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  1. Version 20111015


    Kylo Browser Main Menu
  2. Version 20110515


    Super Mario Bros. X - (PC Games) XML (database) entry: <game name="Super Mario Bros X" index="" image=""> <description>Super Mario Bros X</description> <cloneof></cloneof> <crc></crc> <manufacturer>Andrew Spinks</manufacturer> <year>2009</year> <genre>Platformer</genre> <rating>AAMA - Green (Suitable For All Ages)</rating> <enabled>Yes</enabled> </game>
  3. hi metal hey do you have the matching system them for the mugen ?

  4. Finally is there any database ?
  5. well thank you a lot for this information and yes i would be cool to have this list if its already done. In this case we could jump on wheels and theme faster !!
  6. metalthrix

    BSX Project

    I think this would be a good idea to make a "Nintendo Broadcast Satellaview - X" Unique wheel in hyperspin but before i just want to know i any of you are interested or/and willing to help me to do Wheels/Theme/Database. If anybody did begin this already please share this with us ! I am currently doing the game list so please give me your opinions !
  7. Hi guys, i noticed that there is no tutorial for making MUGEN works in hyperspin. There are some information there and there but this is the way i made it works Flawlesslly !!! Without any script or anything else i will explain to make it work and this without any bug when exiting game (because some of mugen game do not like the Esc key in hyperlaunch so this make the process error and you lose focus from hyperspin). In HyperHq : Set Execution to : HyperLaunch Set Pc Game as : Enabled For the executable create a dummy files that you will rename as MUGEN.exe and set this into the Executable path of HyperHQ. I do this because hyperlauch do not seems to like when there is no executable because in fact the executable will do nothing. Set extension to : lnk Now to make Mugen games work you have to have them in all separated folder in your rom folder with a shortcut to the good executable in this game folder, there is an example : C:\Roms\Mugen\ <--Rom Path C:\Roms\Mugen\Bleach Mugen\ C:\Roms\Mugen\Bleach Mugen.lnk <--This link has to be named as the same way as in the Hyperlist Xml + the lnk extension. Please do not forget that windows hide the lnk extension. In HyperLaunch : Like i said this work very great for me but if there is any trouble or better way to do it just post it i want to know !!! Hope this will help you guys !!!
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