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  1. Would you guys know an easy way to just start my HS set up from scratch? bothers me that my settings.ini file looks all weird. Just rather have a clean sheet but don't want to loose all my other HS files on my actual setup. I have led blinky configured, joytokey, hypermarquee and would hate to loose all that.
  2. Lol I have no idea man could be I guess. everything worked great honestly just one day shit when haywire and I have not been able to fix it. The hyperlaunch path was not even in the ini file I tried to just add it to it but it did not work.
  3. I am having the same problem. Why does my settings.ini file look so different? I never even touched anything in the settings.ini file and it's been working for two years now out of nowhere it will not do anything.
  4. Possibly figured it out. Just needed to step away for a sec. I forgot that HS doesn't like gamepads much prefers keystrokes so I had to set it up in my joytokey first
  5. Having a bit of an issue configuring these controls. For now I am messing with Project64 emulator. I want to be able to use both my Arcade buttons and Joystick for some games, but be able to use my Bluetooth N64 game pads for others. For instance games that require analog and c-buttons. I have both controls set up in emulator. But can not get it to work when launching it. Any idea?
  6. I think you are getting confused thought. It is not the processor that is the problem If i get an nvidia or amd graphics I will be good on runing Cemu with my i5. Its the GPU side of the processor that Cemu is not compatible with.
  7. DarthBS go check it out man it's pretty fun. Still in early stages but even for how young it is they are comming along great. Again I'm running stock i5 wirh just onboard graphics and I can run most games just having trouble with the more complex ones.
  8. That is not a bad idea I might hold of for a little bit before making my purchase. I am running an i5-3470 and am able to run most games but MK8 I cant so ill be doing some price watching for sure!!
  9. The only reason I am running open case is because my pedestal is an all in one ish design I made. I have computer in there, sound, and even the projector all built into the cabinet. So I felt that keeping it in a case I could not keep the case cool enough along with the rest instead I put the pc lower knowing that hot air rises and made sure to place all my vents/ fans in key location to give it the best possible cooling. I appreciate all the input I will look into that card for sure.
  10. Cemu is the Wii U emulator. Its pretty sweet have played mario kart 8, mario maker, the new zelda. Only a couple games that I like playing.
  11. So it is another Graphics card question, there are so many to look at so many ways to go about it. AMD vs NVIDIA, reference cooler or pay premium price for one with a custom cooler. Right now I am emulation up to Dolphin but have been playing with CEMU and Xenia a little bit. I have ran into graphics issues with CEMU can run some games but not many. I know its still in the works but games that have been deemed compatible and running will not run or run the crash for me, or the graphics are way off than what I have seen. Right now I am just using the on board intel HD 4600. Any recommendations? I want to be set for a couple years do not want to have to upgrade for a while but also don't want to break bank. My other question is how are you guys supporting the graphics card when putting it in your cabinet. I don't have a computer case for my build and do not want to get one. I have everything wired up and mounted nicely in my pedestal cab with good ventilation. Thanks for the input in advanced guys.
  12. Maybe a folder plugged into a joystick, or even a cab. Just trying to throw ideas wish I could create something to spark some creative juices but I lost my "skills" LOL
  13. How about a folder instead of a file/paper. maybe a folder behind a joystick...
  14. I'm liking the joystick idea for sure and like the simple text.
  15. http://www.alliedelec.com/orion-knight-electronics-inc-grm120-30/70103759/?mkwid=sabYU23qn&pcrid=30980760979&gclid=CjwKEAjwlq24BRDMjdK7g8mD6BASJABBl8n33EjE9hSjH0xGnXsgnEGTgr7ozws6ZUTvFXRLf-VmKhoC23jw_wcB These are fairly cheap and work nice. I would not put any type of restriction/filter on any vent you have pushing air out, Im' sure you know that but thought I would mention it.
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