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  1. I keep all HS related items in hyperspin dir (~55gb for me, w/video/images/etc) and network my ROMS off my NAS.
  2. Subfolders for CD media systems 100% no need ot waste time unpacking. Arcade roms stay zipped and older consoles I just zip in single folders. TTX use sub folders also.
  3. Cant sign in to HyperSync still, changed p/w no go. edit: HyperSync
  4. am I wrong but I downloaded 3/29 nightly and its labeled v1.1 Thought was latest?
  5. 1/2 of the listed I don't collect either he was asking for sizes I stay away from PAL also unless its a small set.
  6. Here is a breakdown of mine most near 100%: Saturn Redump (USA/Jap/Euro) = 461GB PSX Redump (USA) = 538GB PSX Redump (Japan) = 720GB PSX Redump (Euro) = 700+GB ( I dont collect) PS2 Redump (USA) = 2.5TB PS2 Non redump (Japan) = 3-4TB Gamecube Redump (USA) = 660GB Gamecube Redump (Japan) = 180GB Gamecube Redump (Euro) = 700+GB ( I dont collect) Sega Dreamcast Trurip (ALL) = 638GB Sega Mega CD Trurip (ALL) = 165GB Sega Saturn Trurip (ALL) = 446GB XBOX ~ 1.5/2TB worth out there (I dont collect) Wii non scrubbed = 3+TB easy ( I dont collect but certain games/series) PSP (ALL) = ~2TB+ Panasonic 3do Trurip (ALL) = 189GB MAME/CHDs/FBA/Demul/Nebula/Winkawa/Type-X/No Intro/Maybe Intro/Hyperspin ready sets = 1.7TB I have a 36TB NAS to store all of my roms and other media files. I have backups on external drives.
  7. There are premade romset for DC with 100% set matching HL XMLs on usenets and sites. I would just download one of those TBH, way easier then renaming all the trurip files.
  8. I thought this thread was real! I was OMG IT HAPPENED NEW VERSION! nope necro bump
  9. DR9

    EmulationStation ?

    http://www.emulationstation.org/ Anyone seen this before, looks like Hyperspin 2.0 if it was around sorta
  10. DR9

    Mame 0.153

    Size update information.. If you have the last version: MAME - Update ROMs (v0.152 to v0.153) 2.387 GB MAME - Update CHDs (v0.152 to v0.153) 3.652 GB
  11. OOtake works for me if yo don't want to pay.
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