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  1. I didn't really expect subfolders to work, I tried to break it Ah ok I didn't think of hitting escape to return to the homepage. I was trying to go back a screen to select different rom paths. Awesome Yes a list or "audit" view would be really helpful. Awesome I figured out that clicking the icon stopped it, but it wasn't clear that would do the trick... i just guessed And a couple more notes/ideas around the rom matching feature since that is the function I am most excited about: The way the rom matching currently functions is that it seems to consider ALL of my roms in that folder, not just the ones that match entries in the database. I have a lot of Japanese stuff that I do not want in Hyperspin, but I also don't want to keep that stuff in a completely separate folder. So basically after the matching process I had a ton of unmatched roms that I have no intention of ever matching to anything. Perhaps a simple "hide unmatched roms" toggle would help? I LOVE that you can select multiple rom paths for a single system. I think it would be really useful to allow the user to rank these paths for the purposes of rom matching. For example for Sega CD I have various backups that match Trurip, Redump, and TOSEC-ISO - all in separate folders (because thats how I like to organize them). It would be nice if I could prioritize matches like this for example: Trurip -> Redump -> TOSEC-ISO. If there isn't a good match in the Trurip folder, move on to Redump, then TOSEC-ISO, etc. I understand I could manually match each one, but perhaps factoring in the "folder rank" into the auto-matching alorithm would cut back on the number of manual matches I would have to do. I'll keep testing out various features. Thanks for all your hard work on this!
  2. Finally getting around to testing this out. A bit of feedback: Tried to add a folder for a system that had subdirectories - each subdirectory came up as an unmatched rom. Could not find a clear way to "go back" after I encountered the situation above. Ultimately deleted the system and started over Could not find a way to add/edit/delete rompaths after initial setup After an initial rom match, it only shows the unknown roms. I'm thinking it would be easier to have a big list that shows all rom database (hyperlist) entries for that system, what roms matched to each entry, and which entries had no matches. Then allow the user to just manually match the ones that had no matches or correct any mismatches that were auto-matched. It appears to work the inverse way, where all of my roms are attempted to be matched to something in the list, which results in a lot of similar roms being mapped to the same entry it seems. A table view with details would be nice to work with on the rom list view During the sync process, its not obvious how to stop it. Maybe adding a stop button or changing the morphing icon in the upper right would help Great work on this. I love the visual style and how easy you made it to initially setup systems.
  3. Well yes, but then how will that match all of the media? If the name is changed in the XML but the media file names are not changed to match then I don't think that will work. Unless I am completely missing something... I didn't think HS used the description tag in the XML for matching media.
  4. So if HBL spits out XMLs to use in HyperSpin, and it doesn't actually rename games, then does that mean any media coming from HBL is also renamed accordingly to work with the XMLs? If so, then you are right - my biggest gripe about HS would be solved and I would have no use for a RocketLauncher rom mapping files
  5. Will this new rom management feature involve checksum hashes for games? Matching games based on hashes is much more accurate than fuzzy matching based on names. This could actually become a relatively quick way to build a crowdsourced hash database for the games in each HyperList XML. We already have a great starting point with the DAT files for No-Intro, Redump, TOSEC, and Trurip. Also, if someone manually matches a game, send the hash of that game to be reviewed as a match. Bonus points if this rom management feature had an option to auto-generate a RocketLauncher compatible rom mapping file so I could keep all my games named and organized the way I like independent of the media assets for HyperSpin. This has always been my biggest peeve about HyperSpin - I either need to rename all my games, or rename all my media assets. Rom mapping with RocketLauncher solves this, but theres no good tools I know of for building a rom mapping file.
  6. johnsanc

    Video Path

    Anyone find a solution for this? I also like to keep my videos on a seperate network drive. Every time is says it cant find the path.
  7. Only issue I have right now is that commodore Amiga videos redownload every time.
  8. It's hard to have your cake and eat it too. I see where tasty is coming from. I too think that ideally HS should work with my sets and not the other way around. I really only see this a concern as we get to disc based games: 1) There are different dumping approaches and users may have a preference for one but still must use various sources to cobble together a (mostly) complete set. This means people are trying to maintain their sets by dumping group. 2) The sizes are just huge. Lets be honest, most people want to seed these or be able to rebuild their sets as updates come out. It's just not feasible to have a 2nd copy of several TB of games just to abide by a front ends naming convention. 3) The HS naming conventions and data basing are top notch, but each group will always name however they see fit and they will never really match HS out of the box. (Aside from no intro) I think solutions should be built based on the need. And this an issue where there is a need. However, people like tasty and I may be in the minority and this may not be worth solving if the majority only care about slapping sets together purely to work in HS. Whatever happened to the concept of a massive CRC database? That wouldn't solve the alt names issue but would at least extend the exact match renaming to disc based systems. Has anyone really sketched out an ideal state and how we might be able to make it work?
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