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  1. Thank you BTW, now I have to go find wheel packs etc, seems like it’s not popular. I had a bitch of a time getting mame to work properly for some reason, maybe it was the romset
  2. Yup that’s no problem was just curious if it was possible or was limitations for android
  3. So looking at the file structure , do I just create a folder in the database folder called Final Burn Neo, and add a FBN .xml file? Do I need to add neogeo bios also in this folder? going through all the other systems and seeing it’s just an .xml to add the system correctly. The. Obviously adding media/theme etc. Newest version of RA plus is FBN and not FBA , just making sure FBN can be added to android HS and where the bios goes.
  4. yes i have the new 64bit RA Plus booting fine with all other systems, just mame has been the issue. im guessing you have to download Mame2010 seperately as i dont see it in the download core section, ill have a look on RA website
  5. So when I load the “mame current” it seems like it’s based on a different romset? and all my .xml from the android base pack are .139. Shits a mess. which romset to use with “mame current” core? Can I use .234 which I have complete, the newest release. and if so, do I have to replace all of the .xml files for 0.139 with current xml’s for 0.234 very confused now. I’ve setup HS before on my cab but for some reason this android version with mame is getting me sideways
  6. Are you referring to “mame current” core inside RA?
  7. I’m using 0.139 as last time I setup android mame it was the romset to use no?
  8. Games launch In Retroarch I have correct core assigned looks good, roms are In correct spot. i launch in hyper spin, only to a black screen then 10 seconds later back to hyper spin menu. It’s my last system to setup, pulling my hair out because I think I’ve done it all correct. also , turned on “parents only” filter and the hame wheel is still the same. I don’t want 17 versions of a game . I do appreciate the help!
  9. Ok almost finished n64 won’t launch in RA either. seems zip support on both cores mupen64plusNextGles2/3 do not have zip support. any way around this? I checked the n64 ini file and no way to turn on but if the core doesn’t support zip, what do you do? What are the options? Tried to look for diff cores all I can find are these 2 and both don’t support zip
  10. Ok great figured it out now last question, is I want to change the .exe to say Mupen64 instead of Retroarch (mine are zipped) I can’t get RA to run zipped 64 games, how should the ini be written?
  11. Yup I have that build as I’m running the Retroarch plus from play store it launches fine etc, just noticed some of the INI files were different from what I’m using, easy change now, I’ll try this, THANK YOU!
  12. It’s launching to a black screen and does nothing all other co soles work fine
  13. It will launch in Retroarch and not HS and I’m guessing this is the reason
  14. I’m guessing this is where you specify which core to use? I have to change a few so Retroarch will launch properly. is there any language specific way to do this or just add an “_” between every word of the core? like here say for SNES, I need to change it from what it is now to Snes9x2010 core how should it be put in correctly ? I’m guessing this is why it’s not launching Cores/Snes_9x_2010_libretro_android.so ??
  15. Yup got it all, working now appreciate it, the boxes are big, but I guess I can just adjust the artwork 3 size to like 1/2 of what it is? appreciate it, I have one more post, everything working well. Even managed to get bezel project working in android
  16. Right now it’s all in artwork1 but how do I point mame to artwork1 for boxart like the other consoles that were setup this way?
  17. Hello everything is going well on setup , consoles are good etc. im using the base pack uploaded here and everything is well laid out. except for mame, I don’t know which artwork folder to put the game boxes. The consoles are all labeled “put box art here”. Is it 1/2/3/4? And do I have to specify this in some MAME ini somewhere?
  18. Hyperspin booted properly media is all there i select a game from my games list, the screen just refreshes. using the Shield game pad, I’m guess “A” should just launch the game no? Or, like hyperlaunchHQ on the pc, do those controls need to be set?
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