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  1. Thank you BTW, now I have to go find wheel packs etc, seems like it’s not popular. I had a bitch of a time getting mame to work properly for some reason, maybe it was the romset
  2. Yup that’s no problem was just curious if it was possible or was limitations for android
  3. So looking at the file structure , do I just create a folder in the database folder called Final Burn Neo, and add a FBN .xml file? Do I need to add neogeo bios also in this folder? going through all the other systems and seeing it’s just an .xml to add the system correctly. The. Obviously adding media/theme etc. Newest version of RA plus is FBN and not FBA , just making sure FBN can be added to android HS and where the bios goes.
  4. Hyperspin booted properly media is all there i select a game from my games list, the screen just refreshes. using the Shield game pad, I’m guess “A” should just launch the game no? Or, like hyperlaunchHQ on the pc, do those controls need to be set?
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