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  1. Simple.... alex: my name; minas: the state i was born in brazil; epm: the initials from my college, Escola Paulista de Medicina.
  2. Did you put your roms directory on mess.ini??
  3. Man... if this is happening (search xm6 file) its because your roms directory is wrong.
  4. Im using one that is DOS command line. Forgot the name.... ill check when im home. Made the entire atari St in minutes.
  5. I think so! This way will be universal.
  6. Probably......... because the resolutions must be supported by your monitor........ here i use a 32 inch full hd!
  7. Hi Graig, Im using your emulator. I dont know if is my GPU (nvidia gtx 660 ti), but i have other options of display. So i made a few changes in your .isd and got all resolutions avaiable for me. here are the changes i made: <VALUES> <VALUE description="800x600">0</VALUE> <VALUE description="1024x768">1</VALUE> <VALUE description="1152x864">2</VALUE> <VALUE description="1176x664">3</VALUE> <VALUE description="1280x720">4</VALUE> <VALUE description="1280x768">5</VALUE> <VALUE description="1280x800">6</VALUE> <VALUE description="1280x960">7</VALUE> <VALUE description="1280x1024">8</VALUE> <VALUE description="1360x768">9</VALUE> <VALUE description="1366x768">10</VALUE> <VALUE description="1600x900">11</VALUE> <VALUE description="1600x1024">12</VALUE> <VALUE description="1680x1050">13</VALUE> <VALUE description="1768x992">14</VALUE> <VALUE description="1920x1080">15</VALUE> </VALUES> Worked fine here!!!!
  8. Strange.....here i can select 1920x1080 in the emulator. Anyway th screen dont fit in th entire display. Ill try other things here. Thanks
  9. Ok.......... when setting bezel on........the game lauch but the display is wrong and the hyperhq screen dont disapear.......... ill try in hyperspin. Edit: there is a way to select 1920x1080 resolution? Thanks
  10. Humm......... The module don´t hide de Hyperlaunchq......... even if i set true to hide..
  11. Worked!! Thanks Craig........... Gona test the options!!
  12. Yeah........... i´m Downloading everything again. Thanks!
  13. Hi Craig, Great Work!! Again your module isn´t working with me........remember the problem with your 1 module (my windows isn´t in english)?? the xm6 games do not work; the games in other extentions work. I already checked my diretctories and they are correct. Tnhks
  14. alexminasepm


    Yeah........ winuae you have to configure horizontal and vertical size in the "Filter" tab. Worked for me.!
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