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  1. It's starting to look like an actual arcade cabinet... Since i can't have a nice paint finish on the part where wrists will lay, i'm thinking about putting some t-molding on it.
  2. Ah thank you for the tips!!! I will use it next time.
  3. 1 post a year!!! Yeah!! Painting of the cabinet is almost finish!!
  4. Ok, I think this is officially the slowest project on the Hyperspin forum.... I'm taking care of the paint job, I will go first for a full black paint then I will put stickers. Here are the step I will be using : 1) Only for exposed side of MDF panel. I'm using a 50/50 mix of wood glue and water to close MDF pore. 2 coats and sanding at 180 between each coat. 2) For control panel and bezel, i'm using the same 50/50 mix of wood glue and water to harden the surface. 2 coats and sanding to 240 between each coat. 3) For the outer panel. I'm putting 2 coat of a primer then 180 sanding between each coat. Then black lacquer (i don't know how much coat i will need to put....) 3) For the inner panel. Spray painting black.
  5. Thanks! This opening is so different from the french one !!!! It doesn't seems to be the same anime.
  6. Thank you... this is the best way to congratulate someone!!! I changed the rig since i took the picture now it's a i5 [email protected] with 16Go DDR, GTX 970, 500Go SSD et 3x4To HDD.
  7. Project is going forward.... but slowly.... I'm strugling with the artwork, I wanted to do a DragonBall theme. Here are a few tries directly inspired by this thread on HFSplay http://forum.hfsplay.fr/cabs-construction/mini-borne-chez-arcade-from-scratch-t6783.html What do you think of it?
  8. Merci pour ta réponse et encore merci pour ton travail. PS : Le fichier ne semble plus disponible, pourrais tu le renvoyer? (si tu le souhaites je peux héberger le fichier sur mon serveur) Bonne journée
  9. PC is up and running. I'm starting to configure the control panel and hyperspin. I think I will need some help for the artwork ..... Envoyé de mon SM-G935F en utilisant Tapatalk
  10. Merci beaucoup pour le boulot sur ces fichiers, c'est juste impressionnant. Juste une petite question, je ne sais pas si le cas existe mais dans le cas où il n'existe pas de rom FR mais qu'il existe une rom US et une rom dans une autre langue genre DE, ES etc... alors qu'elle rom est favorisée? (la US j'espère...) Merci d'avance
  11. ripleyxlr8


  12. Another quick update : I have glued some LED strip to a MDF board (next time i'll be more torough) , its kind of ugly.... but once the marquise will be installed it should be ok. See you.
  13. I've taken one of the cheapest 32" full HD screen, a Samsung S32F351H, I've got it for 210€. One drawback of the screen is the hinge feet that can't be removed without removing the screen frame.... Quick follow-up Tonight I've got the marquise and the top cover glued to the frame :
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