, it was tested and verified within my backup. Merry Christmas!
  12. By far this is the FE I've ever used. The interface ensures a great experience to it's audience.
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