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  1. Update http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/2320-ftp-access-must-read/
  2. just wanted to say that i noticed mine does the same repetitive downloading. mostly of the gamecube movies. does others but for some reason gamecube it does every movie every time. im removing it from my sync systems for now. but i hope they will code in a audit feature to the sync program. not just for the users benefit, but for the sack of their server bandwidth and others.
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    im having the same problems. when i search ftp nothing comes up in the results for help either, i used google find this thread
  4. ill have to double check my setup, but im sure i have two if not three emulators that run jaguar cd. RetroArch being one of them. i do know that not every game works on the emulators. but using project tempest v.95 i was playing primal rage, world tour racing and the one where you can be alien, predator or the marine. let me know if you need help with anything specifically in the setup
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