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  1. When you are looking at TVs or PC Monitors, is there a technical word for "when the power comes on your power strip, the TV monitor turns on" or "The monitor/TV you are looking at remembers its power setting/state" that I cannot seem to Google Fu? I quite frequently entertain the idea of building a cabinet but it would drive me nuts to have to explain to people "first turn on the cabinet, then go get the remote and switch on the playfield" or worse yet, all the former plus "and don't forget to switch to game mode too otherwise your table will lag causing needless ball drains".
  2. The thing to do would be to get the whole cab community to continuously send them emails about support. Pinball on a phone is just dumb.
  3. You will probably need to manually add the exe tag to each game anyway... What you could is add your favorites on a per system basis to some folders, run your tool and make an xml for each folder, then add your exe tags. after all this is done, manually merge all the xmls. I would make a favorites xml with two games in it for two different systems. When both work from your wheel then go hog wild.
  4. Not for your favorites wheel. Adding <exe>Nintendo Entertainment System<exe> to a NES game in your Favorites.xml will cause Hyperlaunch to get the ROM path and all other necessary settings from your Nintendo Entertainment System Settings.ini file.
  5. You dont need to make a new roms folder. The exe tag will go get the necessary settings from the appropriate settings.ini for the emulator previously setup in hyperhq.
  6. Make a wheel. Make a corresponding xml game list for it. Put the <exe> tag on each game to specify the emulatir to use Just make sure all your emulators work from Hyperlaunch.
  7. My new rules: If I can't make it work on a ps2 controller I won't use the system. If I never played the system in real life I won't use it. If I didn't obsess about the system when I was a kid it's out. If the "system" isn't really a system I will limit the games to a reasonable number. This applies to FP and Mame. If the video set isn't complete...it's out. Anything else is hoarding! lol The big problem I was having was my friends trying to even absorb the menu. Then an hour later it was TMNT the arcade. Jeez, that warrants 1800 selections.
  8. I just took 8? systems off mine. No one played them including myself. I have my box to play as well rather than tinker with.
  9. While not arcade related, I'm digging all the flash art. That will look really cool in a tattoo shop. I'm also impressed that you cut the whole thing with a jig saw. Nice work!
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