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  1. I’ve got the unified pack off Emumovies up and working, needing tweaking help, just want it for mame what settings can I use to dial the screen in better? I’d like to get it more full screen if possible? i don’t know if there’s a way, maybe change aspect ratio for the core? First time with bezels just want it to look good.
  2. Hey guys finally trying to setup bezels on my android box, but have been reading different things about bezel packs being made for certain setups? is the unified bezel pack JUST for rocket launcher use? i have a 55” tv, running 4:3 aspect ratio in the core and want to make sure I download a pack that will work correctly in Retroarch. thanks in advance!
  3. Quick question tho my 0.139 set looks to be split, does android mame support merged?
  4. Hey guys weird issue in my Android setup, everything works fine in Retroarch by itself. when in Hyperspin, my coin button on my game pad brings up the Mame menu (player 1 controls, dip switches etc) ive looked everywhere in Retroarch where to remap it and can’t find it. And in Retroarch stand alone mode it works fine, only happens In Hyperspin. any help?
  5. Nevermind noticed the 1.5.1 update was also for my current OS, fixed and back to mashing.
  6. Title pretty much says it all went away for a few days and for some reason my cab did a auto update and now HS won’t launch. tried to run as admin, no dice. Any ideas what to do?
  7. I think it’s a problem with the bin file extension
  8. Ya it’s weird I’ve checked those i edited the parameters on the Ini so it looks for bin (mine are unzipped) maybe ill redoenload the system XML
  9. As far as the structure goes all the romsets/systems work fine and are in the same place so the structure should be fine?
  10. Yup I noticed that got rid of that space still no dice ive tried to scan my Atari folder inside retroarch with the bin files and it won’t scan. This is a perfect PD set that I use on my cabinet
  11. I fixed the space gap at the end of the parameter field of “so” and that didn’t work
  12. I was almost there atari 2600 loads, my media is all there, XML database is correct, they are in bin files my Ini looks correct? the Stella code is downloaded from retroarch. i get a “warning attempting to load missing rom “ from hyperspin
  13. So I’m trying this again and still not working here’s a pic of the main menu XML file I edited to add Atari 2600
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