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  1. I keep all HS related items in hyperspin dir (~55gb for me, w/video/images/etc) and network my ROMS off my NAS.
  2. Subfolders for CD media systems 100% no need ot waste time unpacking. Arcade roms stay zipped and older consoles I just zip in single folders. TTX use sub folders also.
  3. Cant sign in to HyperSync still, changed p/w no go. edit: HyperSync
  4. am I wrong but I downloaded 3/29 nightly and its labeled v1.1 Thought was latest?
  5. 1/2 of the listed I don't collect either he was asking for sizes I stay away from PAL also unless its a small set.
  6. Here is a breakdown of mine most near 100%: Saturn Redump (USA/Jap/Euro) = 461GB PSX Redump (USA) = 538GB PSX Redump (Japan) = 720GB PSX Redump (Euro) = 700+GB ( I dont collect) PS2 Redump (USA) = 2.5TB PS2 Non redump (Japan) = 3-4TB Gamecube Redump (USA) = 660GB Gamecube Redump (Japan) = 180GB Gamecube Redump (Euro) = 700+GB ( I dont collect) Sega Dreamcast Trurip (ALL) = 638GB Sega Mega CD Trurip (ALL) = 165GB Sega Saturn Trurip (ALL) = 446GB XBOX ~ 1.5/2TB worth out there (I dont collect) Wii non scrubbed = 3+TB easy ( I dont collect but certain games/series) PSP (ALL) = ~2TB+ Panasonic 3do Trurip (ALL) = 189GB MAME/CHDs/FBA/Demul/Nebula/Winkawa/Type-X/No Intro/Maybe Intro/Hyperspin ready sets = 1.7TB I have a 36TB NAS to store all of my roms and other media files. I have backups on external drives.
  7. There are premade romset for DC with 100% set matching HL XMLs on usenets and sites. I would just download one of those TBH, way easier then renaming all the trurip files.
  8. I thought this thread was real! I was OMG IT HAPPENED NEW VERSION! nope necro bump
  9. DR9

    EmulationStation ?

    http://www.emulationstation.org/ Anyone seen this before, looks like Hyperspin 2.0 if it was around sorta
  10. DR9

    Mame 0.153

    Size update information.. If you have the last version: MAME - Update ROMs (v0.152 to v0.153) 2.387 GB MAME - Update CHDs (v0.152 to v0.153) 3.652 GB
  11. OOtake works for me if yo don't want to pay.
  12. MAME uses the same roms for mostly all the games but you need to rename them to work in Demul via ClearMamePro+DAT.
  13. x360 w/xpadder, works great plus triggers style suits racing games a bit more. Also I use it for XBMC which is able to integrate the x360 as a remote.
  14. TBH the hardest system to configure is Naomi/Dreamcast. Next hardest is configuring a standard controller scheme across multiple systems with some incorporating analog features like flight/racing games.
  15. Is supermodel3 gpu, cpu based or both? Running some tests on scud racer (scud.zip) - i5 2500k (quad) / Nvidia 460 1GB / (60+fps sides known hiccup points) (main tower pc) - i7 650M (quad) / Nvidia 330M 1GB (25fps ish) (laptop) - i3 q850 (Duo) / Nvidia 430 1GB (25fps ish) (htpc) PPC was set to 25, also raised it to 37 with little change in overall FPS. I've been reading over @ supermodel forums and seems people with lower hardware then me are getting 50-60+fps.
  16. this emulator is based on your video card afaik. Laptop - i7 / 330M nvidia -> 10fps HTPC - i3 / intel hd1000 -> 10fps Gaming PC - i5 / 460GTX nvidia -> 60+fps
  17. Its awesome with sound now, I love Scud Racer!
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